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"It's nothing personal. It's strictly business." no_hypocrisy Jun 8 #1
Or in other words, PatSeg Jun 8 #31
Bingo! FuzzyRabbit Jun 8 #87
Love your name! PatSeg Jun 8 #89
Which is exactly how tRump sounds as well......he loves the mafia.... a kennedy Jun 8 #109
Oh definitely PatSeg Jun 8 #113
Business Roy Rolling Jun 9 #121
Bud Light is weirdly the overwhelming favorite of litterers Easterncedar Jun 8 #2
And who is more likely to litter?.... Think. Again. Jun 8 #8
Before the boycott for sure, but since they no longer drink it, who knows. jimfields33 Jun 8 #10
of course they still drink it... Think. Again. Jun 8 #11
Supposedly he or one dude shot up an entire case of Bud Light.... that he already paid for. 4lbs Jun 8 #63
Yeah, I heard about that, and here's the picture of him drinking it... Think. Again. Jun 8 #79
LOL. Way to stick to your convictions, KR. 4lbs Jun 8 #92
Ha! That figures! Think. Again. Jun 8 #103
You only rent beer anyway ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 9 #116
To be fair, they probably don't remember Easterncedar Jun 8 #28
They only lie, I think it has something to do with "owning libs" or something. Think. Again. Jun 8 #81
Yeah, Situational Relativism does exactly that. StClone Jun 8 #84
I find Bud Lite cans in front of our house PJMcK Jun 8 #17
Drinkin', driving and Bud Light. Easterncedar Jun 8 #26
Probably an F-150 (n/t) PJMcK Jun 8 #33
Right of course! Easterncedar Jun 8 #38
My county is about 65/35 red majority. Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 8 #43
Selling nips in gas stations Easterncedar Jun 8 #71
At .25 cents a can deposit, that adds up! ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 9 #117
I've never understood the impulse to throw cans and bottles out the car window. viva la Jun 8 #69
Good grief, I think we know who are the sensitive ones tornado34jh Jun 8 #3
Kohl's stays out of the political business. Period. Lunabell Jun 8 #4
..I never shopped at Kohls.. thomski64 Jun 8 #27
Not to be confused with Herb Kohl, the former Dem Senator for WI Raven123 Jun 8 #29
Herb Kohl was the president of the Kohl's company in the 1970s. SouthBayDem Jun 8 #88
And that's good business in my mind PatSeg Jun 8 #35
Penzey's proves it can be good business to take a stand Easterncedar Jun 8 #42
I think a company can show their values PatSeg Jun 8 #59
Penzy's is also based out of Milwaukee. I am guessing they aren't sponsoring anything either. 33taw Jun 8 #78
I am reasonably certain that nobody aporoached Bill to sponsor the rnc. niyad Jun 9 #120
What was it they used to say? COL Mustard Jun 8 #61
Yes, apparently PatSeg Jun 8 #76
They are nothing but COL Mustard Jun 8 #77
With the emotional maturity of nine year old children PatSeg Jun 8 #80
And they are a pretty successful business. Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 8 #46
Good for them Rebl2 Jun 8 #60
Extortion keithbvadu2 Jun 8 #5
They only support a store/product when it suits them and no one else tornado34jh Jun 8 #13
Exactly the word that popped into my head. NCDem47 Jun 8 #15
Kohl's is going to have a VERY profitable year. Traurigkeit Jun 8 #34
This is literally the definition of... Think. Again. Jun 8 #6
And MAGA can lose more midwestern voters IronLionZion Jun 8 #7
Kohl's has earned my respect bucolic_frolic Jun 8 #9
I have bought from Kohl's for years BumRushDaShow Jun 8 #12
We don't have much choice. Macys, Sears, BonTon, Gap, Penneys and others closed. twodogsbarking Jun 8 #14
Oh I know BumRushDaShow Jun 8 #21
Used to shop at Boscov's in Harrisburg years ago. Good store. We have 2 Walmarts, Sam's, 2 Targets. twodogsbarking Jun 8 #37
They're still boycotting Target, right? tanyev Jun 8 #16
I bought a closet full of camo. Can't find any of it. marble falls Jun 8 #19
... BumRushDaShow Jun 8 #22
I'm here all week. marble falls Jun 8 #24
Ha! tanyev Jun 8 #23
Please tip your servers. They also park your cars. marble falls Jun 8 #25
Ba dum bum bum! GiqueCee Jun 8 #55
Outstanding!!! COL Mustard Jun 8 #62
I was Navy. The only camo we wore was blue uniforms and white caps. marble falls Jun 8 #64
Navy has camo now too. COL Mustard Jun 8 #67
Only land stationed USN wore it, it was meant to demonstrate the "fighting nature" of sailors on shore duty. marble falls Jun 8 #72
Like those people ever venture outside a Walmart for anything. paleotn Jun 8 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 8 #39
I know. And I've seen some cute non-camo clothes in a Cabela's catalog. tanyev Jun 8 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 8 #90
Screw Cabelas DENVERPOPS Jun 8 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 8 #51
I'll buy from Orvis or LL Bean COL Mustard Jun 8 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 8 #68
Linda Bean, a board member, MAGA donor, and family member recently died. Freethinker65 Jun 8 #111
Then maybe the problem COL Mustard Jun 9 #122
I buy outdoor stuff from REI or REI Outlet. Dulcinea Jun 8 #83
Do you have a copy of that receipt these days? Simeon Salus Jun 8 #106
It may have been pictured DENVERPOPS Jun 9 #119
Looks like an old right wing hoax Simeon Salus Jun 10 #123
MAGAs certainly have the confidence of the ignorant. Haven't shopped Kohls in while, but I will soon ... marble falls Jun 8 #18
Sorry I didn't respond sooner! maspaha Jun 8 #20
they previously went after Dick's Sporting Goods DENVERPOPS Jun 8 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 8 #52
That's extortion and business interference. Baitball Blogger Jun 8 #30
Whatever. Most of those clods haven't been in a Kohls in their lives. paleotn Jun 8 #32
Screw them! Kohls will always have my business. vishnura Jun 8 #44
I know. Went to Kohl's yesterday and couldn't think of what to spend my sinkingfeeling Jun 8 #45
An opportunity to shop in a MAGA-free zone Sucha NastyWoman Jun 8 #47
Ugh moose65 Jun 8 #48
I am suuure it will hurt Kohl's... sheshe2 Jun 8 #49
They explained they aren't political and did the same for the democrats. JohnnyRingo Jun 8 #50
They should demand to speak to the manager. C_U_L8R Jun 8 #53
I usually... myohmy2 Jun 8 #54
Personally, I'd love if every corporation decided it was too risky for business to support either political party CrispyQ Jun 8 #56
The Kohls here have a nice Pride merchandise section. I bought a "Straight Against Hate" shirt there last year. RamblingRose Jun 8 #57
Now I know there won't be any Blue Idaho Jun 8 #58
It's up to "us" to shop at Kohl's LovelyStuff Jun 8 #65
Well I know where I am going to buy my new jeans today!!! Peacetrain Jun 8 #70
Well, I for one will start buying whatever I need from Kohl's!! BComplex Jun 8 #73
I'm so old I can remember those on the Reich were OUTRAGED when businesses were boycotted!! Grins Jun 8 #74
Fantastic way to gain votes! Keep it up GOP! Heh heh heh.. nt TeamProg Jun 8 #82
Republicans better start kacekwl Jun 8 #85
Jesus, what whiny babies MAGA morons are. mwb970 Jun 8 #86
It's nice to know the R's are at this level of rationality... a but below chimps. Model35mech Jun 8 #91
So add extortion swong19104 Jun 8 #93
I wonder what effect it will have? Are there any Kohls located in red neck states? LiberalArkie Jun 8 #94
Kohl's has over 1000 stores NanaCat Jun 8 #99
confirming we do not mahina Jun 8 #112
I like the one in Ft Smith ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 9 #118
Typical MAGAt cancel culture. This is a mob style shakedown of Kohls to get RNC funding. SunSeeker Jun 8 #95
Gee whiz, who could have seen that coming? JoseBalow Jun 8 #96
Fucking morons. MAGAs are never happy with anything. WTF. Initech Jun 8 #97
Funny. It made me look to do some shopping at Kohls! BadgerMom Jun 8 #98
Be my guest Warpy Jun 8 #100
I love that the right wing is getting its collective panties in a knot over this! ShazzieB Jun 8 #101
The republican national party put out a tweet for boycotting Bud Light and quietly deleted it. keithbvadu2 Jun 8 #102
The "Anti-cancel culture" party Bristlecone Jun 8 #104
It will fail. People like Kohl's cash more than tfg. twodogsbarking Jun 8 #105
Im more curious who all decided it would be wise to sponsor that "Event" quakerboy Jun 8 #107
The Cravattarossa Crime Family Strikes! DJ Synikus Makisimus Jun 8 #108
I'm going shopping tomorrow! colorado_ufo Jun 8 #110
We have been shopping Kohls for quite some time now, they have good quality mdse. Jack-o-Lantern Jun 8 #114
Geeeeeez, does this mean that I now have to shop at kohl's, since they niyad Jun 9 #115
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