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Response to ButterflyBlood (Original post)

4 billion X 5.878 trillion...boggles the mind doesn't it? n/t Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #1
I thought it would be bigger. olddad56 Jan 2013 #2
LMAO... Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #3
In Texas it IS. FailureToCommunicate Jan 2013 #5
That's what SHE said! KittyWampus Jan 2013 #10
who? your mom olddad56 Jan 2013 #23
My Mom's dead so size doesn't matter to her anymore. KittyWampus Jan 2013 #63
Some people are NEVER satisfied! FiveGoodMen Jan 2013 #11
Bigger even Plucketeer Jan 2013 #18
no, of course not that big. The only thing bigger than that is the failings of Dubya. olddad56 Jan 2013 #22
It's bigger on the inside. tclambert Jan 2013 #56
Sounds like a Congressional budget for WARS. nt valerief Jan 2013 #6
Oh lord...wouldn't the neocons love just love it? Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #7
really, they could really terrorize the world then. olddad56 Jan 2013 #24
They pretty much do that already... Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #40
As Douglas Adams said once.. sir pball Jan 2013 #15
He also said intaglio Jan 2013 #34
Don't incomprehensible and undefined pretty much mean mindboggling? n/t Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #39
Not to me.. sir pball Jan 2013 #66
Thanks for making me feel smaller than I already do..... cliffordu Jan 2013 #4
LOL! We ain't even a grain of sand on the beech anymore. RKP5637 Jan 2013 #51
This kind of sums up our present understanding.... sky imager Jan 2013 #8
Newt Gingrich's ego is bigger dlwickham Jan 2013 #9
But Rush's is bigger than Newt's. olddad56 Jan 2013 #25
Dats a bigga meataball! n/t flamingdem Jan 2013 #12
.... BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #52
If you like that you'll love this. TheMadMonk Jan 2013 #60
you're an Italian immigrant, first generation, BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #61
Thank you, thank you that the smart people are still able to do their incredible work NBachers Jan 2013 #13
How are we ever going to get it into the van??? GliderGuider Jan 2013 #14
compress it, silly olddad56 Jan 2013 #26
That, or fold it in half. Wednesdays Jan 2013 #36
All that endless energy in our universe... sadbear Jan 2013 #16
Ha, I wish. Solar is what, 2% of our energy production? Flatulo Jan 2013 #17
Oil and coal = ancient sunlight sadbear Jan 2013 #42
<Palmslap> LOL, thanks. Missed that. Flatulo Jan 2013 #43
Thank you. I needed my mind boggled a bit. Coyotl Jan 2013 #19
The universe is more bizarre and strange than we can imagine (nt) SteveG Jan 2013 #20
Is the article suggesting Jack Sprat Jan 2013 #21
white light comes out the other side. I fell into one once, I know. olddad56 Jan 2013 #27
It sucks when that happens. Wednesdays Jan 2013 #37
A black hole, according to Jack O'Neill FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #29
I saw this structure once on acid. It looked even bigger than a measley 4 billion light years. olddad56 Jan 2013 #28
How do you get a structure like that to take acid? Wednesdays Jan 2013 #38
I just tossed it in it's big black hole. olddad56 Jan 2013 #45
My mom was a hoarder. Her house was a black hole. Nothing came out of it. Manifestor_of_Light Jan 2013 #30
Strange things happen when black holes orbit each other. That illustration is super cool! tridim Jan 2013 #31
I love astrophysics! blackspade Jan 2013 #32
How far away is it? Loudly Jan 2013 #33
I just wanna know if I should pack a lunch. BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #53
This is somewhere out beyond cool. n/t Permanut Jan 2013 #35
oh yeah, Azathoth, that's nothing new. NuttyFluffers Jan 2013 #41
The marvels of the universe aside... BadgerKid Jan 2013 #44
Cool stuff. CrispyQ Jan 2013 #46
Whoa! THIS is TRIPPY!!!! calimary Jan 2013 #59
I think it makes great background music for when I'm working. CrispyQ Jan 2013 #64
The background music just lends more to the images. calimary Jan 2013 #65
Wow! nm nc4bo Jan 2013 #62
It forces the thought that we cannot be the only life in the universe. It's almost impossible. Gregorian Jan 2013 #47
Yeah, but get over it. We live in the low rent district of the cosmos. Rozlee Jan 2013 #48
But they don't know what they're missing! We have Starbucks! Gregorian Jan 2013 #49
hey how can you assume they're that bad? BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #54
Simple. Republicans are aliens banished from a saner world.... wandy Jan 2013 #55
oh. ....yeah........ BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #58
Spam deleted by Behind the Aegis (MIR Team) jgyjadsgf Jan 2013 #50
It just seemed bigger when I used to go there as a kid. Schema Thing Jan 2013 #57
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