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17. Oh thank you, proverbialwisdom! I'm on Kauai.. and this is
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 06:49 AM
Aug 2014

the first time I've heard that our law that was passed by our People has been overturned by an Judge for the GMO co.

KauaiK "REMINDER: ALL the law said was (1) they have to disclose WHAT they are spraying; (2) give notice WHEN they spray; and (3) cannot spray near people, residences, businesses, schools, etc."

"This issue is far from over," said Gary Hooser, a Kauai council member who co-introduced the bill. "One opinion from one federal magistrate does not settle the issue."

Mr. Hooser said he supported appealing the ruling, although the full Kauai county council must make such a decision. The bill passed in November after council members overrode a veto by the island's mayor.

"By denying Kauai's law, the judge undermined efforts to create more transparency and more protections for farmers, workers and families from hazardous pesticides," said Paul Towers, spokesman for the Pesticide Action Network, which supported Kauai County in the case. Mr. Towers said the group still was reviewing the order and would "explore all available options" to defend Kauai.

Fuck the residents. Rich people far away need to get richer. valerief Aug 2014 #1
That's the basis of the judgement. Nihil Aug 2014 #18
But vast amounts of herbicides and GMO's are good for people and good for the environment. pnwmom Aug 2014 #2
many apologists here will insist on the same thing villager Aug 2014 #7
Corporate rule over local control: it's the American way. (nt) enough Aug 2014 #3
Hawaii has a law against the importation of invasive species. Downwinder Aug 2014 #4
I remember a TV show where they had people uprooting plants rocktivity Aug 2014 #8
^^This!^^ BrotherIvan Aug 2014 #20
state level corporate prostitutes are paid more than local level ones nt msongs Aug 2014 #5
"The measure had broad support on the island" PatSeg Aug 2014 #6
wow... SoapBox Aug 2014 #9
Oh Fuck...they appeal to Federal Court to bypass state courts! KauaiK Aug 2014 #10
Oh, KauaiK.. this is the first I've heard of this.. right now! :( Oh, it's so Cha Aug 2014 #16
We're not a... ReRe Aug 2014 #11
This is soooooo wrong. glinda Aug 2014 #12
Yet more reasons to keep corporatist Hillary Clinton the hell away from the White House. woo me with science Aug 2014 #13
More. proverbialwisdom Aug 2014 #14
Oh thank you, proverbialwisdom! I'm on Kauai.. and this is Cha Aug 2014 #17
GMO debate has evolved to a Geo-political level... Natural Citizen Aug 2014 #15
Democracy is so 1800's. harun Aug 2014 #19
KIck Cha Aug 2014 #21
Siding with GMO Giants, Federal Judge Rejects Kauai Anti-GMO Law Judi Lynn Aug 2014 #22
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