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Judi Lynn

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56. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder.
Sat Nov 23, 2013, 07:26 PM
Nov 2013

Obama Rolls Back Unconstitutional George W. Bush Signing Statement Policy
By Robert Schlesinger

The New York Times' Charlie Savage (whose Takeover remains the seminal work on the Bush administration's imperial presidency) reports:

Calling into question the legitimacy of all the signing statements that former President George W. Bush used to challenge new laws, President Obama on Monday ordered executive officials to consult with Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. before relying on any of them to bypass a statute.

Mr. Bush frequently used signing statements to declare that provisions in the bills he was signing were unconstitutional constraints on executive power, claiming that the laws did not need to be enforced or obeyed as written. The laws he challenged included a torture ban and requirements that Congress be given detailed reports about how the Justice Department was using the counter-terrorism powers in the USA Patriot Act.

Dating back to the 19th century, presidents have occasionally signed a bill while declaring that one or more provisions were unconstitutional. Presidents began doing so more frequently starting with the Reagan administration. But Mr. Bush broke all records, using signing statements to challenge about 1,200 bill sections over his eight years in office—about twice the number challenged by all previous presidents combined, according to data compiled by Christopher Kelley, a political science professor at Miami University in Ohio.

Just process that for a second. Over eight years, Bush signed bills into law and then unilaterally proclaimed that some of the laws he had just enacted didn't count. That's crazy. And dangerous.

Viva Maduro! nt Dreamer Tatum Nov 2013 #1
It's incredibly stupid Bradical79 Nov 2013 #47
I wish we had free press in the US MyNameGoesHere Nov 2013 #2
"Free" doesn't equal "Unbiased" brooklynite Nov 2013 #22
Free from influence maybe is a better way to MyNameGoesHere Nov 2013 #23
Here, we see the probable future of the United States. Laelth Nov 2013 #3
Coups can be prevented through security intelligence Jkid Nov 2013 #6
Wasn't there a Republican politician that was talking about a coup just the other day? Ash_F Nov 2013 #10
Win or lose , they will make you suffer!!! Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #34
Hopefully Bradical79 Nov 2013 #48
I have to admit, after reading the headline, my first thought was... Javaman Nov 2013 #4
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2013 #5
Pretty short news story Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #7
I did find a couple other stories, but they pretty much say the same thing 7962 Nov 2013 #8
I just refuse to judge him and his running of his country as an outsider not knowing all Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #9
Great way to crash the economy. Nt hack89 Nov 2013 #11
May I ask why Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #12
Factories are not going to magically appear out of nowhere hack89 Nov 2013 #13
Hmmm I admittedly don't know as much as I'd like about Venezula Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #15
Be careful those facts are dangerous things!!!!!! Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #27
Lol facts might not make one popular but they make one correct Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #32
Good to see a simple statement that pretty much sums it up. 7962 Nov 2013 #20
Successful trolls often stay indefinitely. Judi Lynn Nov 2013 #21
So he's a troll because "he" has an opinion that differs from yours? 7962 Nov 2013 #31
Since you haven't been here very long, I'll excuse your ignorance U4ikLefty Nov 2013 #35
Actually, I see your point 7962 Nov 2013 #39
True, I think they have taken over many foreign businesses in the last few years davidpdx Nov 2013 #33
No, it will create product shortages. Which are already happening due to price controls. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #14
My understanding was that the government owned much of the manufacturing and industry in general Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #16
The issue isn't the oil industry/extraction, it's everything else. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #17
Wow 70% that's a ridiculous amount for a nation to import for food Arcanetrance Nov 2013 #18
They do have a debt/GDP ratio half that of the US and have trading surpluses Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #28
They are the 5th highest oil producing country. It should be much better than that. stevenleser Nov 2013 #44
As long as the oil price stays up they'll manage to get by, Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #50
Not sure about that as their oil production continues to drop precipitously stevenleser Nov 2013 #52
What oil company christx30 Nov 2013 #54
How much food does Saudi Arabia import? U4ikLefty Nov 2013 #36
Yeah, I'm not sure the food import metric is an important one. nt stevenleser Nov 2013 #45
I believe around 80%. geek tragedy Nov 2013 #49
"How much food does Saudi Arabia import?" EX500rider Nov 2013 #58
We may not see that in this case because of VZ's oil resources. stevenleser Nov 2013 #37
When you spend more than you make hack89 Nov 2013 #40
Kinda crazy seeing yet another article on the "special powers." Judi Lynn Nov 2013 #19
It is the stupid things he is doing with those powers that interest me hack89 Nov 2013 #24
Yes indeed, don't give those poor people money as they don't know how to use it properly Theyletmeeatcake2 Nov 2013 #25
I don't think you understand what is happening in VZ hack89 Nov 2013 #30
You don't get it, do you? Ranchemp. Nov 2013 #41
I think things are about to get real ugly Zorro Nov 2013 #26
Think about what Obama could accomplish. mwrguy Nov 2013 #29
Closest we've got to is the line item veto. joshcryer Nov 2013 #38
No. Ranchemp. Nov 2013 #42
Our problems are not that our Executive branch is lacking in power. nt stevenleser Nov 2013 #43
Hell no. Bradical79 Nov 2013 #46
Think what Bush could have done with such powers. nt hack89 Nov 2013 #51
Hmmmm. Makes you wonder. Judi Lynn Nov 2013 #56
I'll take the checks and balances, thank you. nt msanthrope Nov 2013 #53
In Venezuela, they seem to be using this power to crash the economy. hughee99 Nov 2013 #55
Yeah, he could push through TPP. JackRiddler Nov 2013 #57
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