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Tue Jun 11, 2024, 11:18 AM Jun 11

Hunter Biden trial live updates: President's son guilty on all charges in federal gun case [View all]

Source: NBC

Hunter Biden Guilty on all 3 counts
Count 1: False Statement (Firearms Sale)
Count 2: False Statement (Transaction Record)
Count 3: aillegal Possession of a Firearm

What to know about Hunter Biden's criminal trial

- Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's only surviving son, was found guilty on all three charges tied to the possession of a gun while using narcotics.

- Two of the counts carry maximum prison sentences of 10 years, while the third has a maximum of five years. Each count also carries a maximum fine of $250,000.

- The list of those who were called to testify last week includes Hallie Biden, the wife of Hunter Biden's late brother, Beau Biden; Gordon Cleveland, the man who sold Hunter Biden the gun at the heart of the case; and Hunter Biden's daughter Naomi Biden. Hunter Biden did not take the stand.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/live-blog/hunter-biden-trial-live-updates-rcna156443

Hunter Biden Guilty on all 3 counts
Count 1: False Statement (Firearms Sale)
Count 2: False Statement (Transaction Record)
Count 3: aillegal Possession of a Firearm

MAGA must be so proud.

Hunter Biden had pleaded guilty on gun charges until MagaNation in Congress started screaming about the plea deal. Which the judge then refused to accept the deal.
Hunter then changed to not guilty, so then they went after him in court.
So this is the result from CongressMaga going after Joe Biden.

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Damn. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 11 #1
I'm really surprised. jimfields33 Jun 11 #3
The evidence was pretty overwhelming MichMan Jun 11 #11
why? quakerboy Jun 11 #72
Because it was a crap case. jimfields33 Jun 11 #75
did he do it? quakerboy Jun 11 #78
I was not on the jury. Can't read their minds. jimfields33 Jun 11 #79
Not surprising republianmushroom Jun 11 #2
NYT is reporting guilty on all 3 counts. Up to 25 years in jail. Lonestarblue Jun 11 #4
2 pundits on MSNBC awhile ago were saying yorkster Jun 11 #6
They said the same on ABC, too. Jail time very unlikely. nt Wednesdays Jun 11 #9
Very sad day - I'm not surprised at the verdict, however Stuckinthebush Jun 11 #7
Federal Courts don't just add up all the incremental maximum penalties. brooklynite Jun 11 #62
How sad. Can we now try all gun owners who have lied on their applications? sinkingfeeling Jun 11 #5
Yes MacDo Jun 11 #13
I want him to get exactly what anyone else would have gotten for the same charges The Mouth Jun 11 #86
Including Don Junior Island Blue Jun 11 #14
NO, that would be violating their 2A rights!!!! groundloop Jun 11 #16
The number who lie on Question F is probably in the millions per year. maxsolomon Jun 11 #22
Yes. LisaM Jun 11 #47
Starting With Don Jr. Deep State Witch Jun 11 #66
Will he be able MsLeopard Jun 11 #8
biden should pardon him after the election moonshinegnomie Jun 11 #10
After he just stated that he wouldn't? MichMan Jun 11 #12
Yes ScratchCat Jun 11 #26
That would have looked just great. wryter2000 Jun 11 #57
Weiss, right? Special Counsel? Who can follow any threads that lead from the original investigation, right? ancianita Jun 11 #60
I feel the same way. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 11 #15
I agree - this case would never have happened if Biden weren't President. walkingman Jun 11 #17
I added a link in my opinion section on why this happened n/t aggiesal Jun 11 #19
Sorry - I don't know what that means? Opinion Section? walkingman Jun 11 #27
The opinion section is an additional area under the quote section for a post in LBN. littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #53
I finally figured it out - your original post. Thanks - forgive my ignorance 😁 walkingman Jun 11 #38
No problem. I didn't know what to call it. But it's the section that the poster is allowed to freelance. n/t aggiesal Jun 11 #41
Sounds like a rehearsal for what trump wants to do calimary Jun 11 #49
What totally stinks is that a trump appointed judge blew up a plea deal that had been agreed to by all sides. groundloop Jun 11 #18
Not pardon him, but.... lastlib Jun 11 #45
He said he wouldn't. I don't think he should make himself a liar. wryter2000 Jun 11 #56
AG Garland has done his job to help the Republicans AllyCat Jun 11 #20
Garland is learning FredGarvin Jun 11 #33
Oh is that what that is? AllyCat Jun 11 #48
BAD BAD BAD day for gun nutters. aeromanKC Jun 11 #21
Welp, since this was a pretty selective prosecution, maxsolomon Jun 11 #24
Well, now there's precedent. aeromanKC Jun 11 #25
Don't hold your breath. maxsolomon Jun 11 #28
Hundreds of thousands of MAGAs guilty of these crimes Mysterian Jun 11 #23
Garland is serious about crime in the US FredGarvin Jun 11 #29
What makes you so certain he will receive jail time? MichMan Jun 11 #32
Garland FredGarvin Jun 11 #35
What role does Garland play in sentencing? CaptainTruth Jun 11 #58
The Garland Bashers have this habit NanaCat Jun 11 #87
Oh brother. hamsterjill Jun 11 #50
Big difference; Nobody votes for Hunter, so he's not paid by our tax $$$'s n/t aggiesal Jun 11 #64
Still a good sound bite for the MAGA crowd. hamsterjill Jun 11 #69
nothing matters to them quakerboy Jun 11 #77
I hope you are right. hamsterjill Jun 11 #80
Me to quakerboy Jun 11 #84
How many people lie on an application Beachnutt Jun 11 #30
Two different men, two different trials, two guilty verdicts 303squadron Jun 11 #31
Hunter Biden actually got help, though... deurbano Jun 11 #37
And has taken responsibility for his actions MustLoveBeagles Jun 11 #65
Having the possibility of 25 years in prison hanging over your head until sentencing duhneece Jun 11 #34
Is this legal to own in the U.S. ? Beachnutt Jun 11 #36
Yes DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 11 #39
Ok, thanks. Beachnutt Jun 11 #40
That's not a gun. That's a fucking gold-dildo obscenity. calimary Jun 11 #51
Statement from President Biden after Hunter's guilty verdict LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #42
If the President's son goes to jail by a Trump appointed judge and Trump gets a slap on the wrist, hadEnuf Jun 11 #43
This reeks to high heaven Hekate Jun 11 #44
Statement from President Biden after Hunter's guilty verdict LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #46
Do we then wait for the appeals to play out before starting a petition for pardon? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #55
President Biden is such a good man. greatauntoftriplets Jun 11 #73
Justice should be blind whether your last name is Biden or Trump IronLionZion Jun 11 #52
The problem is, that he already pleaded guilty to the charges in a plea deal ... aggiesal Jun 11 #74
Can he get probation? wryter2000 Jun 11 #54
Statements from Hunter Biden and his defense attorney. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #59
Good... brooklynite Jun 11 #61
;-( elleng Jun 11 #63
Republican gun grabbers! Emile Jun 11 #67
If they can come for Hunter BIDEN, they can come for Don Jr and YOUR SON, too! nt TeamProg Jun 11 #68
That's right 👍 Emile Jun 11 #81
I feel so claudette Jun 11 #70
SHOCKING that I still don't care JoseBalow Jun 11 #71
How often is this charge prosecuted TexasBushwhacker Jun 11 #76
Garland has fiercely gone after Biden's son liberalmediaaddict Jun 11 #82
Garland is not the reason why this verdict happened NanaCat Jun 11 #88
PJB said he would accept the outcome of the case Sailingdiver Jun 11 #83
Juror #10 just said on MSNBC that he didn't think Hunter should go to jail. SunSeeker Jun 11 #85
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