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Moron is backtracking on all of the BS he's said over the years. Too late, idiot. Your words live SWBTATTReg Jun 9 #1
Lest We Forget ... BlueWavePsych Jun 10 #23
Ty. Especially the one at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. I don' know anyone. I went to pay my respects. electric_blue68 Jun 10 #26
Finally! Diaper Donny tells the truth! Yep, he's a psycho alright maspaha Jun 9 #2
And the liar, lying again. republianmushroom Jun 9 #3
Trump is a nazi who wished Hitler had won Mysterian Jun 9 #4
What does Trump hate? bmichaelh Jun 10 #18
and Trump never said "Lock Her Up"...right!!! agingdem Jun 9 #5
If the shit fits, wear it. Mawspam2 Jun 9 #6
He musclecar6 Jun 9 #7
He is right. LisaL Jun 9 #8
A deplorable, psycho felon. oasis Jun 9 #9
I think he did say those derogatory words about those soldiers SleeplessinSoCal Jun 9 #10
Well, i guess he would know...right? 😇 ShazzieB Jun 9 #11
Do they not realize that there are video recordings of them saying exactly what they claim to 4lbs Jun 9 #12
Where is the video of him calling dead vets "suckers and losers"? BlueTsunami2018 Jun 10 #22
From 2020 4lbs Jun 10 #29
Yeah, no actual tape of him saying that. BlueTsunami2018 Jun 10 #30
Are you sure there's video? sl8 Jun 10 #24
Don't know about video, but the Atlantic had an article Sept3, 2020 detailing the comments. niyad Jun 10 #25
He kind of said what they reported Farmer-Rick Jun 10 #13
Yes A Psycho Like Him HandmaidsTaleUntold Jun 10 #14
Pot, meet kettle. cstanleytech Jun 10 #15
"I hope they are watching... they'll see." C Moon Jun 10 #16
Trump said a lot of things when he thought he was Aussie105 Jun 10 #17
Did the "fake news" also record you saying exactly that 4-8 years ago? 4lbs Jun 10 #19
Remember what he said of McCain? Ineedamoment Jun 10 #20
There is no definitive proof he said that. BlueTsunami2018 Jun 10 #21
Admission is the first step of healing. no_hypocrisy Jun 10 #27
Would the convicted felon take the stand in court and swear under oath that he didn't say that? kimbutgar Jun 10 #28
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