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I hope she sticks to her remarks RandySF Oct 2014 #1
Crybaby Racist Republicans billhicks76 Oct 2014 #36
+1 Scuba Oct 2014 #56
Shocking! nruthie Oct 2014 #2
She must be silenced, the heretic witch speaks the truth. Burn her at the stake with Kaci Hickox! Fred Sanders Oct 2014 #62
ya think? hibbing Oct 2014 #3
I have met a fair share of Rethugs in Connecticut, Dawson Leery Oct 2014 #6
really strawberries Oct 2014 #49
You sound like Darb Oct 2014 #50
Could you please explain.. sendero Oct 2014 #58
Would you care to explain Dawson Leery Oct 2014 #64
What part of the state? KamaAina Oct 2014 #61
Upper Fairfield and Litchfield counties. Dawson Leery Oct 2014 #63
Yup. I hear ya. KamaAina Oct 2014 #66
But sabbat hunter Oct 2014 #65
think? mopinko Oct 2014 #16
Race has everything to do with it. LuvNewcastle Oct 2014 #27
I'm sorry. I'm sorry that Republicans are a bunch of limp dicks. Xipe Totec Oct 2014 #4
We know where the loyalty of the KKK and old Dixiecrats lies Thinkingabout Oct 2014 #5
Apologize? N.Y. to Paris Oct 2014 #7
They are offended because the truth hurts jimlup Oct 2014 #8
Truth will out....!! Historic NY Oct 2014 #9
Too bad it's the truth. Boo hoo you "politically incorrect" rightist hypocrites alp227 Oct 2014 #10
+1000000 nomorenomore08 Oct 2014 #29
Damn She Told The Truth otohara Oct 2014 #11
Its sad damn day when racists feel free to call for an apology from someone for telling the truth. marble falls Oct 2014 #12
Oh noes shenmue Oct 2014 #13
Words have no meaning! Sounds are scary! freshwest Oct 2014 #17
Best gif evah!!! Calista241 Oct 2014 #51
Gee, really? (no sarcasm tag needed, I hope?) AverageJoe90 Oct 2014 #14
Apologize for what, telling the truth? still_one Oct 2014 #15
Truth hurts! n/t aggiesal Oct 2014 #18
She should apologize for her remarks on race, only AFTER the South apologizes for slavery. - nt KingCharlemagne Oct 2014 #19
. . . not to mention Jim Crow. n/t radicalliberal Oct 2014 #23
She might be right. leanforward Oct 2014 #20
The truth hurts assholes. blackspade Oct 2014 #21
Bigots don't like being called bigots. blkmusclmachine Oct 2014 #22
So Repubs want her to say the South HAS been the friendliest place for African-Americans??? n/t dsharp88 Oct 2014 #24
The hatred of President Obama in the south is almost entirely because of race nakocal Oct 2014 #25
Landrieu's remark Not a Fan Oct 2014 #26
Because usually racists LOVE being called racist? quakerboy Oct 2014 #28
Don't back down, Senator. You are speaking the truth. mountain grammy Oct 2014 #30
The truth hurts LeftInTX Oct 2014 #31
+1 davidpdx Oct 2014 #37
Look who's pretending to be a Democrat. MontyPow Oct 2014 #32
... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2014 #33
Too Bad The Truth Hurts So Much DallasNE Oct 2014 #34
Yeh, well, lots of Southern whites hate Black people vlakitti Oct 2014 #35
Amazing how sensitive rethugs become when confronted with the truth. Their outrage is both kairos12 Oct 2014 #38
Link doesn't work. mnhtnbb Oct 2014 #39
If you are a republican, you are by definition a racist. vlyons Oct 2014 #40
The sanctimonious, holier-than-thou "Christians". stillwaiting Oct 2014 #48
Right on, Mary landrieu Sanity Claws Oct 2014 #41
Its all about the color of his skin, I'm sorry madokie Oct 2014 #42
Republicans don't like the truth liberal N proud Oct 2014 #43
ahh, Truth hurts!! Do not apologize! riversedge Oct 2014 #44
More than anything else, racists hate to be called racists. Enthusiast Oct 2014 #45
Not only that--some are in denial about being racists. They remind me of the joke where the Louisiana1976 Oct 2014 #55
I never heard that one before. Enthusiast Oct 2014 #59
An apology from her would only perpetuate their being in denial. nt Snotcicles Oct 2014 #46
Co-dependency. nt Snotcicles Oct 2014 #47
She might have to apologize. Since she needs those racists to vote for her. Calista241 Oct 2014 #52
No, the racists are going to vote repuke as they always do KamaAina Oct 2014 #60
No, she needs black voters WhiteTara Nov 2014 #71
race has always heaven05 Oct 2014 #53
Double down, Senator! They would! 6000eliot Oct 2014 #54
Regarding an apology, Landrieu should tell the Republicans to pound sand, She spoke the truth. Louisiana1976 Oct 2014 #57
That's right Republicans are not racist .. no, why they have guys like Allen West, Ben Carson, Allen YOHABLO Oct 2014 #67
Racists are angry at being called racist. True Blue Door Oct 2014 #68
Republicans hate the truth, just watch Fox NEWS and its LIES sammy750 Oct 2014 #69
There are plenty of reasons not to like Obama that are not racist; graegoyle Nov 2014 #70
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