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18. Are you really serious? The average life expectancy in 1935 for men was 59.9, women was 63.9.
Mon Jan 12, 2015, 12:53 PM
Jan 2015

Average life expectancy in 2015 for men is 76.40, women is 81.2. In 1983 the full retirement age was increased for those born after 1938, and those born in 1960 the full retirement age is 67. This is the average life expectancy, which means everyone of every income bracket.

I would bet it you spoke to a spouse of a deceased citizen and tell them they should not be entitled to some benefits for the care of the children of the deceased they would wonder why you are so against the working people. I had a sister who had an eighteen month old child and was pregnant with her second child when her husband was accidently killed while working, she started receiving benefits and those two children received benefits until they reached 18 years of age. She lost her means of support in 1953, she was pregnant, these benefits was the difference in total poverty and being able to provide for her children.

Since this happened the ACA was passed which just may increase the life expectancy of many of the income brackets. Those in the lowest income brackets actually have had Medicaid and should have been able to receive medical care.

Raising the wage max cap is a proposal of the Third Way, but you have to understand benefits from Social Security is based on the highest 35 years of reporting and are you sure you want those in the 1% getting benefits based on their wages? Means testing would be a better system, leave the wage max cap but those who has lots of resources does not receive benefits.

Reforming taxes would be a good idea but I don't see this happening with a GOP congress, it will take a DNC congress and president. The election of 2014 lost seats in Congress, there are more Democrats than Republicans, we have to get good candidates and then go and vote. The 99% should be focused on electing Democrats, quit voting against our best interest and voting for the party which helps the 90%.

I'd vote for George Clinton olddots Jan 2015 #1
No doubt, he'd tear the roof off the sucker MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #7
But he wouldn't know how to deal with Congress... ybbor Jan 2015 #9
Ha! Unknown Beatle Jan 2015 #12
Hey, if you are good enough in your job you just may be rewarded with being driven around and Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #2
yes DonCoquixote Jan 2015 #3
Are you thinking about running for president, the benefis are great. Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #4
FDR was able to adequately protect our country and STILL rebuild our middle class and wealth balance cascadiance Jan 2015 #5
Our Social Security needs reforms, we are currently working through some reforms, the Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #13
Why is retirement age increasing, when the longevity of non-rich people is NOT increasing! cascadiance Jan 2015 #16
Are you really serious? The average life expectancy in 1935 for men was 59.9, women was 63.9. Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #18
Yes, I and the facts ARE serious! It is the rich who've had their life expectancy rise! cascadiance Jan 2015 #20
The numbers I furnished is the average life expectancy, the SS began in 1935 and the retirement age Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #21
As the article says, REMOVE the cap, don't just raise it! cascadiance Jan 2015 #22
Is this your plan? Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #23
seriously enough DonCoquixote Jan 2015 #6
WOW, everything has been Obama's fault until now. You need to place the blame of the downfall and Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #14
I think that far more Americans die each week from Republican/Third Way economic policies MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #8
Now I know you can do better than this, which of the Third Way economic policies kills Americans? Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #15
“Hillary Clinton is dangerously out of step with ‘the new zeitgeist‘ with her finance-friendly rhett o rick Jan 2015 #10
Greider has always been one of my heroes. He speaks plain truth. k and r bbgrunt Jan 2015 #11
"Indeed, what are Hillary Clinton's Positions": KoKo Jan 2015 #17
Agreed 100%! Fearless Jan 2015 #19
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