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81. And there we have the pro-Israel attitude in a nutshell ...
Thu Aug 14, 2014, 07:59 AM
Aug 2014

> "I don't view it as one"

(where "one" refers to "an atrocity" in the post to which he/she was replying)

Innocent children being maimed & killed?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

Innocent women being maimed & killed?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

Innocent men being maimed & killed?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

War-crimes every day?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

A world full of pain & misery?
"I don't view it as an atrocity."

No wonder that events are judged in terms of their theoretical monetary potential.
No-one with that attitude actually gives a shit about the human impact.

No wonder that exceptionalism is so widespread.
No-one with that attitude understands (much less tolerates) "difference".

No wonder that hypocrisy & hatred prosper around the globe.
No-one with that atttitude cares about anything except their own little bubble that
starts with "Me first" and ends with "Maximising profit at all external costs".

The underlying attitude is "Huh, *I* don't view it as a problem."


Israel needs to end the illegal siege of Gaza. 4now Aug 2014 #1
The blockade of Gaza is a legal defense against Hamas' aggression. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #2
It's always enlightening when people choose to blame the victim Orrex Aug 2014 #3
Who just broke the cease fire - again? Fozzledick Aug 2014 #5
Was the launch an act of formal Hamas policy? Orrex Aug 2014 #6
Hamas is responsible for all attacks from the territory they claim to control. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #12
And Israel is responsible for the deaths of 1500+ Palestinians Orrex Aug 2014 #17
The reason Hamas has not killed 1500 Israeli citizens is not for lack of trying. former9thward Aug 2014 #30
And what was their intent Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #42
They don't get to murder 1500+ people, I can tell you that much Orrex Aug 2014 #47
So you reward failure Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #58
I imagine that you're surprised by sparkly objects and funny noises Orrex Aug 2014 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2014 #66
I'll slow it down for you Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #77
Wait so... liberalsaresilly Aug 2014 #46
I do not defend strawmen Orrex Aug 2014 #50
Oh good, because I didn't use a strawmen (sic) argument.... liberalsaresilly Aug 2014 #54
Are they? Was Israel responsible for Baruch Goldstein? Spider Jerusalem Aug 2014 #65
Hamas IS the government of Gaza leftynyc Aug 2014 #22
Of course, Israel based their current murderous campaign on false pretenses Orrex Aug 2014 #26
Defending hamas? leftynyc Aug 2014 #29
Its called.. Rhinodawg Aug 2014 #56
Post removed Post removed Aug 2014 #62
Hamas merely has to allow all goods entering into Gaza to be inspected for weapons hack89 Aug 2014 #9
What concessions would Israel make? Orrex Aug 2014 #11
I think lifting the blockade should be enough hack89 Aug 2014 #15
Ending the blockade would be a good start. Orrex Aug 2014 #18
Only with a rigorous inspection regime. hack89 Aug 2014 #20
"A rigorous inspection regime" is a continuation of the blockade Orrex Aug 2014 #21
If they are self-governing then rocket attacks on Israel are an act of war hack89 Aug 2014 #32
Israel's occupation of Gaza would likewise be an act of war Orrex Aug 2014 #49
They withdrew from Gaza eight years ago - there is no occupation of Gaza. Nt hack89 Aug 2014 #53
Siege, then. Orrex Aug 2014 #64
In response to suicide bombers and rocket attacks hack89 Aug 2014 #78
Why should they end the blockade Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #43
How many "innocent people" were killed via the tunnels? Orrex Aug 2014 #45
Seriously Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #59
You made a definitive claim, so I'm asking you to back it up. Orrex Aug 2014 #63
You're funny Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #76
There are no Jews in Gaza.. RRumpole Aug 2014 #16
Those "victims" just violated leftynyc Aug 2014 #19
I know that Israel has killed far more Palestinians than Hamas has killed Orrex Aug 2014 #23
Since when does the body count leftynyc Aug 2014 #25
You're kidding, right? Orrex Aug 2014 #28
Don't EVER accuse me leftynyc Aug 2014 #72
and other Muslims Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #44
Is the US assisting in the murder of Syrian civilians? Orrex Aug 2014 #48
Or perhaps Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #57
And yet you *don't* condemn an atrocity is when Israel is in fact committing it. Orrex Aug 2014 #60
I don't view it as one Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #75
And there we have the pro-Israel attitude in a nutshell ... Nihil Aug 2014 #81
What would you do Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #82
Sheeesh Rhinodawg Aug 2014 #83
BS movonne Aug 2014 #4
stunningly incisive and thoughtful COLGATE4 Aug 2014 #7
When one sees bullshit, one only needs to call out the bullshit. U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #67
You're so right Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #41
Yeah, they need to just sit there and get killed by Hamas rockets shenmue Aug 2014 #51
Hamas doesn't play fair at all yeoman6987 Aug 2014 #52
Define "Illegal" liberalsaresilly Aug 2014 #55
Israel has broken the cease fire twice when it decided to take some pot shots at fisherman azurnoir Aug 2014 #8
Enforcing the defensive blockade with warning shots is not a violation of the cease fire. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #10
Israel broke the cease fire by shooting at Palestinian fishing boats period azurnoir Aug 2014 #14
And your answer to this? leftynyc Aug 2014 #24
a quote from 2012? really? I Googled the complete quote and here is what I got azurnoir Aug 2014 #27
How is that different from leftynyc Aug 2014 #31
That appears to be what you posted word for word n/t azurnoir Aug 2014 #33
Actually clicked the wrong link - this is from today leftynyc Aug 2014 #34
the same folks that claimed Mohammed Abu Khdeir was an honor killing and Arabs had been arrested for azurnoir Aug 2014 #36
Hamas broke ANOTHER ceasefire leftynyc Aug 2014 #70
Israel and Hamas currently have a 5 day cease fire I'm sure you'll agree that's good news azurnoir Aug 2014 #74
Here is the actual Reuters story the link you posted is loosely based on azurnoir Aug 2014 #37
So hamas killed the child and two others leftynyc Aug 2014 #71
That's not what Reuters says at all in fact Reuters seems to say it may have been Egyptian Islamists azurnoir Aug 2014 #73
They are at war with each other. Ceasefires don't mean a thing. It's all out war, like WW2. freshwest Aug 2014 #40
Gaza has suffered too much--and for too long--for this to end without achieving something. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #13
Yes lets side with the only people who celebrated 9/11 in the streets. 7962 Aug 2014 #35
Like the Israelis who celebrated the Gazan's "9/11" from the mountaintops while drinking wine. U4ikLefty Aug 2014 #68
Yeah, thats EXACTLY the same. Jeeze. Dont recall anyone in the WTC attacking anyone. 7962 Aug 2014 #79
My autistic son does christx30 Aug 2014 #69
Brilliant statement. + 10000! Your last sentence says it all. nt 7962 Aug 2014 #80
Oh dear riverwalker Aug 2014 #38
Many large explosions now riverwalker Aug 2014 #39
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