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6. It's one of those things in Robert's Rules
Wed Feb 7, 2024, 10:05 AM
Feb 2024
Motion to Reconsider:

The motion to reconsider is available to any Member who votes on the prevailing side of a question and who wishes to move reconsideration on the same or succeeding legislative day. This often occurs when Members (usually minority Members) determine there is a need to slow down the legislative process. After final passage, it is the common practice in the House for the Speaker to declare, “Without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.” If no objection is raised, this has the parliamentary effect of ending any possibility that another vote on the bill can take place.


Robert's Rules - https://robertsrules.com/ (there are older versions in the public domain)

In this vote's case, the "4th" Republican (Blake Moore (R) (UT-1)) who changed his vote to vote "nay" did a "Motion to Reconsider" right after the tally was read and a voice vote on the motion was carried out regarding dealing with that motion (the nays were loud but Johnson claimed the "yeas" had it) and right when Moore was going to request the "yeas and nays", the parliamentarian handed Johnson some notes where apparently due to the Rules that had been adopted for the vote earlier, they "postponed" that motion vote and everything else in order to vote on the standalone Israel aid package (that later failed).

There was a motion agreed to for them to return this morning at 9 am (after they had some ancillary motions about Congressional Medal of Honor events to come) and then they went into "Special Orders" with the 1 minutes speeches before adjourning last night. So I am guessing they will get back to the vote on the Motion for Reconsideration this morning (or some time today) to determine if they will be able to bring this vote back up again (and they may have to wheel Al Green back in there).
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