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7. Next might be an appeal of the denial
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 02:46 PM
Feb 2024

and request to stay the payment until the appeal is heard. It may be that he is trying to stall until he can gain control of the bank account of the RNC and have that cash and future contributions free up some money for him. I doubt the MAGATS would find anything wrong with him doing that.

If the appellate courts start rejecting his appeals of motion denials from the trial courts in a more timely manner we might see even more desperation from him. The big question is will the Saudis etc. bail him out? Putin is a little strapped for spare cash right now. I'm expecting the next 7 months to be over the top with election shenanigans, fake videos and news reports etc. and it could be that his plea to the foreign "helpers" will be on the order of "See how much I showed you after I left office? Help me win and I'll show you way more than that."

Judges on Trump cases should have a collection of rubber stamps Ocelot II Feb 2024 #1
How about mobeau69 Feb 2024 #4
Not a Rubber Stamp. They need one of these maxrandb Feb 2024 #18
Tic-Tock the clock is running, sick fuck. mobeau69 Feb 2024 #2
Add a million every time he says her name or complains. Please. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #3
Judge: plus it'll be another 83 million if he doesn't keep his pie-hole shut about Ms. Caroll Walleye Feb 2024 #5
He hasn't fired Habba yet? ificandream Feb 2024 #6
She won't leave SallyHemmings Feb 2024 #19
Next might be an appeal of the denial moniss Feb 2024 #7
Might? This will go all the way to scotus if they can get a stay getagrip_already Feb 2024 #9
This is not the criminal case moniss Feb 2024 #17
Good republianmushroom Feb 2024 #8
Here is the letter from Judge Kaplan to TFG's counsel LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #10
Thanks! BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #11
Awesome news! Put the $83 million + interest in escrow and then file your frivolous motions. n/t iluvtennis Feb 2024 #12
Is there interest building up on that one too? Think. Again. Feb 2024 #13
I'm wondering if federal court filing fees might be too low? LiberalFighter Feb 2024 #14
"The figure awarded to Ms. Carroll is egregiously excessive" LudwigPastorius Feb 2024 #15
Laughing at this part of the story ... ificandream Feb 2024 #16
I wonder how much Trumps lawyers are raking in?? riversedge Feb 26 #20
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