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49. Worst Spy Ever, indeed! Ends up in Russia because ooops.. and tries to blame it on the US..
Fri May 30, 2014, 12:42 AM
May 2014

tries to cover his ass from Russia with some flimsy story about trying to go through the proper channels with no proof. He's got his thousands of docs "proof" on all this other shit but nothing to back up another one of his "spy" stories.

Another gem from Bob Cesca..

The 13 Most Bizarre Things from Edward Snowden’s NBC News Interview


Last night, while watching Brian Williams’ interview with Ed Snowden, I actually agreed with Glenn Greenwald about something. Back in 2012, Greenwald referred to Williams as “NBC News’ top hagiographer,” using “his reverent, soothing, self-important baritone” to deliver information in its “purest, most propagandistic, and most subservient form.”

It’s worth noting at the outset that Greenwald flew all the way to Moscow specifically for the NBC News interview, and he appeared on camera with Snowden and Williams, answering questions from this so-called “hagiographer.”


1) Snowden claimed he has “no relationship” with the Russian government and that he’s “not supported” by it.

2) “Sometimes to do the right thing you have to break a law.”

4) Early on, Snowden said, “I’m not a spy.” Later he famously confessed to being “trained as a spy.” Huh?


12) “People have unfairly demonized the NSA to a point that is too extreme.” Why is Snowden an apologist for the surveillance state? Drooling! Vast!


"Ultimately, Snowden is his own worst enemy and his ongoing ability to say crazy things in a calm, collected voice continues. What’s abundantly clear at this point is that no one will ever land an interview with Snowden who will be as adversarial against the former NSA contractor as Greenwald has been in his own reporting in defense of Snowden. It’ll never happen."


NSA Releases Email Snowden Sent Before Leaks [View all] struggle4progress May 2014 OP
3-2-1..... grasswire May 2014 #1
But you were the 1st to get here. Oh, did you get this month's issue yet? I know you're a HUGE fan. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #9
Wow billhicks76 May 2014 #26
yeah I think the contracting out has gotten way out of hand. grasswire May 2014 #38
Here'$ what a real whi$tleblower think$ of thi$ $orted me$$! Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #40
Sibel Is Awesome billhicks76 May 2014 #46
Yeah, but did you hear what Sibel had to say about GG's devotees? Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #50
I prefer to ficus on Russ Tice billhicks76 May 2014 #65
"Ficus"? Are we delving into plant life now? Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #82
There is sure t'be a pot o'gold at the far end, if we just follow along as the wee man told us t'do! struggle4progress May 2014 #11
The email exchange doesn't "help" Snowden. It makes him look like a bit of a liar. MADem May 2014 #24
"Snowden's Odd Email to the NSA Deepens the Mystery".. sorry, I keep finding Cha May 2014 #27
If there are no emails from Snowden to his bosses about these overreaches, the question HAS to be MADem May 2014 #54
Maybe he has his emails billhicks76 May 2014 #28
Data collection is the issue for me, NSA is a large part of the issue of data collection Leme May 2014 #36
Yes!!!!! billhicks76 May 2014 #41
I am concerned with more than just the NSA giving data to the DEA Leme May 2014 #80
He did not prove any "crimes" treestar May 2014 #91
ahhhh... Leme May 2014 #93
Snowden is the one who stole documents and gave them to GG and LP. MADem May 2014 #51
I am not stating innocence or guilt of Snowden Leme May 2014 #89
I'll Worry About NSA not Snowden billhicks76 May 2014 #34
Snowden has MADE the story about Snowden, by his actions, by his insistence that he MADem May 2014 #39
Wrong billhicks76 May 2014 #43
No, you are conflating. And you're confusing, as well. MADem May 2014 #55
I'm Aware billhicks76 May 2014 #67
I'll wager that's a very small, by request only, use of their time. nt MADem May 2014 #70
I'll Bet The Farm billhicks76 May 2014 #73
Well, I don't know what to tell you....think what you'd like... MADem May 2014 #75
I was not aware that the NSA gives such info to DEA Leme May 2014 #42
Attorneys Have Suspected a For Years billhicks76 May 2014 #66
Not About Snowden billhicks76 May 2014 #45
No--it is about Snowden. He took those documents and he ran with them. MADem May 2014 #48
Respectfully Disagree billhicks76 May 2014 #64
You're convoluting federal agencies. NSA doesn't have an army, they collect signals. MADem May 2014 #68
Excuse Me billhicks76 May 2014 #74
Again, the trend is moving away from all that... MADem May 2014 #76
there goes the whistleblower defense, legally anyways geek tragedy May 2014 #2
It seems a bit thin as evidence of raising issues through channels struggle4progress May 2014 #3
doesn't even come close. maybe there's more, the NSA aren't geek tragedy May 2014 #4
If by "thin as evidence of..." gcomeau May 2014 #5
+1 Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #8
So thin as to be non existent. Cha May 2014 #21
He's not "complaining" or "whistleblowing." He's asking specific questions about the contents of a MADem May 2014 #31
I wouldn't trust my NSA bosses billhicks76 May 2014 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author MADem May 2014 #59
He's insisting there are more emails. He needs to produce them. The onus is on him. MADem May 2014 #59
You're Repeating Yourself billhicks76 May 2014 #71
WOW!!! Talk about a stutter!!! My screen stuck for a moment--but that's freaky! MADem May 2014 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author MADem May 2014 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author MADem May 2014 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author MADem May 2014 #59
Irrelevant billhicks76 May 2014 #37
is this the only email? n/t yodermon May 2014 #6
Well since the NSA has spent months saying they didn't have ANY emails, and now it turns ou they do riderinthestorm May 2014 #10
Wouldn't a super secret double naught spy keep copies? I mean he stole a million documents. Really? Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #14
"Snowden's Odd Email to the NSA Deepens the Mystery" Cha May 2014 #29
Are you starting to believe he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer? Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #35
Worst Spy Ever, indeed! Ends up in Russia because ooops.. and tries to blame it on the US.. Cha May 2014 #49
The Insider is reporting that the interview was held only feet away from Putin's office. Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #52
Really?! and, he "has no relations with Russia"?! Did you see that he said he couldn't Cha May 2014 #53
I'm catching up today. I didn't watch those smarmy bastards. Can't stand to look... Tarheel_Dem May 2014 #56
I mean from Bob Cesca's article.. he watched it Cha May 2014 #57
How did he manage to get a front-and-center video appearance on the "Ask the Pootster" show? MADem May 2014 #88
It is dumb he blames the US for revoking his passport treestar May 2014 #92
I know he's a liar. nm Cha May 2014 #94
It's wise to be cautious about David Corn. grasswire May 2014 #58
Yeah right.. and don't be cautious about Edward Snowden.. got it. Cha May 2014 #69
Which "certain progressives?" I think David Corn would find this hilarious! nt MADem May 2014 #81
I'm sure that Dave has known about this for fifteen years or so. grasswire May 2014 #83
After the beat-down he gave Ted Shackley back in the nineties, I can't see the CIA cozying up to MADem May 2014 #84
Oh? Really? struggle4progress May 2014 #87
update from your link Leme May 2014 #72
Yeah, the Liar speaks.. BFD. Cha May 2014 #86
Where did the NSA say that? joshcryer May 2014 #18
This Thread Sucks billhicks76 May 2014 #30
This is a "form submission" email. MADem May 2014 #44
NBC has requested the other emails through FOIA. nt grasswire May 2014 #13
Not necessarily: Hissyspit May 2014 #78
There had to have been more than this. Benton D Struckcheon May 2014 #7
NBC has requested his prior emails to NSA general counsel... grasswire May 2014 #12
This email has little to nothing to do with the issue. DCBob May 2014 #15
Yesterday, many people were insisting it proved Snowden had raised concerns struggle4progress May 2014 #16
The timing of this email doesnt help Snowjobs case. DCBob May 2014 #17
That view, of course, is reinforced by the fact that Snowden has said he sought his last BAH job struggle4progress May 2014 #19
And that there if proved might lead to conspiracy charges.... Historic NY May 2014 #20
Exactly, DCBob.. Tweet from David Corn.. Cha May 2014 #22
Exactly billhicks76 May 2014 #32
This is a email about his training class. Where are all the contacts Snowden said he had over whist Sunlei May 2014 #23
You wouldn't want to lose those. moondust May 2014 #25
Red Herring billhicks76 May 2014 #47
NSA, Snowden clash over 2013 internal email release Hissyspit May 2014 #79
" . . . sent months after . . . " Major Hogwash May 2014 #85
Doesn't seem related to whistleblowing at all treestar May 2014 #90
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