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65. The background music just lends more to the images.
Sun Jan 13, 2013, 02:52 PM
Jan 2013

Lifts them into a kind of eerie, mysterious transcendency. Which is what we're seeing in this animated demonstration.

Magnificent and unsettling. SO MUCH "gee whiz" in there. The News Editor used to use that at the AP in L.A. upon assigning the reporter and photo guy to go cover the Consumer Electronics Show - "...get the 'gee whiz' stuff..."

Shit, sometimes the news biz was really kinda fun!

4 billion X 5.878 trillion...boggles the mind doesn't it? n/t Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #1
I thought it would be bigger. olddad56 Jan 2013 #2
LMAO... Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #3
In Texas it IS. FailureToCommunicate Jan 2013 #5
That's what SHE said! KittyWampus Jan 2013 #10
who? your mom olddad56 Jan 2013 #23
My Mom's dead so size doesn't matter to her anymore. KittyWampus Jan 2013 #63
Some people are NEVER satisfied! FiveGoodMen Jan 2013 #11
Bigger even Plucketeer Jan 2013 #18
no, of course not that big. The only thing bigger than that is the failings of Dubya. olddad56 Jan 2013 #22
It's bigger on the inside. tclambert Jan 2013 #56
Sounds like a Congressional budget for WARS. nt valerief Jan 2013 #6
Oh lord...wouldn't the neocons love just love it? Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #7
really, they could really terrorize the world then. olddad56 Jan 2013 #24
They pretty much do that already... Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #40
As Douglas Adams said once.. sir pball Jan 2013 #15
He also said intaglio Jan 2013 #34
Don't incomprehensible and undefined pretty much mean mindboggling? n/t Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #39
Not to me.. sir pball Jan 2013 #66
Thanks for making me feel smaller than I already do..... cliffordu Jan 2013 #4
LOL! We ain't even a grain of sand on the beech anymore. RKP5637 Jan 2013 #51
This kind of sums up our present understanding.... sky imager Jan 2013 #8
Newt Gingrich's ego is bigger dlwickham Jan 2013 #9
But Rush's is bigger than Newt's. olddad56 Jan 2013 #25
Dats a bigga meataball! n/t flamingdem Jan 2013 #12
.... BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #52
If you like that you'll love this. TheMadMonk Jan 2013 #60
you're an Italian immigrant, first generation, BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #61
Thank you, thank you that the smart people are still able to do their incredible work NBachers Jan 2013 #13
How are we ever going to get it into the van??? GliderGuider Jan 2013 #14
compress it, silly olddad56 Jan 2013 #26
That, or fold it in half. Wednesdays Jan 2013 #36
All that endless energy in our universe... sadbear Jan 2013 #16
Ha, I wish. Solar is what, 2% of our energy production? Flatulo Jan 2013 #17
Oil and coal = ancient sunlight sadbear Jan 2013 #42
<Palmslap> LOL, thanks. Missed that. Flatulo Jan 2013 #43
Thank you. I needed my mind boggled a bit. Coyotl Jan 2013 #19
The universe is more bizarre and strange than we can imagine (nt) SteveG Jan 2013 #20
Is the article suggesting Jack Sprat Jan 2013 #21
white light comes out the other side. I fell into one once, I know. olddad56 Jan 2013 #27
It sucks when that happens. Wednesdays Jan 2013 #37
A black hole, according to Jack O'Neill FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #29
I saw this structure once on acid. It looked even bigger than a measley 4 billion light years. olddad56 Jan 2013 #28
How do you get a structure like that to take acid? Wednesdays Jan 2013 #38
I just tossed it in it's big black hole. olddad56 Jan 2013 #45
My mom was a hoarder. Her house was a black hole. Nothing came out of it. Manifestor_of_Light Jan 2013 #30
Strange things happen when black holes orbit each other. That illustration is super cool! tridim Jan 2013 #31
I love astrophysics! blackspade Jan 2013 #32
How far away is it? Loudly Jan 2013 #33
I just wanna know if I should pack a lunch. BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #53
This is somewhere out beyond cool. n/t Permanut Jan 2013 #35
oh yeah, Azathoth, that's nothing new. NuttyFluffers Jan 2013 #41
The marvels of the universe aside... BadgerKid Jan 2013 #44
Cool stuff. CrispyQ Jan 2013 #46
Whoa! THIS is TRIPPY!!!! calimary Jan 2013 #59
I think it makes great background music for when I'm working. CrispyQ Jan 2013 #64
The background music just lends more to the images. calimary Jan 2013 #65
Wow! nm nc4bo Jan 2013 #62
It forces the thought that we cannot be the only life in the universe. It's almost impossible. Gregorian Jan 2013 #47
Yeah, but get over it. We live in the low rent district of the cosmos. Rozlee Jan 2013 #48
But they don't know what they're missing! We have Starbucks! Gregorian Jan 2013 #49
hey how can you assume they're that bad? BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #54
Simple. Republicans are aliens banished from a saner world.... wandy Jan 2013 #55
oh. ....yeah........ BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #58
Spam deleted by Behind the Aegis (MIR Team) jgyjadsgf Jan 2013 #50
It just seemed bigger when I used to go there as a kid. Schema Thing Jan 2013 #57
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