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76. Yes, I happen to have a HUGE problem with cold blooded murder.
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 10:40 PM
Jan 2014

If bootlicking gun thugs is your thing, go for it. But your advice is less than useless to me. Keep it to yourself while you celebrate the slaughter.

stand your movie ground uhnope Jan 2014 #1
I mean it isn't funny but I couldn't help but LOL... jimlup Jan 2014 #2
Shooting is wrong... awoke_in_2003 Jan 2014 #9
The movie hadn't started secondvariety Jan 2014 #20
Well, if he is white, an ex-cop Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #25
is that the rule. being an asshole is okay until the movie starts? olddad56 Jan 2014 #41
The world secondvariety Jan 2014 #49
I've run into plenty of a$$holes ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #68
i'm guessing that you're cool with the outcome if that's your takeaway frylock Jan 2014 #57
If the movie hadn't started yet, passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #60
The previews ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #66
Yeah, I know you are being sarcastic passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #72
So true ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #74
Another pro-murder post DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #67
paranoid gun humpers want their weapons with them at all times Skittles Jan 2014 #15
Or something might sulphurdunn Jan 2014 #19
Wonder what was in the background of the shooter? Mental/anger management issues? Dustlawyer Jan 2014 #3
retired Tampa police officer. nt kelly1mm Jan 2014 #34
I guess he had at least one other incident with texters Quixote1818 Jan 2014 #111
A guy carrying a gun legally. MH1 Jan 2014 #116
While it is unfortunate that someone died, OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #4
Along the same line, TheCowsCameHome Jan 2014 #7
Yup. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #10
Maybe.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #38
Right. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #42
Don't take it too personal, because I'm probably the only one that has no idea A Simple Game Jan 2014 #44
I'm not the one who used this murder as an opportunity to rant.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #48
Someone annoyed a person with a gun and was shot. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #52
Not be a prick? ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #82
You're the one trying to mitigate this murder. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #69
Oh, bullshit. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #75
Yes, I happen to have a HUGE problem with cold blooded murder. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #76
Next time you get cut off, give someone the bird. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #78
I've given the finger several times while driving without issue NoGOPZone Jan 2014 #83
His daughter was 3 years old. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #90
Put me on ignore. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #91
I chose to remember the banality of evil that exists even here. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #92
Keep feigning that outrage. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #93
Keep getting off to people being murdered in front of their families DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #99
Do you get a piece rate for your straw man arguments? OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #101
NEENER NEENER LEAVE IT NuclearDem Jan 2014 #96
Civil discourse is dead. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #97
No it's not. ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #124
I have a problem with it.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #80
I do have a problem with it. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #84
Nice reply warrant46 Jan 2014 #87
Do what, text? ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #113
More victim blaming..... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #114
He chose to argue OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #115
I bet you're one of those people who doesn't have the courage to argue with someody tabasco Jan 2014 #117
That seems to be the gist.... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #121
She chose to wear a short skirt ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #120
Yet obxhead Jan 2014 #53
they just haven't made an app for that yet! passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #61
Or better ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #71
Somebody can't alert for 24 hours. Sissyk Jan 2014 #43
The result of advocacy becoming zealotry. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #46
Maybe the babysitter had texted him with a question. MH1 Jan 2014 #118
Only two points to make here Proud Public Servant Jan 2014 #5
PPS, you're speaking my language. :) bigworld Jan 2014 #13
It sucks when something like this happens and you're forced mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #36
Delete this fucking filth. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #73
I'm with you on this one. MH1 Jan 2014 #119
I smell a "Stand your Ground" defense! atreides1 Jan 2014 #6
There would need to be important details missing ManiacJoe Jan 2014 #31
So do I. It happened in Florida and the ex-cop was threatened by popcorn. sinkingfeeling Jan 2014 #104
I feel like this thread just got infiltrated with puke and feces. MyNameGoesHere Jan 2014 #8
Yes, texters should be shot in the head. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #14
Or those who dismiss the fatal shooting itself, and instead focus a petulant ire on texting... LanternWaste Jan 2014 #23
Someone got shot; it must be a day that ends with "y." OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #32
I suppose I'd rationalize it as such too LanternWaste Jan 2014 #37
Yawn. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #39
"...and then accuse others of hyperbole..." OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #85
Thanks for saying this. I got the same impression the gun trolls are dancing all valerief Jan 2014 #17
It's everywhere. Wait Wut Jan 2014 #22
The thread looks fine to me: freshwest Jan 2014 #51
Disgusting. Dawson Leery Jan 2014 #77
Florida LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #11
All these bullets flying around Florida constantly Blue_Tires Jan 2014 #56
I can just see the NRA response R Merm Jan 2014 #12
High Ground bpj62 Jan 2014 #16
See my post #47 below. I think eventually businesses are going to suffer because of customers' tblue37 Jan 2014 #50
+1000 sinkingfeeling Jan 2014 #105
Oh Florida, you give and give and I never get you anything. nt TeamPooka Jan 2014 #18
The Second Amendment absolutist billh58 Jan 2014 #21
He was a law abiding gun owner until he shot and killed that man and wounded the man's wife Kaleva Jan 2014 #24
Texting Triggers Movie Theater Shooting by Retired Cop jsr Jan 2014 #26
I read that they've already charged him with 2nd degree homicide. Kaleva Jan 2014 #29
The only way to stop a bad guy with a smartphone is ... oh never mind.... <nt> oioioi Jan 2014 #64
Stand Your Ground blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #27
The price gun fanciers require us to pay so they can carry their gunz everywhere. Hoyt Jan 2014 #28
another law abiding piece of shit , JI7 Jan 2014 #30
Texting Is Not A Constitutional Right SoCalMusicLover Jan 2014 #33
I see that the NRA's solution to the Colorado movie theater shooting... Blanks Jan 2014 #35
people still go to movie theaters? olddad56 Jan 2014 #40
I probably would have said something to the texter, and then gone to mgmt. tofuandbeer Jan 2014 #45
I am beginning to think that eventually businesses that depend on customers tblue37 Jan 2014 #47
that is one of the reasons I have no desire to go to a movie theater, but there are others.... olddad56 Jan 2014 #63
You're Not Supposed To Carry Firearms Into Most Businesses (Thankfully) Bigredhunk Jan 2014 #54
If I'm not mistaken, in states with concealed carry laws godevil10 Jan 2014 #108
In most states, those signs carry no legal weight. ManiacJoe Jan 2014 #112
Oh, this guy had to protect himself alright. MH1 Jan 2014 #122
I saw it on CNN ut oh Jan 2014 #55
People are pretty much doing that in this thread..... ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #81
- Bigredhunk Jan 2014 #58
Ha! I remember the Alamo movie theater ad: alp227 Jan 2014 #59
You pretty much summed up my thinking, as well. hamsterjill Jan 2014 #86
You need to edit your post OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #94
Why are people so stressed out today? passiveporcupine Jan 2014 #62
You would think a Police Captain Turbineguy Jan 2014 #65
He set up the tactical response unit exboyfil Jan 2014 #102
Oh, how wonderful. christx30 Jan 2014 #70
Watch that fucker try to use a SYG defense gopiscrap Jan 2014 #79
Guns are the best conflict resolution devices. nt onehandle Jan 2014 #88
Oh Florida Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #89
Here we go again... go west young man Jan 2014 #95
+100. Thank you so much, Gun Culture. Paladin Jan 2014 #98
Wait, did you say that the texter had some responsibility in this? OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #100
Wrong again DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #110
These days even grocery shopping can be dangerous. You might bump the wrong person with your appleannie1 Jan 2014 #103
You and I are on the same page. Because of there is no place safe anymore sinkingfeeling Jan 2014 #106
Terrible tragedy gwheezie Jan 2014 #107
That is sickening. Xyzse Jan 2014 #109
Experiment hollowdweller Jan 2014 #123
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