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25. Yes indeed, don't give those poor people money as they don't know how to use it properly
Fri Nov 22, 2013, 08:41 PM
Nov 2013

While you're at it don't give them a vote as they won't vote the 'right way'...stop being so paternalistic and realise dem folks can do without our superior help!!!

Viva Maduro! nt Dreamer Tatum Nov 2013 #1
It's incredibly stupid Bradical79 Nov 2013 #47
I wish we had free press in the US MyNameGoesHere Nov 2013 #2
"Free" doesn't equal "Unbiased" brooklynite Nov 2013 #22
Free from influence maybe is a better way to MyNameGoesHere Nov 2013 #23
Here, we see the probable future of the United States. Laelth Nov 2013 #3
Coups can be prevented through security intelligence Jkid Nov 2013 #6
Wasn't there a Republican politician that was talking about a coup just the other day? Ash_F Nov 2013 #10
Win or lose , they will make you suffer!!! Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #34
Hopefully Bradical79 Nov 2013 #48
I have to admit, after reading the headline, my first thought was... Javaman Nov 2013 #4
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2013 #5
Pretty short news story Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #7
I did find a couple other stories, but they pretty much say the same thing 7962 Nov 2013 #8
I just refuse to judge him and his running of his country as an outsider not knowing all Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #9
Great way to crash the economy. Nt hack89 Nov 2013 #11
May I ask why Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #12
Factories are not going to magically appear out of nowhere hack89 Nov 2013 #13
Hmmm I admittedly don't know as much as I'd like about Venezula Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #15
Be careful those facts are dangerous things!!!!!! Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #27
Lol facts might not make one popular but they make one correct Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #32
Good to see a simple statement that pretty much sums it up. 7962 Nov 2013 #20
Successful trolls often stay indefinitely. Judi Lynn Nov 2013 #21
So he's a troll because "he" has an opinion that differs from yours? 7962 Nov 2013 #31
Since you haven't been here very long, I'll excuse your ignorance U4ikLefty Nov 2013 #35
Actually, I see your point 7962 Nov 2013 #39
True, I think they have taken over many foreign businesses in the last few years davidpdx Nov 2013 #33
No, it will create product shortages. Which are already happening due to price controls. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #14
My understanding was that the government owned much of the manufacturing and industry in general Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #16
The issue isn't the oil industry/extraction, it's everything else. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #17
Wow 70% that's a ridiculous amount for a nation to import for food Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #18
They do have a debt/GDP ratio half that of the US and have trading surpluses Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #28
They are the 5th highest oil producing country. It should be much better than that. stevenleser Nov 2013 #44
As long as the oil price stays up they'll manage to get by, Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #50
Not sure about that as their oil production continues to drop precipitously stevenleser Nov 2013 #52
What oil company christx30 Nov 2013 #54
How much food does Saudi Arabia import? U4ikLefty Nov 2013 #36
Yeah, I'm not sure the food import metric is an important one. nt stevenleser Nov 2013 #45
I believe around 80%. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #49
"How much food does Saudi Arabia import?" EX500rider Nov 2013 #58
We may not see that in this case because of VZ's oil resources. stevenleser Nov 2013 #37
When you spend more than you make hack89 Nov 2013 #40
Kinda crazy seeing yet another article on the "special powers." Judi Lynn Nov 2013 #19
It is the stupid things he is doing with those powers that interest me hack89 Nov 2013 #24
Yes indeed, don't give those poor people money as they don't know how to use it properly Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #25
I don't think you understand what is happening in VZ hack89 Nov 2013 #30
You don't get it, do you? Ranchemp. Nov 2013 #41
I think things are about to get real ugly Zorro Nov 2013 #26
Think about what Obama could accomplish. mwrguy Nov 2013 #29
Closest we've got to is the line item veto. joshcryer Nov 2013 #38
No. Ranchemp. Nov 2013 #42
Our problems are not that our Executive branch is lacking in power. nt stevenleser Nov 2013 #43
Hell no. Bradical79 Nov 2013 #46
Think what Bush could have done with such powers. nt hack89 Nov 2013 #51
Hmmmm. Makes you wonder. Judi Lynn Nov 2013 #56
I'll take the checks and balances, thank you. nt msanthrope Nov 2013 #53
In Venezuela, they seem to be using this power to crash the economy. hughee99 Nov 2013 #55
Yeah, he could push through TPP. JackRiddler Nov 2013 #57
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