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76. And he supports that lunatic, John of God!!
Fri Dec 19, 2014, 11:50 PM
Dec 2014

Which alone should warrant him being struck off the roles.

If you don't know who John of God is, well he's a kook, faith healer who does an old carny trick called psychic surgery and bilks people for their money claiming that they are healed, when he is just doing carny tricks, long ago debunked, as documented here and here.

And even on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show,

by James Randi. Amazingly, the NBC operators were flooded with calls that night with requests to get in touch with the psychic surgeon, in spite of the fact that Randi exposed it as an utter fraud.

That's how scammers and frauds like Mehmet Oz, and Peter Popoff, and John of God, and Benny Hinn and idiot homeopathists and chiropractors and all the eastern mythos new age kooks all get away with it, and get rich, peddling their quackery. They have nobody to hold them accountable. All this stuff is unregulated. The quacks have free reign.

That is, unless somebody holds their feet to the fire and shows their frauds.
This is one of those "No DUH!" stories. Archae Dec 2014 #1
Actually, he may tout alternative practices, but he is not a "whore" (your word). MADem Dec 2014 #4
He may say that he does not endorse products, Curmudgeoness Dec 2014 #38
He goes out of his way to avoid mentioning brands and always, always issues that caveat I mentioned. MADem Dec 2014 #41
I almost never watch his show BUT - LiberalElite Dec 2014 #71
I have been forced to watch it (owing to the company I keep and I won't be rude and gripe MADem Dec 2014 #74
Oz is not a whore. The real "whores" are the chem/pharm AikidoSoul Dec 2014 #55
+1 Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #68
"Truth is you would have to have a deep knowledge of quantum physics to even begin to understand" Thor_MN Dec 2014 #79
Thanks Oprah. She gave America this con artist. yeoman6987 Dec 2014 #9
Among so many con artists nichomachus Dec 2014 #24
Oprah? A charlatan? ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #29
She spent her time foisting quacks on her audience nichomachus Dec 2014 #32
Okay, I disagree; but, OK. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #35
me too but OK Lulu KC Dec 2014 #61
yep. Deepak Chopra is the main quack that comes to mind. m-lekktor Dec 2014 #47
But she also spent time promoting Obama during his first run for president. n/t RebelOne Dec 2014 #62
Oh, don't forget "The Secret" CrawlingChaos Dec 2014 #73
falsely claiming to have some special knowledge/wisdom that they use to exploit others. AlbertCat Dec 2014 #45
Armenian Genocide Denier billhicks76 Dec 2014 #63
You mean Dr Oz? Archae Dec 2014 #64
Quelle surprise! 6000eliot Dec 2014 #2
Yes, exactly. Whoda thunkit? DeadLetterOffice Dec 2014 #49
Ah. I don't want Dr. Oz to be a fake. leftyladyfrommo Dec 2014 #3
Another of Oprah's cronies, like non-Dr. Phil ... Myrina Dec 2014 #5
I am SHOCKED SHOCKED to find gambling going on here. iandhr Dec 2014 #6
To put it in perspective, most campaign blather is baseless and wrong. And affects everyone. djean111 Dec 2014 #7
I don't watch Dr. Oz, .... AlbertCat Dec 2014 #48
What bothers me about Dr. Oz and other such popular doctors is the way LiberalLoner Dec 2014 #8
+1 ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #31
+2 DeadLetterOffice Dec 2014 #50
Yes. Chronic migraines are not just a bad headache. hunter Dec 2014 #83
Totally. DeadLetterOffice Dec 2014 #85
As a diabetic, I can totally relate to what you are saying! n/t markpkessinger Dec 2014 #72
yes, I just ran into similar bad advice here about cardiovascular disease. kwassa Dec 2014 #86
Unlike real doctors, who are always right. tridim Dec 2014 #10
My real doctor left me disabled , my Holistic Doctor fixed me. bahrbearian Dec 2014 #14
+1 Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #69
"Dr" Oz promotes water memory therapy Major Nikon Dec 2014 #15
And "real doctors" regularly put people on antibiotics for minor viral infections. tridim Dec 2014 #18
Antibiotics are generally effective for their intended use Major Nikon Dec 2014 #22
people bitch, moan and flap around until the "real doctor" gives them what they want.... paleotn Dec 2014 #27
These medical experts shouldn't allow patients to prescribe serious medications for themselves. tridim Dec 2014 #28
"It's a disgusting practice perpetrated by DOCTORS, for money." NickB79 Dec 2014 #54
This is a ridiculous statement... Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #70
Oh my God!!! paleotn Dec 2014 #60
What would you rather have...?? CanSocDem Dec 2014 #80
The only time that happened to me Ratty Dec 2014 #51
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! Kablooie Dec 2014 #11
It has a lot to do with nothing, i have found good and valuable information on his Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #12
Fucking quack product shill. L0oniX Dec 2014 #13
At best, medical doctors are . . FairWinds Dec 2014 #16
He's a quack. HappyMe Dec 2014 #17
But he makes people feel good about their self-diagnosed gluten intolerance Orrex Dec 2014 #19
Gluten intolerance, like many food intolerances and allergies, pnwmom Dec 2014 #39
You and I have discussed this previously, and IIRC we're more or less on the same page Orrex Dec 2014 #46
Omg he's molting Kalidurga Dec 2014 #20
... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #37
Not sensible and very very annoying the way the ads pop up all over the place oldandhappy Dec 2014 #21
Can't WAIT to show this to my Sister! Derek V Dec 2014 #23
Half empty or half full? sunnystarr Dec 2014 #25
If more than half of your doctor's recommendations to you... DeadLetterOffice Dec 2014 #52
Half empty or half full of shit is a bad ratio no matter how you slice it. Throd Dec 2014 #53
Non Traditional Medicine markmyword Dec 2014 #26
So what should I have eaten to fix my broken shoulder? jeff47 Dec 2014 #36
Fine. So put your alternative medicine through the same testing Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #82
Absurd that he didn't research Medline, Zynx or another evidence-based-medicine reference ... Scuba Dec 2014 #30
He'll use the FOX "News" defense that it's okay to lie to millions of people. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #33
All ye need to know: Joseph Mercola is one of Oz's favorite guests jmowreader Dec 2014 #34
I make my living as a subtitler War Horse Dec 2014 #40
"I wish he would speak in complete sentences more often than not, but other than that..." Iggo Dec 2014 #67
Not surprised. sakabatou Dec 2014 #42
Only half? AlbertCat Dec 2014 #43
What is the average percent of medical advice doled out by doctors that turns out pnwmom Dec 2014 #44
About TV doctors and lawyers who advertise on the sides of buses: Dawson Leery Dec 2014 #56
so, par for the course, then? XD MisterP Dec 2014 #57
Dr. Oz buys the wheat belly bs. yellowcanine Dec 2014 #58
Weight Loss Drug - Obesity is a disease cyberspirit Dec 2014 #59
This is breaking news? AngryOldDem Dec 2014 #65
Half baked woo... Thor_MN Dec 2014 #66
his show is complete shyte Skittles Dec 2014 #75
And he supports that lunatic, John of God!! longship Dec 2014 #76
All this talk just shows more evidence that Americans don't give a shit about ethics AZ Progressive Dec 2014 #77
i don't normally watch his show but the DesertFlower Dec 2014 #78
Shocking! Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #81
Think of the brighter side, he's got a better record than television news! hunter Dec 2014 #84
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