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18. This is one of my biggest heartburns
Mon May 20, 2024, 11:15 PM
May 20

where *rump is concerned these days. You're right in calling it a government in exile. That's what he's made it. He's no doubt offered terms to countries he likes, providing they help him win back the office, and we have no idea how many times he's sold out our country with stolen Top Secret document copies.

Current congress critters have the right to go on fact finding missions, but I believe even these must be cleared through the office of the White House prior to departure. We've NEVER let just any private citizen represent the United States in a political, governmental format who was not president. And we only have ONE President at a time... and that ain't Trump!

I think he should be thrown in jail for holding these meetings, just my sincere opinion. And do it before he can launch us into World War III!

How the Eff is this criminal allowed to run a FalloutShelter May 20 #1
How does he get away with half the stuff he does? BlueKota May 20 #3
This is one of my biggest heartburns slightlv May 20 #18
Because rules don't apply to him and never really have Bettie May 21 #21
Egg Zach Lee. This has to be illegal. Botany May 21 #23
Absolutely this. FalloutShelter May 21 #24
TSF wants Israel to help him on social media. gab13by13 May 20 #2
My thought, too: Would Israel be working to get Trump elected? ificandream May 20 #4
yes... myohmy2 May 20 #10
Think so!? OrangeJoe May 20 #13
Like Reagan did with Iran LiberalFighter May 20 #8
And Nixon/Kissinger did with North Viet Nam geardaddy May 20 #12
Nixon met with S Vietnam leader, advising him Nixon could give him no_hypocrisy May 21 #20
Trump's Traitors meet Totalitarian dictator. What could go wrong? Martin68 May 20 #5
Well, I guess that there's nothing to worry about! According to 'a person'.... 70sEraVet May 20 #6
Yuk. Lulu KC May 20 #7
This really pisses me off! EndlessWire May 20 #9
Yes it is - it's like Dennis Rodman going to North Korea FakeNoose May 20 #14
I thought we had a law about this...logan act? Resurrect it..... Karadeniz May 20 #11
Technically, it probably doesn't apply Bettie May 21 #22
Wonder WTF the Orange one's promising Bibi. sinkingfeeling May 20 #15
Why are they not being charged with PlutosHeart May 20 #16
Violation of the Logan Act. AZ8theist May 20 #17
So Netanyahu recently refused to allow ministers to meet with actual US officials but meets with Trump's "envoys." Lonestarblue May 21 #19
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