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2. You got it!
Mon May 20, 2024, 10:57 PM
May 20

I remember one job where it was up to me to do a risk analysis and write up an SOP to cover several different events that could happen to our business (we were a DoD facility). Even back then... 30+ years ago... it was like pulling teeth to get the PTB to be proactive on system security, even when you laid out in plain speak what a failure could mean.

I think MS, with it's many updates as well as security updates, gave a false sense of security to many of these guys. Or maybe, they figured there's not much they could do to make them foolproof, if even MS couldn't get it's software secure. I don't know... it has always floored me. I had my systems at work AND at home secured against intrusion and backed up 16 ways from Sunday! Even now, with marbles leaking out of my head on a daily basis, I keep tight control of my system here at home. Hubby is always getting into trouble with his... going where he shouldn't and installing software willy-nilly... but he doesn't like the restrictions I have on mine... so he just hollers when it goes haywire so I can fix it, after the fact! (sigh)

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