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31. You are correct. All the theories have holes. And the more complex, the more holes.
Sun Mar 16, 2014, 03:38 PM
Mar 2014

Which is why I don't like to jump for the more complex without some data to back it up, and that just isn't there. Part of the problem is the quality of the info. First the reports had it coming in a turning here, going up there, now turning here and going out there...

The other is that there are likely people involved in this with motivations other than finding the plane, rescue if possible, and gathering the facts. There are dozens of agendas apparently at work here, so darn near any information is suspect.

I think both of those pilots were very good, and in an extreme emergency they might have first turned the ship to head back for the airport (easiest to aim for without any more thinking), and then died or been incapacitated.

So now you have a 777 with 200+ mostly dead or dying people on board flying through the sky, throttles still engaged, maybe autopilot on, maybe on an functioning improperly, maybe a pilots body flopped over on the controls as it defrosted and the plane veered, maybe the autopilot tried to kick something on - but as along as the plane has got thrust, it's going to try to just keep going till it runs out of fuel or some adjustment on a wing or something causes it to fall. And it literally could fly all over the sky, depending on what's going on with controls, wiring, bodies, all sorts of things.

It popped up to over 40,000 feet, (most pilots would know that is out of design specs and not go there, (but perhaps there was a fire or explosion, things broke, people are dying, grabbing for things as they lose coherence, bodies falling over, lots of possibilities here) then took a steep dive down, then back up to 20ish thousand. The planes are actually built to kind of keep going in flight with those thrusters, and that up or down could easily be the plane's autopilot (or some other control) trying to get it back to what it thinks is level. And with the differing stories, those "turns" may not look much more gradual than they are letting on.

I'm open to the possibility of more sinister deeds, but I also know there are people in important positions who wake up every day looking for pirates, seeing them behind every door, ready to do battle:

who are often oblivious to the impact their imagination has on their judgment. Sometime pirates really are make-believe.

I can't see a single shred of factual evidence that the plane operated outside the more-or-less likely behaviors that we could expect from a broken machine that just lost all human control, or maybe that of a single person or two who got into a cockpit and managed to move the sticks a little, but with no radio couldn't figure it out.

I am open to new info, however

Can't they just use "find my i-phone"? OffWithTheirHeads Mar 2014 #1
"It's 2016, and this is Nightline. Tonight we speak with the survivors of a plane that was pirated jtuck004 Mar 2014 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #5
A four hour circle wouldn't be much smaller than the USA Fumesucker Mar 2014 #7
I know. Huge. And they shouldn't stop looking for other clues, but everyone in jtuck004 Mar 2014 #10
Hypothesis not theory. (I realize it was the headline and not you.) n/t Gore1FL Mar 2014 #3
That's a lot of corpses to deal with if you just want a plane. Barack_America Mar 2014 #4
The only reason I can think of sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #6
Could they come up with a more complicated plan? They have money, probably some of it ours, jtuck004 Mar 2014 #11
Thanks. I feel more confident sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #12
I hate to say people are wrong, because things do happen, but on the list of jtuck004 Mar 2014 #13
Of course, sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #19
That would be the way. I would go one step further - I would steal one empty of people jtuck004 Mar 2014 #22
It would be hard not to have sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #24
If they wanted to steal a 777 there are dozens of easier ways. jtuck004 Mar 2014 #25
Well, your argument sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #26
I'm open to other evidence anytime. <G> There is a place for imagination jtuck004 Mar 2014 #27
I am fine with the "accident" theory till I get to the part about multiple course changes.. EX500rider Mar 2014 #30
You are correct. All the theories have holes. And the more complex, the more holes. jtuck004 Mar 2014 #31
I'm with you on that. The idea of some terrorist group hijacking and taking a plane to some penultimate Mar 2014 #14
I don't think pirates are impossible or not worth at least considering. I just think the more jtuck004 Mar 2014 #16
What possible group would claim responsibility? seveneyes Mar 2014 #28
Beats me. sulphurdunn Mar 2014 #29
A little dark humor: Vietnam CraigsList Ad ManiacJoe Mar 2014 #8
Clever... and dark. nt JudyM Mar 2014 #9
heheheh lol penultimate Mar 2014 #15
While a lot of people may not find that funny Reter Mar 2014 #17
I'M pretty sure this dark humor may not be to far from the truth. sarcasmo Mar 2014 #21
Nice, but wrong country. jsr Mar 2014 #23
The turn PATRICK Mar 2014 #18
The guys with stolen passports were from? sarcasmo Mar 2014 #20
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