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16. What about this?
Fri Mar 22, 2013, 08:54 PM
Mar 2013

Executive Order 11423 of August 16, 1968


&quot b) With respect to applications received pursuant to subsection (a)(i) above, the Secretary of State shall request the views of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Transportation, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Director of the Office of Emergency Planning. \1\ (FOOTNOTE) With respect to applications received pursuant to subsection (a)(ii) above, the Secretary of State shall request the views of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Interior. With respect to applications received pursuant to subsection (a)(iii) or (iv) above, the Secretary of State shall request the views of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Transportation.


(f) The Secretary of State shall issue or deny the permit in accordance with his proposed determination unless, within fifteen days after notification pursuant to subsection (d) or (e) above, an official required to be consulted under subsection (b) above shall notify the Secretary of State that he disagrees with the Secretary's proposed determination and requests the Secretary to refer the application to the President. In the event of such a request, the Secretary of State shall refer the application, together with statements of the views of the several officials involved, to the President for his consideration and final decision.

Sec. 3. The authority of the Secretary of State hereunder is supplemental to, and does not supersede, existing authorities or delegations relating to importation, exportation, transmission, or transportation to or from a foreign country. All permits heretofore issued with respect to matters described in Section 1 of this order, and in force at the time of issuance of this order, and all permits issued hereunder, shall remain in effect in accordance with their terms unless and until modified, amended, suspended, or revoked by the President or, upon compliance with the procedures provided for in this order, by the Secretary of State."

Food for thought.


OF COURSE AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #1
Well.... defacto7 Mar 2013 #2
I hear you, Delphinus Mar 2013 #41
Curse the blue dogs! Indyfan53 Mar 2013 #3
There are no words theaocp Mar 2013 #4
Post removed Post removed Mar 2013 #5
dumbest idea ever, and I'm not talking about the pipeline RILib Mar 2013 #12
Post removed Post removed Mar 2013 #20
Great... welcome to DU, bombthrower... Cooley Hurd Mar 2013 #21
Right, it's time once again to bend over... primavera Mar 2013 #26
What's your counter proposal? demwing Mar 2013 #29
This one's a toughie for me primavera Mar 2013 #33
as far as the environment is concerned, the senate isn't concerned. They have caved. olddad56 Mar 2013 #6
You could say its consistent with the 100 year trend: bhikkhu Mar 2013 #24
Straw man michigandem58 Mar 2013 #25
Time is not on our side demwing Mar 2013 #31
+1,000,000 - n/t primavera Mar 2013 #34
Pisser this will fix everything olddots Mar 2013 #7
List of 17 Democrat oil whores who are human rat turds limpyhobbler Mar 2013 #8
No surprise about Landrieu, at least primavera Mar 2013 #9
I knew that fucking asshole Warner would be on the list. Never voting for him again. forestpath Mar 2013 #13
I was afraid to look. limpyhobbler Mar 2013 #14
Mark Warner can never be counted on to vote like a real Democrat...he is a corporate forestpath Mar 2013 #17
Sixty-two US Senators vote to fuck, that is fuck, the environment and the people solely for indepat Mar 2013 #10
Do you know who the 17 Dems were... ReRe Mar 2013 #11
"Senators Supporting KXL Took Nearly $31 Million From Fossil Fuel Industry Before Vote" limpyhobbler Mar 2013 #15
So, two million per vote daleo Mar 2013 #49
What about this? Samantha Mar 2013 #16
Feb 2012: Bill Clinton says it's time to build the Keystone XL pipeline blm Mar 2013 #28
Yes, I am familiar with these items but when push comes to shove Samantha Mar 2013 #35
The difference is that people think it is still in progress. It isn't. HRC completed that deal blm Mar 2013 #40
I've never heard this. Delphinus Mar 2013 #42
Bill who? (n/t) Samantha Mar 2013 #36
Oct 2010: Clinton "inclined" to approve Keystone XL blm Mar 2013 #30
Well, there was another report that said she left it on her desk for Kerry to address Samantha Mar 2013 #37
Kerry took Sec of State knowing this deal was done years ago. He accepted it blm Mar 2013 #39
Nov2010: Environmental groups want Hillary Clinton's recusal from pipeline review blm Mar 2013 #32
I think if the XL pipeline goes through, disndat Mar 2013 #38
Surprise, surprise, surprise. City Lights Mar 2013 #18
Good thing democrats control the senate. awoke_in_2003 Mar 2013 #19
I am glad that my two senators from NY did not vote for this. hrmjustin Mar 2013 #22
It was the former senator from NY who set up the Keystone deal every step of the way. blm Mar 2013 #27
This Sucks... humbled_opinion Mar 2013 #23
Another step toward a fascist corporate state. Conium Mar 2013 #43
Sad day locks Mar 2013 #44
Good. If the pipeline is not built, the oil will be transported by sea, Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #45
keystone pipeline is stupid, and environmentally dangerous markiv Mar 2013 #46
good gawd, did some of those fucks forget what ticket they ran on? lonestarnot Mar 2013 #47
Nope - they were all on the Corporate Party ticket. Nihil Mar 2013 #51
Harry Reid gives a gift to the GOP Enrique Mar 2013 #48
Whatever did anyone expect? DeSwiss Mar 2013 #50
Good thing we can count on Obama to veto anything like this. woo me with science Mar 2013 #52
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