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raging moderate

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4. They don't think they are stealing because they think they own the country.
Thu Feb 15, 2024, 07:59 AM
Feb 15

They think they are the only real Americans. And the only real human beings. They have indeed sometimes broadcasted, "Look out! The real Americans are coming!"

He never intended.... Old Crank Feb 15 #1
He's using the old, "hey, I'm a white guy" defense, a tactic as old as the nation itself. jaxexpat Feb 15 #2
As you well know, he "intended" to not be caught. dchill Feb 15 #17
Republicans are used to doing this sort of thing and thinking it is fine PurgedVoter Feb 15 #3
They don't think they are stealing because they think they own the country. raging moderate Feb 15 #4
It's the "sorry officer I didn't know jaywalking was a crime" defense SouthernDem4ever Feb 15 #5
Just a troubled white guy suffering a mental breakdown, he didn't have a political motive. sop Feb 15 #6
So, they met "covertly" in the basement.... llmart Feb 15 #7
I have questions about these clowns moniss Feb 15 #8
"Maybe I missed it but I haven't seen full copies of all of these phony elector documents from the various states." BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #9
Thanks for the link moniss Feb 15 #10
I know I had posted about that whole fiasco around that time when the docs were released on that site BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #11
I sort of remember this now and moniss Feb 15 #12
The issue is that states control that Elector process (and I keep repeating it over and over when people say "DOJ" ) BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #13
Yes indeed but it is important to note moniss Feb 15 #15
Yup - my first sentence in that post mentions the (federal) "falsification of government documents" BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #18
Yes I hear you moniss Feb 15 #19
You are describing what most likely happened BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #20
I would check his history. How many times he attended State Republican Party Conventions. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #14
B.S. , yes he did. republianmushroom Feb 15 #16
I'm sure he didn't intend to be a shit-for-brains either, Mysterian Feb 15 #21
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