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LOVE it! elleng May 18 #1
Would explain some of the GOP bad behavior. Irish_Dem May 18 #2
The "GOP" part explains the bad behavior. Think. Again. May 18 #8
Yes but the drugs and booze make it even worse. Irish_Dem May 18 #9
But we have to be careful Democracy Defender May 18 #23
I do not give a rat's behind what any GOP might do with my comments. Irish_Dem May 18 #25
That is rightwing crap...from GOP sources. Demsrule86 May 18 #32
And check out the poster's other four posts. n/t femmedem May 19 #47
Yeah no. Kingofalldems May 18 #33
Opens the door? dpibel May 18 #35
Oh yes MorbidButterflyTat May 18 #38
Did the staffer get fired? If so, let them bring it up - excellent example of what should happen. RandomNumbers May 19 #48
Exactly! "Some people say they drink and do drugs to 'enhance' their personalities" maxrandb May 19 #55
Some of these republicans PatSeg May 19 #57
Well yes. Irish_Dem May 19 #58
Bringing out more of their true personalities PatSeg May 19 #61
Yes blocking any remaining filters. Irish_Dem May 19 #62
Exactly PatSeg May 19 #63
Such deep respect for the institution leftieNanner May 18 #3
They have no respect for anything or anyone. Dave Bowman May 18 #26
They should be called in for random drug tests. nt doc03 May 18 #4
We know that some of the MOC could not pass drug tests. Irish_Dem May 18 #16
Two tests that should be given to all members of Congress DFW May 19 #54
I would add a psychiatric workup I_UndergroundPanther May 19 #60
Unfortunately, as far as THOSE particular characteristics go DFW May 19 #67
Welp if it made fewer republicans I_UndergroundPanther May 20 #71
Well they rode the Acela train back from NYC. Probably in the club car or bar car as it sometimes called Walleye May 18 #5
A few of them are incapable of shame, but some others would want to drown out their own hypocrisy captain queeg May 18 #11
And some, in their stupidity would want to celebrate their "bravery ". Biophilic May 18 #18
I'm shocked! sop May 18 #6
The executioner is always drunk! Mopar151 May 18 #7
Or Soggy Steve Bannon nt Mopar151 May 19 #43
Raskin will be on M$NBComcast at 6. 00pm malaise May 18 #10
They need one of those breathalyzer devices at the door central scrutinizer May 18 #12
I think I would die from alcohol poisoning ThoughtCriminal May 18 #13
I really appreciate this sentiment. Biophilic May 18 #19
What's the excuse for their horrid behavior vapor2 May 18 #14
I guess MTG can be COL Mustard May 19 #45
Or maybe she's always drunk. RandomNumbers May 19 #49
These people are scum who act like most redneck assholes do who are hammered at a party. hadEnuf May 18 #15
Boebert Was Drunk HandmaidsTaleUntold May 18 #17
When are Republican politicians not drunk ? Traurigkeit May 18 #20
100 bottles of beer on the wall Pas-de-Calais May 18 #21
100 bottles of beer on the wall.... COL Mustard May 18 #28
Who's afraid to take a drug test? NoMoreRepugs May 18 #22
Probably every last one of 'em. calimary May 18 #24
I wouldn't be surprised. COL Mustard May 18 #27
The House will now be called MOMFUDSKI May 18 #29
Fat, drunk and stupid COL Mustard May 19 #46
Did MTG go to NYC with the red tie brigade? ShazzieB May 18 #30
Stansbury is my Rep Warpy May 18 #31
I sometimes Rebl2 May 18 #34
They're wannabe Russians, of course they're drunk ;) ) Cheezoholic May 18 #36
Time to call out the frat boy mentality of the MAGOP Martin68 May 18 #37
Alcohol and steroids don't mix MTG. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 18 #39
I'd rather somebody investigate Alito and Ginny Thomas. Efilroft Sul May 18 #40
Love it! elleng May 19 #41
Casaloca Nasruddin May 19 #42
You and I would lose our jobs and/or careers in a heartbeat for this. Evolve Dammit May 19 #44
So we, as taxpayers, are paying for these assholes to travel to support a felony-charged criminal, ... Novara May 19 #50
If this is true (and it sounds like it is) those GOP Representatives should be censured FakeNoose May 19 #51
seen pictures of Congressional offices and there is booze out in the open Historic NY May 19 #52
So EmptyGreene wasn't empty? Explains a lot eom Maeve May 19 #53
Pretty standard behavior for MTG, she always seems filled with the spirit IronLionZion May 19 #56
In vino veritas Traurigkeit May 19 #59
Well, when you have sold your soul to Putin and the oligarchy not fooled May 19 #64
Family values again Bayard May 19 #65
No one has ever mentioned it, but I suspect MTG is an alcoholic. ificandream May 19 #66
I think she's just a loud mouth asshole GenThePerservering May 19 #70
Republicans don't care if their reps are drunk. In fact..... KY_EnviroGuy May 19 #68
It makes the entire country look bad when the message is that legislators are drunk while working. Renew Deal May 19 #69
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