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1. To me Oklahoma is just Wyoming with more people.
Sat Feb 24, 2024, 05:49 PM
Feb 24

Same viewpoints.

Same politics.

Same hatred.

Same crap.

To me Oklahoma is just Wyoming with more people. 4lbs Feb 24 #1
At least Texas has some islands of blue in the cities TexasBushwhacker Feb 25 #16
How Christian of you......................... Lovie777 Feb 24 #2
the way god loves All its children seems more like hate to me nt msongs Feb 24 #3
There is no hate as violent and murderous as extremist religious love IronLionZion Feb 24 #6
The ONLY difference between The Taliban and Christian Nationalists MurrayDelph Feb 25 #19
They never examine their hate to see if it's unreasonable. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 24 #4
Republicans support terrorism and murder of American citizens IronLionZion Feb 24 #5
He comes across as one of those idiots who pretend pronouns are too hard to use accurately. Torchlight Feb 24 #7
He needs -his- mouth washed out with soap! Leave LGBTQI people alone! electric_blue68 Feb 24 #8
He needs it washed with Drano tonekat Feb 25 #21
F this @sshole. area51 Feb 24 #9
+100 sakabatou Feb 24 #10
These people are disgusting. Chi67 Feb 25 #11
Is the drag queen/LGBTQ issue a distraction from republican/conservative/Christian values/morals?... YES! keithbvadu2 Feb 25 #12
Woods has a lot of nerve calling anyone else filth. ShazzieB Feb 25 #13
Executed by three girls? BobsYourUncle Feb 25 #14
Yes 3 younger girls beat up a 16 year old trans girl in a school restroom IronLionZion Feb 25 #20
Was he thumping his Bible as he said it? Hateful, hateful people. Vinca Feb 25 #15
Xian values pfitz59 Feb 25 #17
He's a rat bastard but this also obscures the details of what happened. RandomNumbers Feb 25 #18
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