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26. I just e-mailed my Congress-slug.....
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 02:34 PM
Feb 2024

He's a dyed-in-the-wool right winger, so I have little hope that he'll do what's right. But I told him I stand with Yulia Navalnaya, the people of Russia, and the people of Ukraine, and that it was time for him to get off his ass and support them with the aid they needed. Like I said, I have little hope that he will do it, but at least he heard from me.

I think the speaker would welcome the opportunity to have Ukraine funding forced on him ... marble falls Feb 2024 #1
If that's the case Katcat Feb 2024 #16
Impossible to lead the fools in the GOP congress. honest.abe Feb 2024 #21
Not at all. A good leader gets his agenda by leading and following as needed. Don't stretch this into ... marble falls Feb 2024 #24
problem here is we have a traitorous antidemocratic speaker under our enemies' thumb onetexan Feb 2024 #35
Weak leaders try to play it both ways Ohioboy Feb 2024 #23
Two questions bluestarone Feb 2024 #2
If they can manage to get it to the floor, it will pass Wednesdays Feb 2024 #3
And there is the rub Blue Idaho Feb 2024 #18
Not when.... SergeStorms Feb 2024 #34
nailed it Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #38
Omar and Jayapal have said they won't sign on. AllyCat Feb 2024 #43
I could be wrong, but my gut feeling is about half of Rs will do the right thing. KS Toronado Feb 2024 #4
The Ukrainian People Have Given A Master Class In Courage to the world. Botany Feb 2024 #5
I like your "master class in courage" locution. NNadir Feb 2024 #15
"A master class in courage," Ukrainian "Sunflower Lady." Put these seeds in your pocket so flowers will .. Botany Feb 2024 #20
This needs a THOUSAND RECS!! lastlib Feb 2024 #25
Minor point.... AZ8theist Feb 2024 #28
Flynn worked in intelligence and was in a position to warn President Obama prior to Russia's ..... Botany Feb 2024 #29
Not sure we would even come close. Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #39
They follow trump like ducklings following their mother. pwb Feb 2024 #6
When is the break over and will Ukraine survive MadameButterfly Feb 2024 #7
I believe a discharge petition takes at least 30 days to implement. gab13by13 Feb 2024 #10
The idea is to force Johnson BootinUp Feb 2024 #14
but I understand they went home for break and Johnson didn't allow anything to come up MadameButterfly Feb 2024 #36
Someone posted another thread BootinUp Feb 2024 #37
THanks MadameButterfly Feb 2024 #44
Kick orangecrush Feb 2024 #8
Maybe just take all those $millions of prospective ad monies PTL_Mancuso Feb 2024 #9
Ukrainians are being maimed and killed every day dlk Feb 2024 #11
I looked it up gab13by13 Feb 2024 #12
That's based on when a bill has been sent to Committee to consider BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #27
This is how Mike Johnson proves he's no better (and probably even worse) than Kevin McCarthy FakeNoose Feb 2024 #13
Johnson can't operate outside slightlv Feb 2024 #31
I think he lives in a completely different world... NowsTheTime Feb 2024 #32
Will be interesting to see how Spartz (R, In) will vote. She immigrated from Ukraine question everything Feb 2024 #17
I am sorry they only need 4-5 republicans and I suspect there are a lot more Bev54 Feb 2024 #19
I was hoping they would do this. patphil Feb 2024 #22
I just e-mailed my Congress-slug..... lastlib Feb 2024 #26
Campaign group Republicans for Ukraine are launching a six-figure advertising blitz. elleng Feb 2024 #30
That's the part that has my head spinning. progressoid Feb 2024 #41
It's an outside group trying to push them. They'll get nowhere. Novara Feb 2024 #33
Headlines: "Republicans pass historic bill to save Ukraine" NBachers Feb 2024 #40
Why doesnt one of the retiring Reps do the "motion to vacate" stunt? oldsoftie Feb 2024 #42
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