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17. Anecdotal, but when I set up an LLC in 2012, I got a lot of help from the IRS
Sat May 11, 2024, 11:09 PM
May 11

...as far as the run-down on what forms I needed to file that under, how to handle depreciation and expenses and so forth. I had studied tax law back in the 90's, but they keep changing things, and I was able to call the basic information line and get routed to a help desk for business filings. The people were really nice and informative.

In 2022 I shut that down, and had a whole lot of questions on how to report various aspects on my taxes. Also, it came at a time of the year when tax people were all busy and I couldn't find anyone in town who was taking new clients. I decided I'd try to figure it out myself, and ask the IRS anything I didn't know.

It didn't work like it had before. As soon as I asked any kind of complicated question I got transferred to the "advanced tax matters desk", which, in fact, was just a recording telling me to go look at the FAQs online. Nobody worked there any more. It wound up taking two months to wade through my taxes. On the first try I messed up a form and they said I had to re-file, then they said I owed $2,000 more. But nobody there was able to explain why, and when I re-did the whole thing from scratch it looked like they owed me $2,000 instead; I sent an amended return in with a big long letter explaining the reasoning, and asking for them to explain there's if they didn't agree. Nine months later, after hearing nothing, they sent me a check for $2,000.

Then I got another letter from then saying they'd found an error, and I was getting another $1,700 back (which I still haven't got). Anyway, the short story is that it used to be easy to get help, and things weren't that complicated. Now it seems like nobody even works there that knows what they're doing.

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