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They may have opened one door, one and only cracked it open Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2023 #1
Very encouraging! Native Sep 2023 #7
Improving sleep helps clean the brain, without blockers Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2023 #2
If only there was a way to improve sleep for those who cannot sleep well. n/t NH Ethylene Sep 2023 #17
Sleeping pills? Polybius Sep 2023 #20
Temporary fix at best. (nt) Pinback Sep 2023 #21
It's my understanding that one doesn't go through all the sleep cycles on those. NH Ethylene Sep 2023 #24
Sleeping pills Sugarcoated Sep 2023 #27
I have worked on some Alzheimer's related projects. NNadir Sep 2023 #3
I studied brain inflammation in aging and Alzheimer's disease for years. greymattermom Sep 2023 #4
Thanks! harun Sep 2023 #5
I've always intuited this about exercise. I'm 74 & do 40 minutes/5 days per week. So far, so good. Joinfortmill Sep 2023 #9
Wow. Sounds like a game changer here. Thanks for posting. Joinfortmill Sep 2023 #6
We need good news! Native Sep 2023 #8
So many many illnesses traced back to inflammation PortTack Sep 2023 #10
That was my first thought too. Native Sep 2023 #12
Kickin' Faux pas Sep 2023 #11
Marking to find later. tanyev Sep 2023 #13
This is why sharing science is so important. This came out of the UK and they are sharing. mysteryowl Sep 2023 #14
The sharing is between universities, not commercial companies question everything Sep 2023 #26
Just knowing the mechanism is exciting. NH Ethylene Sep 2023 #15
Listening to right wing radio and watching Fox News kills brain cells even faster I heard. cstanleytech Sep 2023 #16
I remember reading that ibuprofen can help stave off dementia and it was because of the Maraya1969 Sep 2023 #18
Everything seems to involve inflammation, doesn't it? Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #23
Definite K&R Bayard Sep 2023 #19
Wow Cherokee100 Sep 2023 #22
But what causes the buildup of the amyloid and tau proteins? question everything Sep 2023 #25
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