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11. I really don't have any sad feelings for Rudy....
Mon May 20, 2024, 11:05 PM
May 20

he deserves what has happened to him, and then some. I remember when he and Whitman "agreed" there was no danger in the air after 9/11. Even I knew that was a ridiculous statement to make! All that asbestos and other building material still wafting through the air in Manhattan! Sure enough, it didn't take too many years to pass before the first of the cancers began showing in the rescuers.

I do like the apartment, tho... I like the way it's done, even tho they've no doubt stripped it of anything detailing Rudy's "style:... for example, there's no art on the walls, etc. But I like the clean lines and especially the panelling (didn't expect to like that, but damned, with that ceiling, it really looked good to me! And the windows are fantastic!

It's sad that he can't Turbineguy May 20 #1
You're about to make me cry. Ok, I have it together now. Hermit-The-Prog May 20 #2
Understandable, given the substantial cost of fumigating and disinfecting the place. speak easy May 20 #3
And removing all those fsb monitoring devices wont be easy. getagrip_already May 20 #5
If you turned out the lights and shined a blacklight in that place,... LudwigPastorius May 21 #20
A sad story indeed.. Permanut May 20 #4
pics Celerity May 20 #6
he has better taste than tfg...not saying much though prodigitalson May 20 #10
Amazing exterior. The interior looks like a realtor with good taste staged it & nobody lives in it Hekate May 20 #13
I like some of the woodwork COL Mustard May 21 #16
With a few modifications, I could make that work Siwsan May 21 #18
Here's my offer, Rudy! $4M for the apartment. Wonder Why May 20 #7
Maybe he got tired of waiting for Melania to divorce the Orange Turdblossom 4lbs May 20 #8
Beautiful Old Building DET May 20 #9
I really don't have any sad feelings for Rudy.... slightlv May 20 #11
"Loathsome as Rudy is, it's still kind of sad to see someone fall so fast and so hard." BumRushDaShow May 21 #15
iil give him $50 moonshinegnomie May 20 #12
I expect it'll come down a lot more. Mawspam2 May 21 #14
When does Lady Ruby move in? Marcuse May 21 #17
I want to live there! BigmanPigman May 21 #19
"I noticed a #5 sports jersey on a wall, who was that..." LudwigPastorius May 21 #21
Joltin'Joe, thanks! BigmanPigman May 22 #23
Yeah, not a bad little hovel. Aussie105 May 21 #22
Just remember folks, as hard as it is to avoid sometimes.... SKKY May 22 #24
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