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Wed Apr 24, 2024, 07:31 AM Apr 24

Donald Trump Suffers Huge Vote Against Him in Pennsylvania Primary [View all]

Source: Newsweek

Published Apr 24, 2024 at 2:22 AM EDT | Updated Apr 24, 2024 at 4:57 AM EDT

Donald Trump suffered a blow in the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, as tens of thousands of Republicans refused to vote for him despite being the presumptive GOP nominee.

The former president won the primary race in the key swing state with 83.5 percent of the vote, amounting to more than 786,000 votes.

However, Nikki Haley, who ended her campaign for the White House after Super Tuesday in March, still received 16.5 percent of the vote, equating to more than 155,000 ballots.

The Context

Trump has dominated the Republican primary, and won enough delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination in March after victories in Georgia, Mississippi and Washington state. However, there have been signs that Trump is still struggling to garner support from more moderate and independent voters who could be key in the general election against President Joe Biden, especially in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Read more: https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-pennsylvania-primary-presidential-election-huge-vote-against-him-1893520

The media keeps wanting Democrats to be demoralized and keep hand-wringing and "worrying" about an "uncommitted" protest vote while they CONTINUE to IGNORE the "Haley Factor", which is a protest vote that is STILL happening against 45, and that in some cases, almost doubles the Biden protest vote.

From the OP excerpt regarding yesterday's PA Primary -

However, Nikki Haley, who ended her campaign for the White House after Super Tuesday in March, still received 16.5 percent of the vote, equating to more than 155,000 ballots.

As a sidenote - my youngest niece voted for the first time yesterday (my sis got a pic of her afterwards). She turned 18 in February. She has been going into polling places since she was in the womb and was brought to her "first election" in 2006 at 3 months old. When she was 2 years old during the Obama campaign, I had her practice saying "Obama".
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Let's just hope Mz Pip Apr 24 #1
I am betting two to one that she endorses him Walleye Apr 24 #2
The only Republican who won't endorse Trump will be Liz Cheney. sop Apr 24 #4
Like Cheney, I doubt Christie will endorse. emulatorloo Apr 24 #50
Nor would Kinzinger BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #54
Right? LuvLoogie Apr 24 #19
or worse, I could see him offering her his VP slot, and her accepting it. I don't trust any republican. Power is the JohnSJ Apr 24 #11
I don't believe she'd take it JohnnyRingo Apr 24 #12
You might be right, but I wouldn't put it past her. For his deplorable party, it would represent a "unity" ticket, with JohnSJ Apr 24 #15
For those who watch morning cable news gab13by13 Apr 24 #3
MSM Old Okie Apr 24 #48
I've always had confidence in the people of Pennsylvania Mysterian Apr 24 #5
We have a huge Senate race here, gab13by13 Apr 24 #7
i'm in south western pa et tu Apr 24 #8
No Dems will vote for McCormack, we need to worry about the independents though FakeNoose Apr 24 #29
Hopefully abortion and labor will get the Dems and Indies out for Casey... Wounded Bear Apr 24 #30
Yes one would think so FakeNoose Apr 24 #37
Trump recently endorsed McCormick Deminpenn Apr 24 #42
McCormick is a carpet-bagger like Oz BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #58
Yes indeed FakeNoose Apr 24 #66
He's one of the "business" types that you normally see running for office in Jersey BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #67
We only had one "flip" of an election from (D) - (R) since 1988 BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #10
Can Trump win edhopper Apr 24 #6
PA has 19 electotal votes so that would be the factor BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #14
Yes. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #22
A couple weeks ago the Pennsylvania GOP was gloating about a surge in voter registrations. tanyev Apr 24 #9
"Looks like a lot of the new registrations signed up to vote against their candidate. " BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #18
Hoping that's a good sign for us for November IronLionZion Apr 24 #13
Bravo! Teach the young to be liberal minded when they're young onetexan Apr 24 #16
This is a tricky narrative. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #17
"Biden is doing about five-points better (88% to 83%) tha Trump there." BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #21
I don't think there were any polls of the PA primary race. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #23
"I don't think there were any polls of the PA primary race." BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #27
Did you actually read what I put? Pretty Fly Apr 24 #28
Do you even know how to sort a spreadsheet? BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #36
Do you understand what recent means? Pretty Fly Apr 24 #44
You do realize that when it comes to "state" polls BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #46
Which is exactly why I said your comparison is apples to oranges. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #60
To address BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #61
Since you refuse to read my posts, I am going to pay you the same curtesy. I ain't reading that. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #63
How about reading your original reply title BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #64
Go to the pa elections website Deminpenn Apr 24 #45
I live on that site BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #49
Thank you BRDS - I've been saying the same thing since last year FakeNoose Apr 24 #70
Those statistics are getting a little mangled whopis01 Apr 24 #32
The point IS BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #40
If 10-16% is considered a big protest vote, then it's happening to Biden too. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #47
READ WHAT I WROTE HERE BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #51
No one is claiming he's immune. It's just being consistent. Pretty Fly Apr 24 #59
More need to educate BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #65
The MSM, along with the majority of polls and political wags cannot parse that this will be a very different election. Ford_Prefect Apr 24 #20
I wholeheartedly agree - this is an election like no other FakeNoose Apr 24 #39
Not that it's critically important at this time, but........... jaxexpat Apr 24 #24
"Not Trump" does NOT equal "political heavyweight" DFW Apr 24 #25
At this time, I think the media has determined Haley is the heir apparent to the GOP dynasty.........of disasters. jaxexpat Apr 24 #43
There have "been signs" that Trump is "still struggling to garner support" Rocknation Apr 24 #26
Hey, any article that starts with "Donald Trump suffers" is GREAT. Novara Apr 24 #31
156,950 Republicans voted against Donald Trump In yesterday's GOP primary in the battleground state of Pennsylvania LetMyPeopleVote Apr 24 #33
The votes for Nikki Haley are a good sign FakeNoose Apr 24 #34
Generally, it's hard to win the WH with less than 90% in ones own party base... Wounded Bear Apr 24 #35
Can you imagine the headlines if Biden was only pulling 83% of the vote? NT Happy Hoosier Apr 24 #38
it's worse than that for sleepy don quakerboy Apr 24 #41
I think this exaggerates his loss of support in the GOP space. LuvLoogie Apr 24 #52
If that were the case BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #53
Meh LudwigPastorius Apr 24 #55
"best that could be hoped for is that they sit at home come election day." BumRushDaShow Apr 24 #57
PA is tired of him PennRalphie Apr 24 #56
Imagine that, Dotard J Chump insults and threatens Hassler Apr 24 #62
Kudos to your niece! She ROCKS!!! calimary Apr 24 #68
Why on Earth do they keep telling us it's going to be close? wryter2000 Apr 24 #69
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