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raging moderate

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13. If they were alive, freezing them would be child abuse.
Mon Feb 19, 2024, 10:38 AM
Feb 19

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The worker who flipped them out of the freezer would actually be their rescuer.

So, then by the "logic" of the AL Supreme Court, if a freezer holding frozen embryos no_hypocrisy Feb 19 #1
That's a big ramification of this. BumRushDaShow Feb 19 #2
The entire Gulf Coast is clusterfuck sponsored by the Republican clowns of the apocalypse. Magoo48 Feb 19 #34
Just fly into Disney, give them your money, then GTFO wolfie001 Feb 19 #36
Should spawn an embryo tax-deduction Trust Fund, IRA, Social Security, Stim Check scheme bucolic_frolic Feb 19 #3
Deductions for college savings accounts - perhaps the state will kick in some matching funds EYESORE 9001 Feb 19 #4
Every "child/embryo" should count in the census for the state they are located BumRushDaShow Feb 19 #5
"But officer, I'm not violating the carpool lane laws. MurrayDelph Feb 20 #43
"Hey, Honey? Let's freeze some tax deductions." vanlassie Feb 19 #6
No shit. progressoid Feb 19 #9
If they were alive, freezing them would be child abuse. raging moderate Feb 19 #13
so if they place that keeps them frozen loses power and the embryos are not longer viable... Javaman Feb 19 #7
Not so much murder EmmaLee E Feb 19 #39
I'm ready to get flak for this... Trueblue Texan Feb 19 #8
I've got 2 1st cousins that used in vitro fertilization. maxsolomon Feb 19 #20
belief in illogical things can be a virtue in Catholicism DBoon Feb 19 #27
Next up from AL, women accused of 'wrongful death' in every period cycle. apnu Feb 19 #10
And The State Hasn't Earned The Nickname... GB_RN Feb 19 #31
Wouldn't that also be considered manslaughter? Squaredeal Feb 19 #11
"After a divorce, does an ex-spouse have the right to the embryos and collect child support" BumRushDaShow Feb 19 #12
God's image? What the fuckin' fuck is that? twodogsbarking Feb 19 #14
Torah FORBIDS images of God. Grins Feb 19 #19
Embryos are frozen until needed... CCExile Feb 19 #15
freezers aren't built to last that long DBoon Feb 19 #28
For the purpose of this discussion is the embryo and egg or a fertilized egg in the true biological sense? usaf-vet Feb 19 #29
Small towns could now afford zoos of their own. Or have a traveling zoo in a box! Wonder Why Feb 19 #32
So, will someone now be challenging AL's death penalty? area51 Feb 19 #16
Hell naw! Rethuglicans only care about people BEFORE they're born. OMGWTF Feb 19 #22
Yup! NowsTheTime Feb 19 #41
Monty said it 50 yrs ago... k55f5r Feb 19 #17
"...a hospital patient who...dropped them on the floor" Grins Feb 19 #18
An accident. They thought it was where the staff kept the ice cream containers and they wanted some butter pecan. Wonder Why Feb 19 #33
Really? You can't put a baby in the freezer. OMGWTF Feb 19 #21
Tax deductions ! republianmushroom Feb 19 #23
My thoughts as well. SergeStorms Feb 19 #24
What about the millions of sperm spilled daily by each man in AL? I could go much further on "wasted" sperm. keopeli Feb 19 #25
My thoughts exactly. I mean it is half a baby, right? Chainfire Feb 19 #26
This is perfect for those white nationalists BaronChocula Feb 19 #30
Elle Woods put it best in "Legally Blonde" LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 19 #35
Could an embryo get a license to carry a gun Marthe48 Feb 19 #37
So the buildings on fire, you can only save one. Live little baby lying in a crib or a box holding a hundred embryos. OverBurn Feb 19 #38
I read the title incorrectly... Layzeebeaver Feb 19 #40
Alabama Constitution Section 36.06, which argues that each person was made in God's image pfitz59 Feb 19 #42
So based on that. Old Crank Feb 20 #45
I checked and ... SomewhereInTheMiddle Feb 21 #49
Yeah; the judge implied the "image of God" stuff from one use of "Almighty God" in the preamble muriel_volestrangler Feb 21 #52
So when the companies in AL which do this shut down Old Crank Feb 20 #44
Truly idiotic, stupid and moronic SouthernDem4ever Feb 20 #46
now texas is arguing a fetus isn't a baby and doesn't have rights republianmushroom Feb 20 #47
The reliance on types of Christianity in the ruling is worse than the Huff Post report says muriel_volestrangler Feb 21 #48
Their Chief Justice: dalton99a Feb 21 #50
Al Abama. Yoga was not allowed in public schools for 30 years. underpants Feb 21 #51
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