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There ought to be a law against this ... VMA131Marine Jun 6 #1
John Oliver might be on the right track ColinC Jun 6 #24
Garner his wages. Freeze assets for re-payment to the taxpayer. He is a criminal FCS. Evolve Dammit Jun 6 #2
K&R for exposure Think. Again. Jun 6 #3
This will soon change as Sneederbunk Jun 6 #4
Increase the salary, eliminate the bribery/grift. Freethinker65 Jun 6 #5
$287,000 a year is plenty to live on. Ms. Toad Jun 6 #23
In DC, not really. Based upon experience, education, and "qualifications" Freethinker65 Jun 6 #32
My parents and two siblings live/have lived in the Metro DC area. Ms. Toad Jun 6 #34
The other 8 Justices who got nowhere near Thomas' haul, ought to turn on Thomas. Silent Type Jun 6 #6
Scalia was no choirboy either FakeNoose Jun 6 #7
People need to see... 2naSalit Jun 6 #8
longest Fire Sale ever? you be the judge🧐 bringthePaine Jun 6 #9
Time for ad's that say (pictures included) bluestarone Jun 6 #10
How did this man get to feel so confident and entitled? Baitball Blogger Jun 6 #11
Bought and paid for. Wonder if they got receipts just in case CT doesn't do what they want. brush Jun 6 #12
Thomas cleaned up real good BumRushDaShow Jun 6 #13
That was very nice of the gifters. IronLionZion Jun 6 #14
Truly. The people doling out this largesse also need to be investigated. Isn't bribery... thenelm1 Jun 6 #28
We can't count on the judges to judge themselves IronLionZion Jun 7 #46
Is that the iceberg or the tip? twodogsbarking Jun 6 #15
Impeach Thomas now UpInArms Jun 6 #16
Data analysis? Why Clarence, it's another 'high tech lynching' EarnestPutz Jun 6 #17
So the top 3 are Thomas, Scalia & Alito ... go figure ... aggiesal Jun 6 #18
I have a confession to make. ShazzieB Jun 6 #26
Corrupt Clarence and Slippery Sammy should not be on any court. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 6 #20
Injustice Bundbuster Jun 6 #21
Those Coke cans won't pay for themselves... rubbersole Jun 6 #22
These are the reported gifts the corrupt six have accepted nakocal Jun 6 #25
That must be a big tip jar! surfered Jun 6 #27
The Supreme Court must be held accountable Blue Idaho Jun 6 #29
Those Secret Society Guys sure can pick 'em. czarjak Jun 6 #30
Thomas is a corrupt partisan hack. Martin68 Jun 6 #31
Alito, Scalia and Thomas JustAnotherGen Jun 6 #33
K&R usonian Jun 6 #35
Those were not gifts they were bribes. Thomas is well paid for by the right wing. Botany Jun 6 #36
K & R Stuart G Jun 6 #37
if... myohmy2 Jun 7 #38
Does he have a price sheet? ZonkerHarris Jun 7 #39
Why are any Justices accepting gifts? . . . Journeyman Jun 7 #40
repube grifters area plague on decent Americans BoRaGard Jun 7 #41
"Justice Clarence Thomas has received some 47% of all known gifts given to Supreme Court in the modern era ..." sl8 Jun 7 #42
I could tell he was unfit for office at his hearings, all those years ago. Paladin Jun 7 #43
Impeach Thomas and Alito!! lark Jun 7 #44
Durbin, do your goddamned job Novara Jun 7 #45
So? Our nation is too weak to toss out overt criminals in office, so, so what? Magoo48 Jun 7 #47
IRS how much was reported on his Income taxes. republianmushroom Jun 7 #48
Why would they investigate? Zeitghost Jun 7 #49
Gift over $10,000 dollars are suppose to be reported. I believe. republianmushroom Jun 7 #50
It's currently 18,000 per individual (so $72,000 between two couples) Zeitghost Jun 7 #51
Why the giver and not the recipient ? republianmushroom Jun 7 #52
To prevent estate tax avoidance. Zeitghost Jun 7 #53
Thank you republianmushroom Jun 7 #54
If Justice Thomas is too stupid to understand his filing obligations, he is too stupid to be on the SCOTUS LetMyPeopleVote Jun 7 #55
But sadly he won't face any consequences because the Republicans BlueKota Jun 7 #56
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