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He should have gotten way more than 7 years! 50 Shades Of Blue Nov 2023 #1
Way more! 2naSalit Nov 2023 #10
Indeed Mickju Nov 2023 #22
Fuckstick should have pulled twenty. The Unmitigated Gall Nov 2023 #2
So much 'Back the Blue' so little time... nt EarthFirst Nov 2023 #3
Good thing he wasn't selling singles on the corner. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #4
And there it is again... Grins Nov 2023 #5
Still waiting for any insurrectionist in the House to be charged. Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2023 #6
This! Evolve Dammit Nov 2023 #25
Bizarro world. Now Right Wingers call Law enforcement supporters Bootlickers and have added Cops on their hate list. MenloParque Nov 2023 #7
It's like shifting sand. Anything to smear Dems and support the Orange Boy. Zero moral compass. Evolve Dammit Nov 2023 #26
Imagine blowing up your life for Trump Prairie Gates Nov 2023 #8
that kills me too Skittles Nov 2023 #11
buy the ticket take the ride bottomofthehill Nov 2023 #9
Enjoy your stay "Felon". republianmushroom Nov 2023 #12
No more capuccinos for Cappuccio peppertree Nov 2023 #24
Hodges could have died DJ Porkchop Nov 2023 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Nov 2023 #14
I am reading the book Sedition Hunters now bottomofthehill Nov 2023 #18
Ha! Ha! ... Idiot masmdu Nov 2023 #15
Seven years doesn't seem like enough. Demobrat Nov 2023 #16
7 years seems like nothing. n/t OhioChick Nov 2023 #17
KnR Hekate Nov 2023 #19
I hope prosecutors appeal orangecrush Nov 2023 #20
TFG was a highly skilled motivator bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #21
tfg is a motivator but... Codifer Nov 2023 #23
Good. underpants Nov 2023 #27
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