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7. I wish I did in RL but there aren't very many
Fri Aug 29, 2014, 11:26 PM
Aug 2014

beautiful Black people around where I live(although, I do light up whenever I see Clarence!). I did back in the day in Denver but since then I've lived in areas where there's a lot of Latino population.. and now Hawaiians, Filipinos, Haoles(what the Hawaiians call White People).. and Latinos(amazing amount of Mexican Food restaurants in our small beach town).

Whites and Blacks sure do have each other as friends in shows and movies.. and I think it's great to see that! We're just people.. no better or worse than anyone else because we have different skin color.


I have a mix but I'm mixed. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #1
It's hard for people to make friends if there is racial tension in the larger society. candelista Aug 2014 #2
That includes me. I ain't got any black friends. Hoppy Aug 2014 #3
Join your local NAACP branch, become a member duhneece Aug 2014 #29
I don't have any black friends, and I am ballyhoo Aug 2014 #4
I guess I'm lucky to have lots of friends, many of whom are brown, black, white,"red", disabled... FailureToCommunicate Aug 2014 #5
You are lucky, FailureToCommunicate. Cha Aug 2014 #8
I don't believe that. In my 840high Aug 2014 #6
I wish I did in RL but there aren't very many Cha Aug 2014 #7
Great picture. The amazing thing about it littlemissmartypants Aug 2014 #20
I don't find this to be all that revealing. Behind the Aegis Aug 2014 #9
I work in East L.A. ripcord Aug 2014 #10
There was one black kid in my neighborhood for one year when I was growing up. truthisfreedom Aug 2014 #11
So what? 4dsc Aug 2014 #12
I'm white 90% of my friends are not gwheezie Aug 2014 #13
I don't have any friends. OnlinePoker Aug 2014 #14
Do you want friends?nt gwheezie Aug 2014 #15
I'll be your friend. littlemissmartypants Aug 2014 #16
I live in a rural community that is white. murielm99 Aug 2014 #17
I don't have any friends. :( ...just kidding. True: I don't have any black friends. C Moon Aug 2014 #18
I'm a white male near 60 yo. defacto7 Aug 2014 #19
Science needs replication. nt littlemissmartypants Aug 2014 #21
At least part of this is going to be population and location. JoeyT Aug 2014 #22
Exactly. And the 12% are not evenly distributed. ManiacJoe Aug 2014 #45
What percent of DU is white? oberliner Aug 2014 #23
Nobody really knows. Nye Bevan Aug 2014 #39
but we do know that there are very few. kwassa Sep 2014 #50
They had to do a study? mimi85 Aug 2014 #24
News flash: People hang out with people who are like them! 7962 Aug 2014 #25
you're saying that people are like each other if their skin is the same color? CreekDog Aug 2014 #42
I joined local NAACP and AME duhneece Aug 2014 #26
Where I live there are mixed neighbors every where and I see bigdarryl Aug 2014 #27
It continues to be reinforced by housing patterns and just plain population statistics... BumRushDaShow Aug 2014 #28
Should this really be a surprise though? Prophet 451 Aug 2014 #30
A friend with weed is a friend indeed... Deadbeat Republicans Aug 2014 #31
I had a diverse group growing up & in the Army. Inkfreak Aug 2014 #32
I would be curious to see a geographical breakdown of study respondents madville Aug 2014 #33
I have a number of friends who I made working on party events Gothmog Aug 2014 #34
I'm white and have over 10 black friends that I'm with every week. L0oniX Aug 2014 #35
How many friends does the average person have? The2ndWheel Aug 2014 #36
Are you a guy? tavernier Sep 2014 #48
I am, and it could be The2ndWheel Sep 2014 #54
In the study it's actually defined as a close confidant caraher Sep 2014 #57
I'm an engineer. I have no personality. Hence, I have no friends. Even my cats are bored with me. meti57b Aug 2014 #37
Its interesting comparing this to the South African experience FarrenH Aug 2014 #38
I'm a white male whose preferred friends are men of color - closeupready Aug 2014 #40
I work in Oakland, CA Demobrat Aug 2014 #41
Juan Williams and Thomas Sowell have millions of white friends The Second Stone Aug 2014 #43
I have in the past had friends of different colors. abakan Aug 2014 #44
Demographics also play a big role madville Aug 2014 #46
My girlfriend's black sakabatou Sep 2014 #47
I live in Alabama and have several black friends. bamademo Sep 2014 #49
Blacks are a minority though treestar Sep 2014 #51
I don't have any white ones either. n/t tazkcmo Sep 2014 #52
Hold on caraher Sep 2014 #53
HORSE SHIT. onecent Sep 2014 #55
75-percent raised on Reagan. Octafish Sep 2014 #56
i live in super segregated milwaukee wisconsin dembotoz Sep 2014 #58
Pssst. Guess what? I don't have Japanese, Chinese or Outer Mongolian friends & GOLGO 13 Sep 2014 #59
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