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10. The point is that the Israeli Govt doesn't stop it, & US & other allies don't make them
Mon May 27, 2024, 02:08 AM
May 27

Clearly, if Palestinians anywhere in Israel or the West Bank did anything like this, they would be shot dead immediately -- but these yahoos are allowed to do it b/c they are a part of Netanyahu's base; a bit like Trump and the yahoos at Charlottesville.

This is a crime against humanity, and cd be EASILY stopped -- these folx aren't super brave. Any kind of show of force from the Israeli govt and they wd be at bay. And clearly Biden & others don't even want to put their foot down on this solvable unacceptable situation. The Rafah operation is something the govt of Israel is committed to in principle as urgent (I support the World Court decision & think mass demonstrations/strikes internationally shd be mobilized as at least the beginning of enforcement; the US just totally blew off the World Court's ruling against the Contra War attacking Nicaragua some 35+ years ago and there wasn't even an upsurge of militant activism in response. That mistake shdn't be repeated) But here you have something that even minimal pressure from the US shd be able to almost completely curtail

It's just disgusting -- so much howling about student encampments but crickets about this

settlers? that's propaganda nt msongs May 27 #1
You mean invaders? Land thieves? TeamProg May 27 #2
those and more nt msongs May 27 #3
Terrorism. We need to cut the purse strings. Enough. 58Sunliner May 27 #4
Horrific. No excuse or justification is acceptable for this. TomDaisy May 27 #5
"Groups of settler youth" JoseBalow May 27 #6
Far right youth. This is not normal. It's evil that is learned. TeamProg May 27 #7
Netanyahu and his predecessors are responsible for it tornado34jh May 27 #8
Can we call it what it is now? It's Ethnic cleansing! 100 % Hassin Bin Sober May 27 #9
The point is that the Israeli Govt doesn't stop it, & US & other allies don't make them cloudythescribbler May 27 #10
Hearts and minds not being won. Old Crank May 27 #11
You won't win the minds of Palestinians with far-right settlers doing stuff like this tornado34jh May 27 #12
How about thiefs and murderers, that's the real truth about them. lark May 27 #13
US citizens are also part of the right-wing settler movement that aims to steal all Palestinian lands. Lonestarblue May 27 #14
That's interesting a handful of Jewish-Americans feel entitled to Palestinian land, but misses the point. TeamProg May 27 #15
Ah, yet another Israel- Palestine food fight post SpankMe May 27 #16
How is ar right people stealing food for refugees a "food fight" obamanut2012 May 27 #21
I wasn't referring to the attack on the aid convoys SpankMe May 28 #23
These are pogroms Prairie Gates May 27 #17
They are not helping their cause. LiberalFighter May 27 #18
Not only is it not helping their cause tornado34jh May 27 #19
Israel has no valid excuse for allowing such attacks. They are terrorists, plain and simple. Israel is the only Martin68 May 27 #20
Some elements of Israeli citizenship Aussie105 May 28 #22
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