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Chili Pepper

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10. Sounds like he REALLY wants to be the VP choice
Sun May 19, 2024, 05:10 PM
May 19

Saying all the “right” things and hoping Trump is listening.

This VP contest is really becoming sickening.

They should ask him if he'd also challenge the results if Trump wins. TheRickles May 19 #1
Exactly Lemon Lyman May 19 #4
Or challenge the results of his own election NanaCat May 20 #32
He will only accept the result if his side wins. Doodley May 19 #2
Like a little brat. Is this guy not aware that he looks like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum because he didn't win at CTyankee May 19 #3
You're not kidding. That's been the go-to for Latin American right-wingers for 20+ years now. peppertree May 19 #15
The GOP refuses to respect and accept 134 years of peaceful transfer of power sanatanadharma May 19 #5
OK, if he wins re-election in 2029 I'm not going to accept the results. CaptainTruth May 19 #6
Lil' Marco's word ain't worth shit. oasis May 19 #7
The media has to stop publishing their election polls FakeNoose May 19 #8
Tough crap marco. Let's see what you're going to do about it. onetexan May 19 #9
Sounds like he REALLY wants to be the VP choice Chili Pepper May 19 #10
Marco Rubio is so far up TSF's anus Traurigkeit May 19 #11
what a despicable little... GiqueCee May 19 #12
Any candidate or office holder who declares publicly that they won't accept election results should Martin68 May 19 #13
Another volunteer fascist steps out of the closet. dchill May 19 #14
fuck 'em. they ain't got nearly the juice they had in '20. KG May 19 #16
of course he won't... myohmy2 May 19 #17
Rubio was a coward before cowardice was cool. hay rick May 19 #18
I caught part of a replay of MTP. He acted immaturely, accusing NBC of refusing to air the laptop story. John1956PA May 19 #19
Rubio is an idiot of the highest order duckworth969 May 19 #20
they're all laying the groundwork for a steal.... bahboo May 19 #21
I think little Marco ought to be VP on Dump's ticket GenThePerservering May 19 #22
I think he will go down in history as.... lastlib May 19 #23
This notion about anyone being selected as VP from Florida is pure falacy ... aggiesal May 19 #24
These guys must have been told to say that or else Trump will deep six them. Kablooie May 19 #25
The Trump talking points went out, election denialism is at the top of the list, extra credit will be awarded sop May 20 #29
Oh good, is rubio running??? elleng May 19 #26
Cockroaches are fond of Rubio. By comparison, The senator makes them look good. chouchou May 20 #27
it's about time we started questioning any election results where a Democratic Candidate samsingh May 20 #28
His answer is "no" but he is too chicken to say it. twodogsbarking May 20 #30
Little Marco you ass kissing toady...... Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 20 #31
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