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25. If they wanted to steal a 777 there are dozens of easier ways.
Sat Mar 15, 2014, 08:35 PM
Mar 2014

And NONE of the evidence shows anything that couldn't be done by a damaged plane with 230 something dead people on board controlled by a malfunctioning and damaged electrical system, or by someone who survived a horrific decompression which incapacitated and then killed nearly everyone within seconds. And if there was damage, it may have continued as the plane went into the freezing air above 40K feet (where anyone who wasn't dead may have been killed) and then plunged to below 20,000 feet into warmer air and things thawed, moved around.

It is possible that a person or two could have been left alive, figured out how to move around in a nearly zero O2 atmosphere with an O2 bottle (although those are mostly fixed, but maybe they got to one in the attendant's area (or maybe that got loose and one blew up and started this) and got to the controls and tried to do something, with no radio, before it flew into the Indian Ocean somewhere.

Either of those possibilities are stronger than pirates.

Logically pirates, unless one is Peter Pan, are not the greatest threat. There are many more crashes related to malfunction than there are hijackings.

A 777 burned up on the runway after loading all it's passengers in FL, because the flight crew's oxygen was loose and started a fire. At an airport, with perfect weather, people right on top of it, a captain that emptied a fire extenguisher directly on the fire, and a massive, fast, and well-funded fire department on the scene in seconds. It destroyed the airplane and part of the airport, though everyone got out safely.

At 35000 feet that same accident puts everyone to sleep that didn't get O2 within 10 seconds, and death follows. There is no place to go.

Besides, there are still things we are learning about aircraft, including the new KC135 that arrived in Kyrgyzstan last year (from the base in my city). The first day it flew out of the airport and fell to the ground in flames within minutes. EVERYONE thought a ground rocket took it out, but the airplane was simply the first of that model to exhibit "Dutch Roll" like had been seen in the previous model, and it shook itself apart, a wing came off in the descent, and it blew up. They thought it had been designed out.

It could have been as simple as the oxy canisters that caused a fire in a jet years ago, supposed to have been shipped empty. Weren't.

It's not the first one that hasn't been found, either. There is a list of planes that have disappeared over that area, never been seen again. I am going to guess none of those were taken down by pirates. They found one a few years ago that had been lost for 50 years.

If was a pirate, trying to terrorize people by duplicating David Copperfield's vanishing airplane act makes it seem like they need to get retrained on how one encourages terror.

Even Malaysia, while banging down the "suicidal" captain and co-pilots doors are telling people it was probably taken over. Then why look for evidence that the captain downed it.

Not a big issue, perhaps, but the Indian Navy has a dozen ships out, and are using heat-seeking technology because Malaysia thinks Captain Hook grabbed the airplane and anyone is alive. If they are all dead and the plane is cold, which is far more likely, the search needs to be for visible stuff underwater and on land using scopes and radio sound gear and boots on the ground. That won't happen if they are wasting time searching for hostages. There are only so many resources out there.

People who don't know what happened often just make shit up, dragging up their worst fears, and bypassing the easiest, most common, and most likely possibilities for the dramatic and less likely.

Plus, there is still a lot of infighting and mistrust which has no place in this, and China said as much in their editorial.

One should note that the officials that are pushing this piracy idea are also the people that invited the Shaman to the airport to divine the location, He sat 3 guys on the floor. Had one pretend to be rowing a boat, the other pretend to be bailing it out, and the third held two coconuts in the air, (to keep them dry?).

Their officials seem to be strongly affected by symbolism and myth, and may not be the best people to be running this search. Which is why the U.S. is sending it's own ships under it's own direction to do what it deems necessary, perhaps.

I'm agnostic on the piracy issue. Perfectly willing to look at evidence of such and evaluate it, but what I am hearing is people weaving fantastic stories to fit evidence, not looking at the basics of what the evidence shows. And so far I haven't seen anything that a broken plane couldn't have done.

Can't they just use "find my i-phone"? OffWithTheirHeads Mar 2014 #1
"It's 2016, and this is Nightline. Tonight we speak with the survivors of a plane that was pirated jtuck004 Mar 2014 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #5
A four hour circle wouldn't be much smaller than the USA Fumesucker Mar 2014 #7
I know. Huge. And they shouldn't stop looking for other clues, but everyone in jtuck004 Mar 2014 #10
Hypothesis not theory. (I realize it was the headline and not you.) n/t Gore1FL Mar 2014 #3
That's a lot of corpses to deal with if you just want a plane. Barack_America Mar 2014 #4
The only reason I can think of sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #6
Could they come up with a more complicated plan? They have money, probably some of it ours, jtuck004 Mar 2014 #11
Thanks. I feel more confident sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #12
I hate to say people are wrong, because things do happen, but on the list of jtuck004 Mar 2014 #13
Of course, sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #19
That would be the way. I would go one step further - I would steal one empty of people jtuck004 Mar 2014 #22
It would be hard not to have sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #24
If they wanted to steal a 777 there are dozens of easier ways. jtuck004 Mar 2014 #25
Well, your argument sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #26
I'm open to other evidence anytime. <G> There is a place for imagination jtuck004 Mar 2014 #27
I am fine with the "accident" theory till I get to the part about multiple course changes.. EX500rider Mar 2014 #30
You are correct. All the theories have holes. And the more complex, the more holes. jtuck004 Mar 2014 #31
I'm with you on that. The idea of some terrorist group hijacking and taking a plane to some penultimate Mar 2014 #14
I don't think pirates are impossible or not worth at least considering. I just think the more jtuck004 Mar 2014 #16
What possible group would claim responsibility? seveneyes Mar 2014 #28
Beats me. sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #29
A little dark humor: Vietnam CraigsList Ad ManiacJoe Mar 2014 #8
Clever... and dark. nt JudyM Mar 2014 #9
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The guys with stolen passports were from? sarcasmo Mar 2014 #20
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