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stand your movie ground uhnope Jan 2014 #1
I mean it isn't funny but I couldn't help but LOL... jimlup Jan 2014 #2
Shooting is wrong... awoke_in_2003 Jan 2014 #9
The movie hadn't started secondvariety Jan 2014 #20
Well, if he is white, an ex-cop Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #25
is that the rule. being an asshole is okay until the movie starts? olddad56 Jan 2014 #41
The world secondvariety Jan 2014 #49
I've run into plenty of a$$holes ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #68
i'm guessing that you're cool with the outcome if that's your takeaway frylock Jan 2014 #57
If the movie hadn't started yet, passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #60
The previews ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #66
Yeah, I know you are being sarcastic passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #72
So true ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #74
Another pro-murder post DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #67
paranoid gun humpers want their weapons with them at all times Skittles Jan 2014 #15
Or something might sulphurdunn Jan 2014 #19
Wonder what was in the background of the shooter? Mental/anger management issues? Dustlawyer Jan 2014 #3
retired Tampa police officer. nt kelly1mm Jan 2014 #34
I guess he had at least one other incident with texters Quixote1818 Jan 2014 #111
A guy carrying a gun legally. MH1 Jan 2014 #116
While it is unfortunate that someone died, OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #4
Along the same line, TheCowsCameHome Jan 2014 #7
Yup. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #10
Maybe.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #38
Right. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #42
Don't take it too personal, because I'm probably the only one that has no idea A Simple Game Jan 2014 #44
I'm not the one who used this murder as an opportunity to rant.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #48
Someone annoyed a person with a gun and was shot. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #52
Not be a prick? ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #82
You're the one trying to mitigate this murder. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #69
Oh, bullshit. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #75
Yes, I happen to have a HUGE problem with cold blooded murder. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #76
Next time you get cut off, give someone the bird. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #78
I've given the finger several times while driving without issue NoGOPZone Jan 2014 #83
His daughter was 3 years old. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #90
Put me on ignore. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #91
I chose to remember the banality of evil that exists even here. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #92
Keep feigning that outrage. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #93
Keep getting off to people being murdered in front of their families DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #99
Do you get a piece rate for your straw man arguments? OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #101
NEENER NEENER LEAVE IT NuclearDem Jan 2014 #96
Civil discourse is dead. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #97
No it's not. ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #124
I have a problem with it.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #80
I do have a problem with it. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #84
Nice reply warrant46 Jan 2014 #87
Do what, text? ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #113
More victim blaming..... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #114
He chose to argue OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #115
I bet you're one of those people who doesn't have the courage to argue with someody tabasco Jan 2014 #117
That seems to be the gist.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #121
She chose to wear a short skirt ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #120
Yet obxhead Jan 2014 #53
they just haven't made an app for that yet! passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #61
Or better ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #71
Somebody can't alert for 24 hours. Sissyk Jan 2014 #43
The result of advocacy becoming zealotry. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #46
Maybe the babysitter had texted him with a question. MH1 Jan 2014 #118
Only two points to make here Proud Public Servant Jan 2014 #5
PPS, you're speaking my language. :) bigworld Jan 2014 #13
It sucks when something like this happens and you're forced mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #36
Delete this fucking filth. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #73
I'm with you on this one. MH1 Jan 2014 #119
I smell a "Stand your Ground" defense! atreides1 Jan 2014 #6
There would need to be important details missing ManiacJoe Jan 2014 #31
So do I. It happened in Florida and the ex-cop was threatened by popcorn. sinkingfeeling Jan 2014 #104
I feel like this thread just got infiltrated with puke and feces. MyNameGoesHere Jan 2014 #8
Yes, texters should be shot in the head. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #14
Or those who dismiss the fatal shooting itself, and instead focus a petulant ire on texting... LanternWaste Jan 2014 #23
Someone got shot; it must be a day that ends with "y." OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #32
I suppose I'd rationalize it as such too LanternWaste Jan 2014 #37
Yawn. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #39
"...and then accuse others of hyperbole..." OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #85
Thanks for saying this. I got the same impression the gun trolls are dancing all valerief Jan 2014 #17
It's everywhere. Wait Wut Jan 2014 #22
The thread looks fine to me: freshwest Jan 2014 #51
Disgusting. Dawson Leery Jan 2014 #77
Florida LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #11
All these bullets flying around Florida constantly Blue_Tires Jan 2014 #56
I can just see the NRA response R Merm Jan 2014 #12
High Ground bpj62 Jan 2014 #16
See my post #47 below. I think eventually businesses are going to suffer because of customers' tblue37 Jan 2014 #50
+1000 sinkingfeeling Jan 2014 #105
Oh Florida, you give and give and I never get you anything. nt TeamPooka Jan 2014 #18
The Second Amendment absolutist billh58 Jan 2014 #21
He was a law abiding gun owner until he shot and killed that man and wounded the man's wife Kaleva Jan 2014 #24
Texting Triggers Movie Theater Shooting by Retired Cop jsr Jan 2014 #26
I read that they've already charged him with 2nd degree homicide. Kaleva Jan 2014 #29
The only way to stop a bad guy with a smartphone is ... oh never mind.... <nt> oioioi Jan 2014 #64
Stand Your Ground blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #27
The price gun fanciers require us to pay so they can carry their gunz everywhere. Hoyt Jan 2014 #28
another law abiding piece of shit , JI7 Jan 2014 #30
Texting Is Not A Constitutional Right SoCalMusicLover Jan 2014 #33
I see that the NRA's solution to the Colorado movie theater shooting... Blanks Jan 2014 #35
people still go to movie theaters? olddad56 Jan 2014 #40
I probably would have said something to the texter, and then gone to mgmt. tofuandbeer Jan 2014 #45
I am beginning to think that eventually businesses that depend on customers tblue37 Jan 2014 #47
that is one of the reasons I have no desire to go to a movie theater, but there are others.... olddad56 Jan 2014 #63
You're Not Supposed To Carry Firearms Into Most Businesses (Thankfully) Bigredhunk Jan 2014 #54
If I'm not mistaken, in states with concealed carry laws godevil10 Jan 2014 #108
In most states, those signs carry no legal weight. ManiacJoe Jan 2014 #112
Oh, this guy had to protect himself alright. MH1 Jan 2014 #122
I saw it on CNN ut oh Jan 2014 #55
People are pretty much doing that in this thread..... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #81
- Bigredhunk Jan 2014 #58
Ha! I remember the Alamo movie theater ad: alp227 Jan 2014 #59
You pretty much summed up my thinking, as well. hamsterjill Jan 2014 #86
You need to edit your post OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #94
Why are people so stressed out today? passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #62
You would think a Police Captain Turbineguy Jan 2014 #65
He set up the tactical response unit exboyfil Jan 2014 #102
Oh, how wonderful. christx30 Jan 2014 #70
Watch that fucker try to use a SYG defense gopiscrap Jan 2014 #79
Guns are the best conflict resolution devices. nt onehandle Jan 2014 #88
Oh Florida Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #89
Here we go again... go west young man Jan 2014 #95
+100. Thank you so much, Gun Culture. Paladin Jan 2014 #98
Wait, did you say that the texter had some responsibility in this? OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #100
Wrong again DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #110
These days even grocery shopping can be dangerous. You might bump the wrong person with your appleannie1 Jan 2014 #103
You and I are on the same page. Because of there is no place safe anymore sinkingfeeling Jan 2014 #106
Terrible tragedy gwheezie Jan 2014 #107
That is sickening. Xyzse Jan 2014 #109
Experiment hollowdweller Jan 2014 #123
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