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35. I am fully aware what a PAC is
Wed Nov 29, 2023, 12:42 PM
Nov 2023

I have said that the AIPAC has wanted hawkish, pro-Israel positions. Meaning, what the current Israel government is doing. Why do you think the current Israel government has increased settlements in the West Bank? Tell me how this will help. Besides, with all the weapons Israel gets from us, why do we need to send them aid? I highly doubt Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt will go after them. Furthermore, I have never once mentioned about the SEIU, which is not even related to AIPAC not I have said I was anti-union. However, not all PACs have influence equally. I don't recall hearing too much of the SEIU as of recently, except for alleged allegations of violence against people they disagree with, but to me that sounds like right-wing drivel. I don't recall any lawmakers supporting them, unless someone can tell me otherwise But I certainly have heard way more of the AIPAC. They will spend millions of dollars against anyone who doesn't tow the hawkish pro-Israel line, whether Republican or Democrat. I am pretty sure that the only people complaining about the SEIU are the Republicans.

What are the goals of these PAC's? The reason I criticize the AIPAC is because I think their hawkish pro-Israel positions, particularly the fact that the US needs to give unconditional support to them has not helped us. But in regards to the SEIU, their goals are for higher wages/benefits, freedom to form unions, etc. That I support. You said in the previous post that because I think the AIPAC is having too much influence, that this means I think the SEIU is getting too much influence. What? When did I say that? How did the SEIU get involved in this whole thing? The goals of these PACs are different. I am very much against corporate greed. You assumed that because I was critical of the AIPAC having too much influence that it somehow translates to other groups like the SEIU and that I considered the SEIU lucky that the union members had medical benefits. You just assumed that and put words in my mouth on things that I never said. I am fully aware of what a PAC is, but it is what they are doing that matters. I never once was critical of the SEIU, that wasn't even brought up until now. SaveAmerica? Yes, I am fiercely critical of them, they are supporting the insurrectionist. You shouldn't assume that because I am critical of one PAC that it translates to others.

While I do not condone violent protest in general nor in this case, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) Ford_Prefect Nov 2023 #1
I think you mean October 7 onenote Nov 2023 #6
ActBlue is the largest PAC in the US, raising 4 times more in 2022 than AIPAC. Beastly Boy Nov 2023 #11
AIPAC has specifically targeted individuals and institutions Ford_Prefect Nov 2023 #16
Do you think Act Blue didn't target individuals and institutions and Beastly Boy Nov 2023 #17
Thankyou for removing any contextual difference between AARP and the NRA. I cannot believe I never saw that before... Ford_Prefect Nov 2023 #36
I removed the structural differences between the two. Actually , this applies equally to SwingLeft, Beastly Boy Nov 2023 #37
I think the AIPAC has way too much influence, and it is not for the good of the US tornado34jh Nov 2023 #2
"Not a good idea"? onenote Nov 2023 #7
I still stand by the fact that the AIPAC has too much influence in the policy of the US tornado34jh Nov 2023 #10
SaveAmerica is double the size of AIPAC Beastly Boy Nov 2023 #13
I don't feel sorry for Trump or his lawyers tornado34jh Nov 2023 #21
AIPAC (UDP) - messed big with Summer Lee womanofthehills Nov 2023 #20
That is the point I am trying to make tornado34jh Nov 2023 #25
Service Employees International Union is nearly double the size of AIPAC Beastly Boy Nov 2023 #12
Don't even try to put words in my mouth that I never said tornado34jh Nov 2023 #29
Aww Lordy! I would never dare! No Siree, spare the thought!... Oh wait... Beastly Boy Nov 2023 #33
I am fully aware what a PAC is tornado34jh Nov 2023 #35
AIPAC is holding the U.S. hostage? yardwork Nov 2023 #18
Or what? You don't think they are a big reason for trying to silence criticism of Israel? tornado34jh Nov 2023 #27
None of what you said there provides any evidence that the U.S. is being held hostage by AIPAC. yardwork Nov 2023 #28
I am skeptical of the intentions of the AIPAC tornado34jh Nov 2023 #30
You and I disagree with AIPAC's goals, that's clear. yardwork Nov 2023 #31
Okay, maybe not hostage, but I think the AIPAC is still skeptical tornado34jh Nov 2023 #34
Bigoted idiots. Behind the Aegis Nov 2023 #3
Have they announced when we can use our space lasers? EllieBC Nov 2023 #4
I am not sure. I missed the last meeting of the ZOG-Oklahoma Chapter. Behind the Aegis Nov 2023 #5
Hey! Haven't run into you into you in awhile BumRushDaShow Nov 2023 #9
Hiya! EllieBC Nov 2023 #15
LOL BumRushDaShow Nov 2023 #24
Another brick Old Crank Nov 2023 #8
Wow, some of these replies sarisataka Nov 2023 #14
It's interesting. yardwork Nov 2023 #19
It is definitely noticeable Danmel Nov 2023 #32
Why pro-Israel lobby group Aipac is backing election deniers and extremist Republicans womanofthehills Nov 2023 #22
Some disturbing info at that link BuddhaGirl Nov 2023 #26
Why pro-Israel lobby group Aipac is backing election deniers and extremist Republicans womanofthehills Nov 2023 #23
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