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9. I didn't even think about it and just got tickets to the Napoleon movie for Friday.
Sat Nov 25, 2023, 10:15 PM
Nov 25

Just happens the movie theater we were going to is located in the middle of one of the West Coast’s largest Outlet Malls.

A trip from our home to the theater usually takes around 7 minutes..with all the traffic heading into and out from the Outlet Mall on Friday it was bumper to bumper traffic and took us 35 minutes to get to the theater parking lot.

There were spots on the sidewalks around the Outlet Mall that had so many shoppers walking I couldn’t see space between
groups of shoppers.

I don’t shop there often so I didn’t think about it being so busy..but it was crazy busy.


Good indicator. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 25 #1
Only if . . . Aussie105 Nov 25 #3
But Forbes says ... usonian Nov 25 #2
Indeed: Why buy data when you can just make it up! Aussie105 Nov 25 #4
Yup. BumRushDaShow Nov 25 #5
We'll see what the market says tomorrow Shermann Nov 26 #17
Forbes is like the one soldier who is marching in time while all the others aren't! usonian Nov 26 #21
Gotta keep consuming natural resources NickB79 Nov 25 #6
Humanity needs to solve the "success is measured by growth" paradox RandomNumbers Nov 26 #22
People will complain about increase prices on basics like food JI7 Nov 25 #7
That's the truth Rebl2 Nov 25 #8
Other things, like yard inflatables of Santa Claus and reindeer RandomNumbers Nov 26 #23
I didn't even think about it and just got tickets to the Napoleon movie for Friday. Tikki Nov 25 #9
A lot of people come out to see the crowds. Aussie105 Nov 26 #12
Some group has slightlv Nov 25 #10
We have some rules about presents here. Aussie105 Nov 26 #11
I like the way you think! slightlv Nov 26 #31
Yeah, taxes and HOA. Igel Nov 26 #24
Like me, you look for slightlv Nov 26 #32
Hooray? Prairie Gates Nov 26 #13
With shopping apps and store rewards and other things JI7 Nov 26 #14
I needed a replacement multimeter today moniss Nov 26 #15
Credit cards John Shaft Nov 26 #16
great job folks Conjuay Nov 26 #18
Surely this is fake news. To hear Republicans tell it, there are bread lines. Vinca Nov 26 #19
Stonks up tomorrow? flamingdem Nov 26 #20
"... and we'll explain why this is BAD FOR DEMOCRATS, right after this commercial break." Oopsie Daisy Nov 26 #25
They want to spend their money Turbineguy Nov 26 #26
Exactly. When Mr. 9/11 or Mr. Bone Spurs were in office, it was an "economy roaring back" at the slightest uptick. peppertree Nov 26 #28
All I could contribute to the trend, was a soundtrack on e-Bay. peppertree Nov 26 #27
Nobody got trampled to death trying to get a 2 dollar crock pot? Cheezoholic Nov 26 #29
Today, we spend. Tomorrow, we die. Kennah Nov 26 #30
There'll be nothing left for me to buy except donuts bucolic_frolic Nov 26 #33
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