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2. Example number 10,000,097,801 why Republicans lack empathy. And make laws to...
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 03:43 PM
Apr 12

codify their lack of any consideration for their fellow humans, especially if those are female, people of color, low wage workers, etc.

Let's see Gov. DeSantis work patching holes in a stretch of highway without water or shade or rest. He wouldn't last ONE hour.

This is cruel but the Florida legislators are rubbing stamping the governor. Here's a look Deuxcents Apr 12 #1
Example number 10,000,097,801 why Republicans lack empathy. And make laws to... FailureToCommunicate Apr 12 #2
What a piece of garbage he is. NT Habibi Apr 12 #3
why? et tu Apr 12 #4
It's not hard to understand. Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 13 #21
Just thought of something. justgamma Apr 12 #5
Kill them before they can get on a path to citizenship. Then bring in some more. Marcuse Apr 12 #13
Imagine working as a roofer or on highway crew in the summer, it is doc03 Apr 12 #6
Can DeathSentence think of any other ways to kill people after torturing them? appleannie1 Apr 12 #7
Well he did work in Guantanamo Bay with prisoners DBoon Apr 13 #27
OSHA says they don't care what Florida says. OldBaldy1701E Apr 12 #8
They didn't learn from last summer. For the record, a heat index of 108 F is when a Heat Advisory is issued in Florida tornado34jh Apr 12 #9
Florida is looking to lose billions in damages in court cases. Martin68 Apr 12 #10
How cruel Marthe48 Apr 12 #11
What is the point of this? LNM Apr 12 #12
I worked markodochartaigh Apr 13 #31
So it's all politics LNM Apr 13 #36
I think that markodochartaigh Apr 13 #37
Stop working will F them. TTOMMCCATT Apr 12 #14
Unfortunately, people who need the jobs AdamGG Apr 13 #15
They will just pass a law that says workers must work and must not complain. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Apr 13 #17
From the UFW: Tanuki Apr 13 #16
He earns his name each and every day - Death Sentence! lark Apr 13 #18
As if decent people... GiqueCee Apr 13 #19
Florida Republicans take the "How stupid can you get?" challenge. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 13 #20
How evil can you get. More like. bullimiami Apr 13 #30
If you want to know why unions are important - this should make it clear. flashman13 Apr 13 #22
bet disney won't comply- nt et tu Apr 13 #23
Disney is private. They can set their own rules. LeftInTX Apr 13 #26
OSHA Smackdown2019 Apr 13 #24
Does Gov. Harvard/Yale ever go to church? CTyankee Apr 13 #25
Like Tucker, he rode the easy life. Never worked an "honest day" in their lives. Evolve Dammit Apr 13 #33
Make DeSucko and the FL Gop break rocks in the hot sun jpak Apr 13 #28
Big government, not local control by the citizens. DeSantis has the power of life and death for workers. keithbvadu2 Apr 13 #29
A true sociopath. Get him up on a roof (or anywhere) when it is over 90/100 and high humidity. Asshole Evolve Dammit Apr 13 #32
Sadistic POS. I hope there is a hell and they burn. 58Sunliner Apr 13 #34
I know why he's doing this! calimary Apr 13 #35
FFS. We have worker heat protection rules here in Washington. Kennah Apr 15 #38
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