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Martin Eden

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5. "invasion of ideology intended to destroy us from within"
Sun Jun 25, 2023, 07:37 AM
Jun 2023

The malefactors of great wealth who finance the Republican Party have long been crafting a poisonous ideology which cloaks unfettered greed in the American flag and claims the moral high ground by usurping the Christian religion to serve Mammon. Their politicians and pundits are skilled at manipulating the fear, bigotry, and ignorance of voters whose inadequate education and narrow minded culture made them useful idiots.

It was only a matter of time before a foreign adversary like Russia learned how to exploit and widen this rift in American democracy. Putin's asset Donald Trump, despite his ignorance and mental pathologies, boiled the poisonous ideology down to its base elements and beat all the Republican lackey candidates at their own game. This grifting con man spewed a cavalcade of lies his audience was eager to believe. He liberated their inner Deplorable, and they love him for it. The boundaries and norms which the GOP establishment had steadily been pushing rightward were utterly smashed and carried to new extremities which have since become the key to success in Republican primaries.

The American people have not been so bitterly divided since the Civil War. Putin's asset did not create the poisonous ideology, so the "invasion" was initially an inside job, but it provided an opening for the tool of a former KGB agent to further pry apart a divided America into a seemingly irreconcilable chasm.

A house divided against itself cannot long stand. The question is whether an ideology built on a foundation of greed and lies and hatred born of ignorance can survive long enough to tear the house down.

The answer depends on each and every one of us. Complacency is not an option. Voting is mandatory.

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