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14. A bit more info
Tue Mar 12, 2024, 03:14 PM
Mar 2024
The pilot will only accept Form W-2 wages, Social Security retirement income, unemployment earnings and interest of $1,500 or less. This excludes filers with contract income reported via Form 1099-NEC, gig economy workers or self-employed filers.

To qualify, you must claim the standard deduction, which is $13,850 for single filers and $27,700 for married couples filing jointly for 2023.

Direct File only accepts a few credits: the earned income tax credit, child tax credit and credit for other dependents. The software also accepts deductions for student loan interest and educator expenses.

Thanks for posting this news!
FREE - That's unAmerican.... groundloop Mar 2024 #1
I wish PA was one BumRushDaShow Mar 2024 #2
You still have the Free Fillable Forms option, I suspect, unless mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2024 #3
Good morning BumRushDaShow Mar 2024 #4
There's a lot of grandstanding going on. I think I'll stop there. NT mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2024 #5
I figured that BumRushDaShow Mar 2024 #7
IRS Direct File pilot states Drum Mar 2024 #6
I can't file for free online in Virginia, at least not with the VDT. mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2024 #10
G'morning! Drum Mar 2024 #11
Just filed yesterday - everything was quick and easy using recommended alternatives jmbar2 Mar 2024 #8
This should be free to all who have to pay taxes. republianmushroom Mar 2024 #9
What i find concerning Mosby Mar 2024 #12
FOR THE REST OF US.... Mustellus Mar 2024 #13
Another: forgotmylogin Mar 2024 #18
A bit more info JudyM Mar 2024 #14
"To qualify, you must claim the standard deduction ..." mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2024 #15
Seems they allow a couple JudyM Mar 2024 #16
I thought you could download Schedule A. That's itemized deductions, I think. NT mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2024 #17
It is. JudyM Mar 2024 #21
Would not work for me Mysterian Mar 2024 #19
I already used the IRS free file. ananda Mar 2024 #20
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