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Damn. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 11 #1
I'm really surprised. jimfields33 Jun 11 #3
The evidence was pretty overwhelming MichMan Jun 11 #11
why? quakerboy Jun 11 #72
Because it was a crap case. jimfields33 Jun 11 #75
did he do it? quakerboy Jun 11 #78
I was not on the jury. Can't read their minds. jimfields33 Jun 11 #79
Not surprising republianmushroom Jun 11 #2
NYT is reporting guilty on all 3 counts. Up to 25 years in jail. Lonestarblue Jun 11 #4
2 pundits on MSNBC awhile ago were saying yorkster Jun 11 #6
They said the same on ABC, too. Jail time very unlikely. nt Wednesdays Jun 11 #9
Very sad day - I'm not surprised at the verdict, however Stuckinthebush Jun 11 #7
Federal Courts don't just add up all the incremental maximum penalties. brooklynite Jun 11 #62
How sad. Can we now try all gun owners who have lied on their applications? sinkingfeeling Jun 11 #5
Yes MacDo Jun 11 #13
I want him to get exactly what anyone else would have gotten for the same charges The Mouth Jun 11 #86
Including Don Junior Island Blue Jun 11 #14
NO, that would be violating their 2A rights!!!! groundloop Jun 11 #16
The number who lie on Question F is probably in the millions per year. maxsolomon Jun 11 #22
Yes. LisaM Jun 11 #47
Starting With Don Jr. Deep State Witch Jun 11 #66
Will he be able MsLeopard Jun 11 #8
biden should pardon him after the election moonshinegnomie Jun 11 #10
After he just stated that he wouldn't? MichMan Jun 11 #12
Yes ScratchCat Jun 11 #26
That would have looked just great. wryter2000 Jun 11 #57
Weiss, right? Special Counsel? Who can follow any threads that lead from the original investigation, right? ancianita Jun 11 #60
I feel the same way. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 11 #15
I agree - this case would never have happened if Biden weren't President. walkingman Jun 11 #17
I added a link in my opinion section on why this happened n/t aggiesal Jun 11 #19
Sorry - I don't know what that means? Opinion Section? walkingman Jun 11 #27
The opinion section is an additional area under the quote section for a post in LBN. littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #53
I finally figured it out - your original post. Thanks - forgive my ignorance 😁 walkingman Jun 11 #38
No problem. I didn't know what to call it. But it's the section that the poster is allowed to freelance. n/t aggiesal Jun 11 #41
Sounds like a rehearsal for what trump wants to do calimary Jun 11 #49
What totally stinks is that a trump appointed judge blew up a plea deal that had been agreed to by all sides. groundloop Jun 11 #18
Not pardon him, but.... lastlib Jun 11 #45
He said he wouldn't. I don't think he should make himself a liar. wryter2000 Jun 11 #56
AG Garland has done his job to help the Republicans AllyCat Jun 11 #20
Garland is learning FredGarvin Jun 11 #33
Oh is that what that is? AllyCat Jun 11 #48
BAD BAD BAD day for gun nutters. aeromanKC Jun 11 #21
Welp, since this was a pretty selective prosecution, maxsolomon Jun 11 #24
Well, now there's precedent. aeromanKC Jun 11 #25
Don't hold your breath. maxsolomon Jun 11 #28
Hundreds of thousands of MAGAs guilty of these crimes Mysterian Jun 11 #23
Garland is serious about crime in the US FredGarvin Jun 11 #29
What makes you so certain he will receive jail time? MichMan Jun 11 #32
Garland FredGarvin Jun 11 #35
What role does Garland play in sentencing? CaptainTruth Jun 11 #58
The Garland Bashers have this habit NanaCat Jun 11 #87
Oh brother. hamsterjill Jun 11 #50
Big difference; Nobody votes for Hunter, so he's not paid by our tax $$$'s n/t aggiesal Jun 11 #64
Still a good sound bite for the MAGA crowd. hamsterjill Jun 11 #69
nothing matters to them quakerboy Jun 11 #77
I hope you are right. hamsterjill Jun 11 #80
Me to quakerboy Jun 11 #84
How many people lie on an application Beachnutt Jun 11 #30
Two different men, two different trials, two guilty verdicts 303squadron Jun 11 #31
Hunter Biden actually got help, though... deurbano Jun 11 #37
And has taken responsibility for his actions MustLoveBeagles Jun 11 #65
Having the possibility of 25 years in prison hanging over your head until sentencing duhneece Jun 11 #34
Is this legal to own in the U.S. ? Beachnutt Jun 11 #36
Yes DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 11 #39
Ok, thanks. Beachnutt Jun 11 #40
That's not a gun. That's a fucking gold-dildo obscenity. calimary Jun 11 #51
Statement from President Biden after Hunter's guilty verdict LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #42
If the President's son goes to jail by a Trump appointed judge and Trump gets a slap on the wrist, hadEnuf Jun 11 #43
This reeks to high heaven Hekate Jun 11 #44
Statement from President Biden after Hunter's guilty verdict LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #46
Do we then wait for the appeals to play out before starting a petition for pardon? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #55
President Biden is such a good man. greatauntoftriplets Jun 11 #73
Justice should be blind whether your last name is Biden or Trump IronLionZion Jun 11 #52
The problem is, that he already pleaded guilty to the charges in a plea deal ... aggiesal Jun 11 #74
Can he get probation? wryter2000 Jun 11 #54
Statements from Hunter Biden and his defense attorney. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #59
Good... brooklynite Jun 11 #61
;-( elleng Jun 11 #63
Republican gun grabbers! Emile Jun 11 #67
If they can come for Hunter BIDEN, they can come for Don Jr and YOUR SON, too! nt TeamProg Jun 11 #68
That's right 👍 Emile Jun 11 #81
I feel so claudette Jun 11 #70
SHOCKING that I still don't care JoseBalow Jun 11 #71
How often is this charge prosecuted TexasBushwhacker Jun 11 #76
Garland has fiercely gone after Biden's son liberalmediaaddict Jun 11 #82
Garland is not the reason why this verdict happened NanaCat Jun 11 #88
PJB said he would accept the outcome of the case Sailingdiver Jun 11 #83
Juror #10 just said on MSNBC that he didn't think Hunter should go to jail. SunSeeker Jun 11 #85
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