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Anybody who serves deserves a Medal of Honor Marthe48 Apr 16 #1
The MoH is reserved for the Military, not civilians, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 16 #14
Thank you for clarifying Marthe48 Apr 16 #19
We should start a Gofundme orangecrush Apr 16 #28
I could definitely get behind that. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 16 #29
I had an instructor orangecrush Apr 16 #32
Unnecessary. ShazzieB Apr 16 #34
The problem isn't at the courthouse orangecrush Apr 16 #37
Yes, if the public finds out who they are... Think. Again. Apr 16 #39
"Bailiff, whack his peepee" RainCaster Apr 16 #2
Only six/12 jurors chosen, yet the jury foreperson has already been "named"... hlthe2b Apr 16 #3
They are going to be picking more than 12 BumRushDaShow Apr 16 #4
Yes I know. I am only remarking on how unusual it is that a jury foreman has been 'named' at this juncture hlthe2b Apr 16 #5
Well oddly and uniquely enough BumRushDaShow Apr 16 #6
Well, there you go. I am notorious for destroying Defense Attorneys planned cases (unintentionally) in voir dire hlthe2b Apr 16 #8
LOL BumRushDaShow Apr 16 #9
I've only been called for jury duty twice in my life. ShazzieB Apr 16 #21
Before Covid I was called every year for 20 years. Demobrat Apr 16 #26
I've been thrown out of two jury pools bedazzled Apr 16 #11
i looked at a defendant the wrong way and got let go. learned later that he did a plea deal. he wanted to AllaN01Bear Apr 16 #12
I was kicked out of a jury pool where Demobrat Apr 16 #16
That would have been a challenging jury bedazzled Apr 16 #33
I got a call to serve by mail in federal court. LiberalFighter Apr 16 #40
FYI The first juror seated during selection is the jury foreperson in NYS courts. nt Princess Turandot Apr 16 #23
Well - hopefully he's not one to take any Malarkey peppertree Apr 16 #24
I just heard (I think it was on Meidas Touch?) that in NY state the fierywoman Apr 16 #10
I heard the same thing. It does not matter who you are. Paper Roses Apr 16 #15
Two of the chosen are lawyers NanaCat Apr 17 #50
One of the videos I saw, piddyprints Apr 17 #51
Probably the 1st time MFer has ever been in room with a person that voted against his pasty ass. maxsolomon Apr 16 #7
If she were my kids teacher, I would want a new teacher JT45242 Apr 16 #13
Exactly!!! niyad Apr 16 #44
Trump Complaining about a Fair Jury Pool johne8408 Apr 16 #17
This is a random selection of residents of Manhattan? malthaussen Apr 16 #18
"fascinating and mysterious" Ugh StarryNite Apr 16 #20
That's two words I'd never use to describe TFG William Seger Apr 16 #31
Well, so is a heap of dog shit that you step on barefoot in the dark Orrex Apr 16 #36
Thanks! Jury selection continues on Thursday. 'Til then the criminal defendant can go back to bed. ancianita Apr 16 #22
President Trump speaks his mind, and I'd rather that than someone who's in office who you don't know what they're thinki orangecrush Apr 16 #25
Oh and don't forget another one finds him "fascinating and mysterious". StarryNite Apr 16 #30
Guess the prosecution knows orangecrush Apr 16 #35
This and the one below ("fascinating and mysterious") sounds like Silver Gaia Apr 16 #38
Thank you orangecrush Apr 16 #46
Thanks for the thanks! Silver Gaia Apr 17 #47
Nicolle Wallace showed an interview Deminpenn Apr 16 #27
Interesting! aurora the great Apr 16 #41
"She was not aware that Trump faces criminal charges in other cases." Thunderbeast Apr 16 #42
I just wish we could watch it in real time.... slightlv Apr 16 #43
The TEACHER does not know that he is facing other criminal charges??? niyad Apr 16 #45
Liars, schmoozer and idiots. They're a perfect start towards creating the jury of his peers. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 17 #48
He says he won't tolerate that, as he tolerates it. Kablooie Apr 17 #49
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