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4. I was sorry to see Tiffany Cross' show go. I watched...
Fri Dec 2, 2022, 11:30 PM
Dec 2022

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it regularly. IIRC though, her show was cancelled by something she said on another show..."The Breakfast Club" with Charlamagne Da God and other hosts. She said "Florida literally looks like the dick of the country, so let's get rid of Florida."

And a little laters she said,
"Seriously, let's castrate Florida..."

She was kinda prodded to say that last part by Charlamagne Da God. That was bad judgment as right wing long knives were out to get her and that casually tossed off remark was too castration-adjacent to DeSantis. I think she got a little carried away on the show. She probably should've said "penis" too instead of dick.

Sorry to see her go.

So that's what happened. Deuxcents Dec 2022 #1
Less than wonderful to find out that MSNBC management... dchill Dec 2022 #2
My thoughts, exactly. Baitball Blogger Dec 2022 #3
I was sorry to see Tiffany Cross' show go. I watched... brush Dec 2022 #4
Yep DuhhSantis is a little dick. NoMoreRepugs Dec 2022 #6
This is fireable. You need to be circumspect in journalism - and more so if you're Afro American.. Beakybird Dec 2022 #8
Yes. We have to be careful and can't afford to get carried away with our words... brush Dec 2022 #9
However this moniss Dec 2022 #10
Agreed. But that is not news to us political junkies. brush Dec 2022 #11
Really? Never mind that MSNBC bosses wanted her to change how tulipsandroses Dec 2022 #16
I'm not disagreeing with you. We know the political... brush Dec 2022 #17
The day to day operational head of ops at MSNBC is a black woman. Yoyoyo77 Dec 2022 #22
Good observation. You're probably right. brush Dec 2022 #23
Also she was just promoted a year or two ago, so i think she would have less leverage in the room. Yoyoyo77 Dec 2022 #24
Ms Cross has a 20 year history in journalism tulipsandroses Dec 2022 #27
She is an opinion personality not a news host personality grantcart Dec 2022 #13
Corporate cable is never on our side. Dumped cable 20 years ago and Hassler Dec 2022 #5
Wish they'd do the same for Joe Scar. 3Hotdogs Dec 2022 #7
Joe Scarborough could have said, probably has said, stuff this offensive and got away with it. Beakybird Dec 2022 #12
Trump and other republicans are fair game over there by policy however The_Casual_Observer Dec 2022 #14
Very true, about Trump and the Republicans ShazzieB Dec 2022 #20
I took it as one more step towards muzzling voices who'd offend the expected new powers in Congress. Ford_Prefect Dec 2022 #15
Unfortunately true yankee87 Dec 2022 #18
None of the shows I watch on MSNBC are RW. ShazzieB Dec 2022 #21
Probably the same ones I watch. Still pissed about Maddow, though. calimary Dec 2022 #25
K&R Solly Mack Dec 2022 #19
Much ado about nothing. She's known to be sharp tongued & it's come back to bite her onetexan Dec 2022 #26
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