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2PM anywhere is usually the hottest part of the day underpants Jun 7 #1
I thought it was 4 PM EYESORE 9001 Jun 7 #3
This time of year... 2naSalit Jun 7 #10
I visited Arizona last year in April EYESORE 9001 Jun 7 #11
I was in Phoenix this last weekend, and the 5 minute walk from my hotel room to the conference was all I could handle. TheRickles Jun 7 #40
Yep. Phoemix is probably the hottest major metro area in the country so holding a rally... brush Jun 7 #29
Not everywhere NanaCat Jun 7 #56
Well it had been my experience underpants Jun 7 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author underpants Jun 7 #2
Yeah, but it was a dry heat. Wait till Trump holds an outdoor rally at The Villages in 100% humidity. sop Jun 7 #4
I've never had the pleasure EYESORE 9001 Jun 7 #12
Other than the fun fact that... Think. Again. Jun 7 #5
Good points and .......yes, there is a code of church/state separation. jaxexpat Jun 7 #26
They really didn't endorse. It's assumed but unless those jimfields33 Jun 7 #31
This rally in Phoenix is literally nothing DENVERPOPS Jun 7 #42
dumbasses... KarenS Jun 7 #6
"They mention Seniors specifically but the event, held at a church was hosted by a Youth Group" BumRushDaShow Jun 7 #18
My opinion on these overheated cultists... FailureToCommunicate Jun 7 #7
What got my attention was that the rally was to be held in a church. Put Trump before God :( patricia92243 Jun 7 #8
IRS tax exemption should be revoked UpInArms Jun 7 #17
Saw that comiing a mile away! 2naSalit Jun 7 #9
Lemmings. Wednesdays Jun 7 #39
Thank you! 2naSalit Jun 7 #47
Those 11 people, they'd do it for him again today if they could n/t tom_kelly Jun 7 #13
I'm reminded of the supporters hospitalized from exposure to the cold when busses were delayed EverHopeful Jun 7 #14
Such ignorance Traildogbob Jun 7 #15
Oh, yeah. not fooled Jun 7 #48
I hear you Traildogbob Jun 7 #49
Ouch--Meadows AND Cawthorn--a twofer of STOOPID not fooled Jun 7 #50
🤜🤛 Traildogbob Jun 7 #52
Methinks the IRS should revoke the tax exemption for this "church" UpInArms Jun 7 #16
So the doors opened four hours before the event started tanyev Jun 7 #19
But the irony here BumRushDaShow Jun 7 #23
Natural selection Zambero Jun 7 #20
Oh Yes! Let us pass out for our savior. chouchou Jun 7 #21
Dumbass is literally hurting his own supporters IronLionZion Jun 7 #22
Please hurt more... Dan Jun 7 #44
One would think that if you wanted to talk to older citizens in a hot climate... chouchou Jun 7 #57
Solar Kool-Aid. nt Gore1FL Jun 7 #24
Where was God and Jesus Dr. T Jun 7 #25
That's why these MAGA seniors move to Arizona and Florida: to become acclimated before going to Hell. sop Jun 7 #27
Now that's true, and funny. Arne Jun 7 #33
MAGAts waiting for trump to speak to them from a burning bush... Bayard Jun 7 #41
Dumpy loves it. Diamond_Dog Jun 7 #28
Reminds me of an old poem about Helen of Troy Midnight Writer Jun 7 #30
Chump is still trying to kill off the last of his voters FakeNoose Jun 7 #32
That gif... isn't a phone at or something form more than a deccade ago? ColinC Jun 7 #35
I couldn't where it originated .. but it has been around for a long time FakeNoose Jun 7 #36
Didn't anybody tell them going to a Trump rally is hazardous to their health? ColinC Jun 7 #34
dumbasses prodigitalson Jun 7 #37
You think maybe some of those hospitalized Wednesdays Jun 7 #38
Climate coming after climate deniers. Meanwhile, Texas has removed protection for field workers on dangerously Martin68 Jun 7 #43
TFG used to use COVID to kill his supporters and now has to rely on the heat LetMyPeopleVote Jun 7 #45
Old people normally know to stay out of leftyladyfrommo Jun 7 #46
Many old people refuse to drink enough water SpankMe Jun 7 #51
TFG keeps stiffing venues and so has to use outdoor faciliites LetMyPeopleVote Jun 7 #53
Enjoy it while you still have Medicare. Turbineguy Jun 7 #54
Darwin awards all around. northern light Jun 7 #55
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