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Live updates at New York Magazine emulatorloo Apr 19 #1
Apparently this has also happened a few times at the white house while he was president. n/t Jacson6 Apr 19 #2
Not to mention "emblazoned"... petronius Apr 19 #3
Show us the article was written by an AI Miguelito Loveless Apr 19 #16
Beat Me To It! ProfessorGAC Apr 19 #41
I was gonna say... forgotmylogin Apr 19 #44
Look at me, Donald! It's all for you! n/t Harker Apr 19 #4
The Omen. AllyCat Apr 19 #6
I can't think of any other likely reason for that. Harker Apr 19 #11
A true MAGA 'patriot' calguy Apr 19 #7
It's a token of thanks, I'm supposing... Harker Apr 19 #8
As Mark Twain once said... calguy Apr 19 #19
It's extremely sad. Harker Apr 19 #22
Nope. Conspiracy theroist. Link to his manifesto inside. Bonx Apr 19 #20
So he suspected everyone except Mike Dukakis, Rob Lowe and Lisa Simpson of being involved in the conspiracy? dameatball Apr 19 #33
What's so weird: He's only 37. Born in 1986 or 1987. So at the oldest, he had just turned 2 during the convention. LeftInTX Apr 19 #34
It's not so weird: he understands these events through "both sides" revisionism mathematic Apr 19 #36
You know you have to include the video when you post things like that Ray Bruns Apr 19 #25
I'd forgotten about the dog. n/t Harker Apr 19 #26
This trial oswaldactedalone Apr 19 #5
Someone is going to kill people in Trumps name. joshcryer Apr 19 #9
Oh well..... LPBBEAR Apr 19 #10
Most of the replies here are assuming this was a Trump supporter, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 19 #12
It's DU. Where a lot of posters don't need no stinking confirmation. They assume. onenote Apr 19 #17
Trump will enjoy the death no matter the cause. Irish_Dem Apr 19 #27
Ruh roh, from the very link you provided: GreenWave Apr 19 #30
Have you read his "manifesto"? Did you miss these statements? onenote Apr 19 #48
Conspiracy theorist. Link to his manifesto inside. Bonx Apr 19 #21
I soon as I heard it I knew it wasn't a Trump supporter Polybius Apr 19 #35
Agreed. Codifer Apr 19 #52
Horrible situation. I read he was still alive when the ambulance took him away. Can't imagine he'll survive this. Joinfortmill Apr 19 #13
Depends on many things. Karma13612 Apr 19 #15
Wow. mahina Apr 19 #38
Sad Joinfortmill Apr 19 #53
Woah. Sorry you saw that. electric_blue68 Apr 20 #55
Depends on the location and depth of burns Warpy Apr 19 #24
Back In The 80s... ProfessorGAC Apr 19 #43
Unless he left all his money to Chump in his will, I don't think he'll notice FakeNoose Apr 19 #14
Trump is a magnet for the loons and the nutters... jvill Apr 19 #18
Florida man... Mz Pip Apr 19 #23
Was about to post that BumRushDaShow Apr 19 #28
Given the right circumstances ... Alsteen Apr 19 #29
What a mental state he must have been in, to have offed himself over .... bucolic_frolic Apr 19 #31
I can't imagine the pain he must be going through. mahina Apr 19 #39
I read his manifesto on substack TexasBushwhacker Apr 19 #32
Yes I read most of it too. Not a plain maga. scipan Apr 19 #37
Pretty crazy? That's like saying water is only a little wet. cstanleytech Apr 19 #46
The parts about crypto being a ponzi scheme scipan Apr 19 #47
Crypto is worth what people perceive it as being just like anything else. cstanleytech Apr 19 #49
Right SCantiGOP Apr 19 #50
Correct. nt cstanleytech Apr 19 #51
Newsweek fixed their headline. DavidDvorkin Apr 19 #40
Trump unleashed the crazies pfitz59 Apr 19 #42
He had formerly worked on Democratic campaigns and even trolled Newt Gingrich while wearing a Bernie shirt LeftInTX Apr 20 #56
Other than "themself" what would you recommend? Oopsie Daisy Apr 19 #45
"You're fired!" Violet_Crumble Apr 19 #54
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