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50. Yes I suspect that is one of the three motivations I see:
Sat Jun 8, 2024, 12:42 PM
Jun 8

1. All the Conservative lawyers, judges, and political thinkers secretly lend her ideas on how best to stall, disrupt, and derail the case.

2. Dead set on repaying Trump for her underserved judgeship and look the part of the cult.

3. A big one is avoiding the rage of The Trump Cult if she shows any compunction to adhere to precedent, the law, or logic.

I'd be willing to guess that her MO - including the hostile workplace - is because she knows Sibelius Fan Jun 7 #1
Exactly. She's Latin American RW kangaroo justice personified. peppertree Jun 8 #53
Which Supreme Court Justice watches over her area? pwb Jun 7 #2
My thoughts exactly... She is being coached... Inverted flag anyone? nt mitch96 Jun 7 #5
I saw an inverted flag today DaBronx Jun 7 #16
Yes I suspect that is one of the three motivations I see: StClone Jun 8 #50
Thomas oversees her circuit duckworth969 Jun 7 #14
Here is the list for Federal Circuit Courts & which SCOTUS is responsible for that Circuit. aggiesal Jun 7 #23
thanks riversedge Jun 7 #25
Appreciate it. pwb Jun 7 #34
That's why I highlighted it. n/t aggiesal Jun 7 #37
Good stuff. Thanks, aggiesal! calimary Jun 8 #43
. aggiesal Jun 8 #44
Thanks for the list. Now I know a least one person who has been "coaching" the "Loose Cannon" usaf-vet Jun 8 #49
Thomas I think mahina Jun 7 #29
The role of a justice assigned to a particular circuit is very narrow. They don't generally "oversee" the circuit. onenote Jun 7 #33
In some ways, this makes me feel better about her intrepidity Jun 7 #3
I think she has GOPDD. dchill Jun 7 #10
Gives ADHD a bad name DaBronx Jun 7 #17
Jmo, but pretty normal behavior for someone who is Deminpenn Jun 7 #4
Over 1000 complaints about her vapor2 Jun 7 #6
Citing the appearance of an "orchestrated campaign" against Judge Cannon, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals' Chief Judge 24601 Jun 7 #11
Then who DOES have the authority slightlv Jun 7 #12
Congress. rubbersole Jun 7 #22
It wasn't Congress who took her off the last time... who was it? slightlv Jun 7 #26
When was she taken off this or any other case? onenote Jun 7 #32
No, I believe she was taken off one other case, after being dressed down first. slightlv Jun 7 #39
And unless your complaint complies with the rules governing such complaints, it will be dismissed just like the others. onenote Jun 7 #31
This points out yet another gop moral failing BaronChocula Jun 7 #7
Ah, like the 1000s of the complaints against her. Igel Jun 7 #35
Power with no brains behind it is a real MOMFUDSKI Jun 7 #8
Don't know about anyone else, but, joshdawg Jun 7 #9
That photo is creepy AF and reminds me of the Stepford Wives movie. OMGWTF Jun 7 #13
The men have them, too NanaCat Jun 7 #18
I hate that photo! ShazzieB Jun 7 #20
I have 12/13 of my school IDs. Igel Jun 7 #36
Like the felon, I can't even LOOK at a picture of them.. just discusting...nt mitch96 Jun 8 #54
She sounds like the perfect MAGA judge. Martin68 Jun 7 #15
This is what happens to people who are promoted to a position above their level of competence. ShazzieB Jun 7 #19
Are there any other photos of her? The Blue Flower Jun 7 #21
Nope, just that one Blue Owl Jun 8 #47
Sounds like she's a micro-manager as a result of her insecurities and inexperience dlk Jun 7 #24
Here's the full article thesquanderer Jun 7 #27
No,... no,.. I'm just shocked I'll tell you...... magicarpet Jun 7 #28
This does not surprise me. Bias alone wouldn't explain the way she's handled the case. Ocelot II Jun 7 #30
She's a MAGA plant. hadEnuf Jun 7 #38
Just a puppet. republianmushroom Jun 7 #40
Some staff bailed on her. oasis Jun 7 #41
They should be interviewed. JudyM Jun 8 #46
She should be overseeing Blue Idaho Jun 7 #42
I wish you had warned that clicking on the link would display a full screen image of Judge Cannon's face. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jun 8 #45
My friend had a medical emergency last fall Marthe48 Jun 8 #48
Authoritarian cilla4progress Jun 8 #51
"She wants to be the decision-maker of everything," A Christian dominionist no doubt. nt Hotler Jun 8 #52
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