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111. I'd donate to Ukraine!
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 06:15 PM
Feb 18

I've seen that some of the marine drones/jet ski-type things that took down two Russian ships were bought with donated funds. I'm not sure if it's true, though.

First of all... LOLOLOLOL. FalloutShelter Feb 17 #1
Fools and their money... nt spooky3 Feb 17 #2
Yep. FalloutShelter Feb 17 #3
Someone's said it Roy Rolling Feb 18 #55
You think that's bad? BumRushDaShow Feb 17 #9
OMG yeah... the ugly ass gold sneakers. FalloutShelter Feb 17 #13
Imagine hillbillies with mullets sporting these cpamomfromtexas Feb 18 #90
How hard is it COL Mustard Feb 18 #73
And especially where he was BumRushDaShow Feb 18 #84
It still blows my mind PatSeg Feb 17 #38
New gold sneakers True Blue American Feb 18 #67
LOLOLOL FalloutShelter Feb 18 #68
This is more my speed for any merch associated with him COL Mustard Feb 18 #77
It's marketed to fools, so I'm thinking it's a particular type of gold Kennah Feb 18 #123
488,000. jimfields33 Feb 19 #129
GoFundMe Terms of Service Mr.Bee Feb 17 #4
It's civil and not criminal. TwilightZone Feb 17 #6
Plus think of the payday the GoFundMe org could make at 2.9% of 355 mil chowder66 Feb 17 #12
I suspect they're going to kill it before long. TwilightZone Feb 17 #15
He does have a lawsuit against him from fraud that I posted in this thread. chowder66 Feb 17 #18
It's funny and ironic COL Mustard Feb 18 #75
What is your opinion is the GoFundMe Services going to let this go forward. Looking toward their cut 2.9%? usaf-vet Feb 18 #87
I won't use them. COL Mustard Feb 18 #105
Agreed! usaf-vet Feb 18 #106
Leave it rump and his lawyers slightlv Feb 17 #26
Is it being run to pay for the defense or to pay the judgement? If its for the judgement then it probably does not cstanleytech Feb 17 #10
That's The Wiggle Room ProfessorGAC Feb 18 #61
A GoFundMe account was used to raise $250,000 to pay court imposed fines on Chelsea Manning onenote Feb 18 #72
I came to the same conclusion. nt Shermann Feb 18 #92
Use this. Be generous. keithbvadu2 Feb 17 #5
I assumed that none of that money was ever going to reach Trump. tanyev Feb 17 #7
Probably not TexasBushwhacker Feb 17 #29
It will be good if she stiffs him. And be sure to laugh in his face, he's stiffed so many. captain queeg Feb 18 #104
He has to report claudette Feb 19 #128
LOL OilemFirchen Feb 17 #8
With interest that's accruing at $1M a week, they've got to do a little better than that. 🤣 🤣 🤣 TheBlackAdder Feb 18 #47
On the bright side, that's $84K not being spent on Alex Jones supplements, RockRaven Feb 17 #11
Or fradulent Glenn BecKKK gold! BumRushDaShow Feb 17 #19
Better! Not spent, not one dime, on R's running for the Senate, House, Governor, lesser elected posts. TFG by.... machoneman Feb 18 #69
DAILY INVOICE to Citizen Trump (just for interest) Dated: February 17, 2024: Amount: $87,534 MayReasonRule Feb 18 #89
I doubt it will in anywhere near that goal. cstanleytech Feb 17 #14
Suckers chowder66 Feb 17 #16
It's up to $145,000 now DavidDvorkin Feb 17 #17
Hey, if they keep up this breakneck pace... Salviati Feb 17 #39
There's more than one Trump GoFundMe .... ificandream Feb 17 #20
He got .02% of his goal FakeNoose Feb 17 #21
Was hoping someone would do the math SilasSouleII Feb 17 #37
If he were going to raise it himself, soldierant Feb 17 #40
Republicans have got to be the dumbest people on the planet Rizen Feb 17 #22
Where's the math people?? KarenS Feb 17 #23
From Where It Stabds Now... ProfessorGAC Feb 18 #62
$159,218 raised of $355,000,000 goal Kablooie Feb 17 #24
I would say this insane, stupid mass of magas slightlv Feb 17 #28
Imagine the cognitive dissonance in believing NYC Liberal Mar 3 #133
The guy literally owns a palace in Florida. Oneironaut Feb 17 #25
What a fucking grifter and mob boss. LOCK HIM Up!!!!! Evolve Dammit Feb 17 #27
A fool and his money...... Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 17 #30
If they keep up that donation rate,... LudwigPastorius Feb 17 #31
$84k/day is 2.6M/mo or 31M/year truthisfreedom Feb 17 #32
160,000 divided by 355,000,000... 3catwoman3 Feb 17 #33
You are off by a factor of 100. Is 0.045 %. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 18 #54
Is that in Dollars or Rubles? There is no restriction against foreign contributions... TomCADem Feb 17 #34
Why hasn't that fund raiser been pulled? Isn't it KewlKat Feb 17 #35
Yes, and multiple people have alerted. malthaussen Feb 18 #85
Awesome! He'll suck every penny from repukes Phoenix61 Feb 17 #36
It's like the people tithing the church orthoclad Feb 17 #41
$189,209 now IronLionZion Feb 18 #42
Largest donation anonymous? Originally, that 2,500K had a name on it, niyad Feb 18 #43
hem . birds of a feather. AllaN01Bear Feb 18 #45
Convicted of statutory rape. IronLionZion Feb 18 #74
I'm shocked, I say, shocked! n/t malthaussen Feb 18 #86
could u have imagioned what this could have done if done for good , but , noooooooo AllaN01Bear Feb 18 #44
Man, and to think I only got $2500 on mine. n/t malthaussen Feb 18 #46
A number of Dems are making $5 donations and using the comments section No Vested Interest Feb 18 #48
But we're totally not a cult WillParkinson Feb 18 #49
THey need to raise $972,602 per day and he'll have the NY money in 1 year. Good luck with that. Time for him iluvtennis Feb 18 #50
"As he spoke, the smell of weed occasionally wafted through the room." Layzeebeaver Feb 18 #51
Too bad I can't get a mailing list of donors, so ripe for scamming captain queeg Feb 18 #52
Is that brought in less than the interest that is adding up on Trump's civil penalties daily? Botany Feb 18 #53
Taxes Smackdown2019 Feb 18 #56
If he can legally do that, why can't there be a go fund me for Ukraine? tavernier Feb 18 #57
I'd donate to Ukraine! More_Cowbell Feb 18 #111
It'll only take 11 years to raise it all. And that's BEFORE interest kicks in. LOL Novara Feb 18 #58
This Elena Cardone person is gonna learn the hard way... Think. Again. Feb 18 #59
i feel like donating 1$ just so i can add a snarky comment samnsara Feb 18 #60
DAILY INVOICE to Citizen Trump (just for interest) Dated: February 17, 2024: Amount: $87,534 MayReasonRule Feb 18 #63
About equivalent to one days interest. gibraltar72 Feb 18 #64
Everybody should rambler_american Feb 18 #65
OMG that's hilarious. Layzeebeaver Feb 18 #66
Now tell me if I got this straight Mr. Ected Feb 18 #70
If he can continue to raise 84k Dyedinthewoolliberal Feb 18 #71
I read somewhere that one $5 donation COL Mustard Feb 18 #76
I just don't understand it. liberal N proud Feb 18 #78
It all deals in personal accountability. The Grand Illuminist Feb 18 #79
Welcome to the next episode of "Soak the Suckers", ladies and gentlemen! calimary Feb 18 #80
Ali Velshi True Blue American Feb 18 #81
I suspect some members of the cult have decided not to throw good money after bad. Martin68 Feb 18 #82
"Racked up," forsooth? malthaussen Feb 18 #83
I contacted GoFundMe's press office and asked why a conman found by 3 judges to have engaged in fraud Liberty Belle Feb 18 #88
Let us know if you do! True Blue American Feb 18 #91
Go Fund Me Smooth155 Feb 18 #93
Wait. Why is the super billionaire using gofundme? ColinC Feb 18 #94
He's cleaning out the rubes. Again. Aristus Feb 18 #95
It's up to $280,000 as of 1 p.m. ET Sunday. ificandream Feb 18 #96
Still waiting for Bannon's "Build the Wall" fundraising fraud trial BumRushDaShow Feb 18 #97
11 years, 6 months, 17 days 4 hours and 33 minutes to go Turbineguy Feb 18 #98
There's no proof that these GFM accounts are for real FakeNoose Feb 18 #99
That would be great More_Cowbell Feb 18 #112
I have little doubt that it's real. TwilightZone Feb 18 #116
Some one can check math but Playingmantis Feb 18 #100
Idiots JohnSJ Feb 18 #101
DjT's 'golden sneakers': After running for a year, Jrose Feb 18 #102
Not even ONE DAY'S interest exp. he is accruing PER DAY! Grins Feb 18 #103
Now I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it. What a great way to make money, no effort, no feelings of guilt when captain queeg Feb 18 #107
Why doesn't he simply steal the $$$ from a charity? Orrex Feb 18 #108
At this rate, it will take 11.5 years Kennah Feb 18 #109
Woooo hoooo, they'll have the rest of it in a coupla decades! marble falls Feb 18 #110
So the total is now up to $303K...still a long way from what he needs. COL Mustard Feb 18 #113
As of 4:30 CST Sunday, it's $305,000. Why doesn't gofundme stop this? 634-5789 Feb 18 #114
GoFundMe gets a cut of some sort from the total... No Vested Interest Feb 18 #115
He hasn't been convicted of crimes. TwilightZone Feb 18 #117
A judge ruled that he committed fraud via a summary judgement before having the trial to determne penalties BumRushDaShow Feb 18 #118
He's not facing criminal penalties. TwilightZone Feb 18 #119
I saw upthread that apparently GoFundMe has been used for other similar civil penalties BumRushDaShow Feb 18 #120
It doesn't matter if fraud is a crime if it's in a civil case. TwilightZone Feb 18 #121
The issue in this case with this thread and questions about GoFundMe BumRushDaShow Feb 18 #122
0.000859154929577 Less than 1 1,000th underpants Feb 19 #126
Aint math fun? Brainfodder Feb 19 #124
and when the next shiny object distracts them and the funding falls off... Javaman Feb 19 #125
I'm astounded claudette Feb 19 #127
What's the daily interest on a $355M penalty ? C_U_L8R Feb 19 #130
A trip to Saudi Arabia Kennah Feb 19 #131
In an update.... COL Mustard Mar 3 #132
This made me 'Happy! Like squirrel!" GoneOffShore Mar 3 #134
I like happy raccoons! COL Mustard Mar 3 #136
womp womp AZLD4Candidate Mar 3 #135
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