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Response to LetMyPeopleVote (Original post)

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) gives a "major address" on the Middle East, calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to go LetMyPeopleVote Mar 14 #1
I support Senator Schumer 100%. patphil Mar 14 #8
Schumer's the smartest guy in the room, he's great Habitation Mar 14 #24
Senator Schumer went in hard speak easy Mar 14 #2
Is the dam starting to break? Basic LA Mar 14 #3
Chuck is correct. Happy Hoosier Mar 14 #4
Hell, yes! Bibi has to go. All the bloodshed is just to keep himself out of prison. PSPS Mar 14 #5
Post removed Post removed Mar 14 #6
No, he's not an Israeli citizen IronLionZion Mar 14 #12
Why don't we just have the CIA assassinate him? BWdem4life Mar 14 #7
Better late than never. TheRickles Mar 14 #9
Netanyahu destroys sympathy and goodwill for Israel IronLionZion Mar 14 #10
Schumer is an excellent example EllieBC Mar 14 #11
Everyone says Israel must change . . . Richard D Mar 14 #13
Get Arabs - Saudis - UAE to do the policing. speak easy Mar 14 #15
Good idea . . . Richard D Mar 14 #17
I can't find the link - maybe I dreamed it. speak easy Mar 14 #27
I hope so. Richard D Mar 14 #28
"Significant progress ... was looking possible and even likely prior to October 7" speak easy Mar 14 #29
a lasting peace only will come with a 2 state solution, which of course Netanyahu opposes LymphocyteLover Mar 14 #19
For all intents and purposes . . . Richard D Mar 14 #20
Netanyahu enabled hamas Habitation Mar 14 #25
Outstanding Enquiring_Mind Mar 14 #14
I think that's probably a good idea. I'll bet Biden would be relieved. Oopsie Daisy Mar 14 #16
This is a big deal. Probably done in coordination with Biden LymphocyteLover Mar 14 #18
Interesting opinion from an Israeli analyst. Mosby Mar 14 #21
Chuck is trying to walk some of it back Mosby Mar 14 #22
K&R ck4829 Mar 14 #23
But, Schumer, the government of Israel can do no wrong... Chainfire Mar 14 #26
Schumer is right! Hikerchick57 Mar 14 #30
Who knew... regnaD kciN Mar 14 #31
Kick dalton99a Mar 14 #32
political survival taking precedence? moondust Mar 15 #33
You'd have to be a moron to think LIHOP about October 7th Bucky Mar 15 #35
Maybe. moondust Mar 15 #40
I've read about that. That's why Israelis are furious with Netanyahu. But imagine the LIHOP alleged sequence of events. Bucky Mar 16 #42
can you decode your post for me....what's a lihop? prodigitalson Mar 15 #37
Let It Happen On Purpose moondust Mar 15 #38
thank you very mucho! prodigitalson Mar 15 #41
Good. mahina Mar 15 #34
apparently this got some attention Israel prodigitalson Mar 15 #36
Biden commends Schumer for his speech denouncing Netanyahu LetMyPeopleVote Mar 15 #39
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