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No Traildogbob May 14 #1
And rules are for the little people. lastlib May 14 #11
Rules don't apply to the rich and Republican. AllyCat May 14 #2
Sure seems that way. republianmushroom May 14 #6
Rules and the law are just for suckers and losers. Irish_Dem May 14 #27
For all we know he's taking photos of the jurors. Novara May 14 #3
Good point. Think. Again. May 14 #5
You're right! 70sEraVet May 14 #14
Whoa, I hadn't thought of that PatSeg May 14 #16
Good chance he is doing exactly that. Irish_Dem May 14 #29
Just remove and ban him from the courtroom ... Think. Again. May 14 #4
He's another MAGA dumb ass motherfucker just like his rapist, pedophile Orange Daddy. SoFlaBro May 14 #7
Of Course he did. Srkdqltr May 14 #8
Gums needs a good chewing out Blue Owl May 14 #9
Maybe the judge will give him a stern look. Irish_Dem May 14 #30
no... myohmy2 May 14 #40
I think reporters in the courtroom are posting impressions. I doubt trump's one supporter will be sanctioned. Silent Type May 14 #10
The reporters are basically doing "live blogging" with their *laptops* BumRushDaShow May 14 #13
And all the live blogging, regardless of device, is done outside the courtroom, right? CaptainTruth May 14 #17
The OP article mentions the Court's instructions BumRushDaShow May 14 #19
Thanks for pointing that out. I guess the court must verify that those laptops have all their connectivity... CaptainTruth May 14 #42
The guidance indicated that the laptops by credentialed press BumRushDaShow May 14 #44
Is the ban on cellphones reflected in a publicly available order? onenote May 14 #45
I don't think anyone claimed someone would be "sent to jail" for a cell phone BumRushDaShow May 15 #47
A legit reporter doing his job is different. Irish_Dem May 14 #31
He's confusing 'disciplined, stolid, and professional' with 'rehearsed' Torchlight May 14 #12
Interesting. jimfields33 May 14 #28
Judge is looking mighty MOMFUDSKI May 14 #15
Has the prosecution brought it to his attention? onenote May 14 #21
I think the judge wants this trial to be over. Irish_Dem May 14 #32
He is weak. He's a scared, cowering little coward, just like the rest of our so-called "system of justice." PSPS May 14 #39
No he's not. You're just uniformed about how the legal process actually works. onenote May 14 #41
..... Tanuki May 14 #18
Trump has worked the refs for so long, the rules have changed dlk May 14 #20
Trump allies taking advantage of cellphones while press is limited StarryNite May 14 #22
I was just about to post that same quote intrepidity May 14 #23
If true it's total bullshit that they are allowed. StarryNite May 14 #24
Yep. Either way, judge must respond imho. nt intrepidity May 14 #35
WTF The jurors are in danger. The judge and bailiff should not allow this! SunSeeker May 14 #25
UPDATE: Cellphone use, but not possession, is barred in courtroom, but not in other parts of courthouse. onenote May 14 #46
I know this sounds crazy tavernier May 14 #26
I this is a good question. Irish_Dem May 14 #34
If he took photos of jurors, suspect the judge would go after that Gary Busey looking POS. Silent Type May 14 #36
He is texting to social media tavernier May 14 #37
BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AZ8theist May 14 #33
OMG! I anticipate another WARNING from our cowering impotent "justice system"!!!111!!1!1!1!1Z PSPS May 14 #38
The time stamp itself doesn't prove it was he who tweeted. BadgerKid May 14 #43
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